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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » Captain Flame: The Relic Of Xenok

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Captain Flame: The Relic Of Xenok

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
I am not going to spoil it for you. Let's just say: Beware the NUDES, The Parking Lot, And the Evil Boss. Lazy Scouts and Great peril keeps this game going. If your down to the last man, don't Panic, Cause you'll win when you meet the president, Thanks to Drunken Teenagers.

Rated PG: For Nudes, and Drug Reference, and pointless murder, Plus WEAK police Force.

Government Health Message: Don't play!
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Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
I didn't have any problems exept that the kids never saved me.

Balance: 5
It definitly wasn't easy The first time I did it I didn't notice the prisoners and I was wiped out

Creativity: 500,000,000,000
WOW! Everything from the units to the story was completly original

Map Design: 4
Cool things on the map and I like the name in the water but it wasn't great. However I'm still wondering where you got the church from

Story/Instructions: 4
It was all fairly simple

Additional Comments:
It better than I expected
Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
Captain Flame: The Relic of Xenok is a single scenario, a FF starting as a RPG. The story is fiction, staged in the peaceful world of Xenok, set in the Medieval Era where superheroes help to fight crime and the 'Bad Guy Corp'. You play as the generation's greatest superhero, the cruel, bloodthirsty, mentally challenged, senseless defender of justice, Captain Flame, as you go head to head with the 'Notorious Bad Guys'.

PLAYABILITY: This was a total mess, set in the Medieval Era with a parking lot, drunken teenagers in cars, a mysterious relic and a superhero carrying explosives in his body as if he originated from a comic book of the last century's 50s/60s. The confusion starts in the first scene if you do not use the Marco Polo cheat. Dr. Gunpowder kills your allies, view change, he steals the relic, you get control of your unit and kill him, but see him later escape in a car. On a restart with cheat, I realized that the second creates in game, and spelling is slightly different. Dr. GunPowder (240 HP, 22 AP) kills your allies; Dr. Gunpowder (1540 or 2040 HP 112 or 144 AP) steals the relic, which leaves the questions why he needs so much AP and HP to steal a relic and why you only get to kill the weak one. Bugs, in game text and hints tell you that drunken teenagers (in Cobra Cars) will help you but the triggers do not work and the game crashes when you approach the relic due to a corrupt sound file. 2+

BALANCE: I played the scenario on the hard difficulty level, fast speed and found it definitely too easy, no challenge, no micromanagement, no reload and impossible to lose. After you kill that gunman and an archer you receive reinforcements to kill some champions, free prisoners and your population count goes up to 57 without counting the boats. The final fight opposed Captain Flame (HP 970 AP 17) against the President (HP 270 AP 16). I lost two units, did not use the special power expecting some challenge in the end, in vain. The crossing of the sea, where I lost the war ships, boosts the rating. 2

CREATIVITY: Every aspect of the scenario factors into the creativity rating, there were no game play enhancing features, no creative balance aspects, and unrealistic, uncreative map design and story. As creative aspects, the scenario provides renaming, beta units, explosives in a unit, an interesting use of church4 and an individual, unusual combination of the Medieval Era with modern music, which is a matter of taste. 3

MAP DESIGN: Good thing first, the map uses elevations. However, these elevations were rather unrealistic, concentrated on road terrain while nature was flat. There was no blending; you find palm trees next to snow, an overall unrealistic mix of trees, pine, palm, jungle, oak and bamboo. For trees, the map uses what the editor delivers while terrain mix is sparse to not existent, large areas were road terrain or grass1. The map uses two water depths only and while there are walled areas, I found just two buildings inside, a castle and barracks, no town, encampment, military base and outside the walls just two outposts and some sea towers. Overall, the map design is chaotic and below average, it looks as if the designer sugared over the map at random with Gaia. An "over use of Gaia" can still look realistic when you place it thoroughly, but becomes unrealistic when blooming flowers are all over the place. There are areas, where these flowers are on road terrain or water. Another item, which spreads randomly over the map are sea rocks, they are on land, on cliffs, in deep and medium water. On the cliffs next to the castle, the bad habit of “embellishment” by means of sea rocks reaches ‘perfection’, IMNSHO they look silly when they float above cliffs, very unrealistic and the heaping of sea rocks is unsightly. 2

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: You receive a main objective, to retrieve a relic and a simple story which rates 4. What drags this category down is the amount of false, misleading and superfluous hints. "Captain Flame's superpower is the ability to combust Fire around him. Use it in tight situations", after playing, I have no idea which 'tight situations' this might have been. "Save often, trust me" is a waste of disc capacity, I saved once after the crossing of the sea and used it for a test (see below). "VERY IMPORTANT: Free the prisoners. (Look for the signpost)" was the worst hint which spoilt it all or better the prisoners spoilt playability and balance. From the save I continued without the prisoners, playability and balance improved, I actually had a reload, used tactics, micromanagement and even tried some of the explosives. "You will most likely lose all your soldiers. Don't worry, Drunk teenagers will help you", two out of 57 are most likely not all soldiers and the drunken teenagers were inactive. From the scout section, "Beware the Nudes", they run away, do not attack. "Avoid the parking lot" that was not possible due to the map design. "Several people were kidnapped by BGC..." oh well. This leaves us with "Avoid fights whenever possible", there was actually one you could avoid. "Beware the deadly Sea, with its death bringing towers and Mutant Archers", was a good hint, the sea towers sink your war boats, but the archers were inactive exception to the last bunch which attacked my units once they were ashore. With regard to the above I would still give the author the benefit of the doubt and rate this category with a 4-. However, due to missing install instructions I opted to deduct a full point. The .zip file includes a GID.DAT file, “AoKTS.GID” but the author does not specify what it is for and to where to unzip. Even if the player does not need “AoKTS.GID”, which is the case here, it is confusing for the downloader. 3

SUGGESTIONS: Work on your map design, make the map more realistic. For a better playability and balance, remove the prisoners; give half the Knights and Mangudais in the beginning and the other half as prisoners. Make the enemy stronger; create a situation where the player has to use the explosives. Fix the triggers for the drunken teenagers or remove the looping message and fix the corrupt music file "20 - Victory". Place a note about “AoKTS.GID” in the description. Please note that .DATs are still relatively new in project downloads, so it seems fair to give instructions to the downloader.

OBSERVATIONS: Since the appearance of Windows Media Player 10, we encounter game crashes because of sound and music files. There are three ways to crash your game with sound files. 1. Have Windows Media Player 10 or higher installed, some sound files will always crash your game. Microsoft manages to crash Microsoft games with Windows Media Player 10 combined with Microsoft sound files. Example, the Joan of Arc campaign first scenario; Joan leaves the camp in the starting scene and later approaching the impassable bridge. 2. You have Windows Media Player 10 or higher installed and opened a sound file in the sound/scenario folder, easy fix, reload. 3. You have Windows Media Player 9 or lower installed and the author has Windows Media Player 10 or higher installed, which corrupted the sound file or he opened it in his sound/scenario folder before submitting. The author could fix the sound file with Goldwave and resubmit.

IN CLOSING: I recommend Captain Flame: The Relic of Xenok for inexperienced players that like chaos.

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Map Design3.0
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Size:16.56 MB