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Downloads Home » Best Files » Halfdan and the inheritance of the Ynglings

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Halfdan and the inheritance of the Ynglings

Author File Description
Stephen Richards
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 2
"My history tells of a time when the Gods intervened less and less in the fate of humans. In those days a people lived far to the north. They nourished themselves from hunting, agriculture and trade. I will tell you of the Vikings, who built ships lightning fast, and could fight like furious bears or hungry wolves. Their country was split into many small kingdoms, which were governed by descendants of many clans. Rumour had it that some of them descended in a direct line from the Gods.

One of them was the clan of the Ynglings, of which some said, Odin, most powerful of all Gods, was the father. He lay with a mortal woman once and she bore him a son. And Odin took care of his child and gave him an amulet, called "Odin’s magic sword". This amulet passed from father to son and it protected the body, soul, health and the house of whoever carried it.

The day came when Gudröd "Hunting King", the 24th descendant of his clan, took over the legacy of the Ynglings and thus also received the amulet. He demanded Harald "Handsome Lip" give his daughter Asa to him to be his wife but Harald refused. Enraged by this disgrace Gudröd gathered his army together and went to Agdir in order to get Asa by force and take her to Vestfold. . ."

IMPORTANT NOTE: this campaign was designed by Günter Zengerle who submitted it to the German website AgeArena in 2005. All I've done is translate the on-screen text (the German voiceovers remain) so any textual errors, omissions or incomprehensible instructions are due solely to me. You can post a comment here or at AgeArena - if you know German so much the better, otherwise post in English (you'll have to register first).

I played Halfdan and thought it was a superb campaign - excellent and varied gameplay, full of creativity, a map design as good as any I've seen, and a decent story to boot. I think it deserves to be opened up to a bigger audience and I'm sure once you've played it you'll agree.

I'd like to thank Günter for his willingness to let me loose on his masterful design, various online translaters and dictionaries, my rusty school-level German, my mother with her rather-better German, DiGiT's Trigger Studio for helping solve a couple of problems, and, last but not least, Ingo for cracking the most obstinate nuts at the end.

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Jakata Someone help me!

Apparently others have had a lot of fun with this campaign, which makes it all the more frustrating that I have no idea how to play it. You start off with Halfdan and Wilfried, but how are you supposed to get to the castle with many times your number of units and buildings in the way?

I'm very confused. If anyone could help me, or at least show me what I'm missing.

Edit: (Sorry) then I'd be very grateful.

Edit: Help, I don't know how else to ask, so I'll ask here.

How are you supposed to get anywhere in this campaign? As far as I can tell you start with two units and are supposed to kill many times that number in enemy units as well as buildings, what am I missing?

[Edited on 04/22/07 @ 07:16 AM]

The Homie Wow, I love this campaign! Hope Gunter will make another one sometime!
UnnamedPlayer on part 3, is the bridge supposed to be destroyed before I get to the castle?
John Mendl I played the second scenario on moderate for some time. It seems very hard; I think its a matter of luck not to run toward enemy knights on the escape route. Two times I had to quit because of this. Third time I made it to the castle and now I am there...saved the game..will finish it later. This campaign features a great map design - may be the best I have seen so far. Therefore I certainly enjoyed it so far and I am interested to play the rest. Great job, Guenter Zengerle, a great map design! Thanks, Stephen Richards for translating it to English.
Stephen Richards
Official Reviewer
File Author
John Mendl: thanks, and I'm glad you're enjoying it. I had to restart that early bit more than once too.
niloy_2u This is a world class campaigne ..I never found so much challenge,variation and so nice gameplay even in the main aoe campaignes!Story rocksss.
Applause on ur work,10/5!!!

NB-only one thing 2 mention at the end of the game the allys transport ship not transfarring the units autometicaly as described.for me i have 2 change the ally as enemy 4 a while and convert the ship!!a bug?a small neglegible mistake in gr8 work.
BTW must play for alllll!!
volker what an incredible piece of work !! your campaign is incredible in every sense !! Indeed, it rivals the original campaigns built by microsoft, i sincerely hope there is another series in this campaign. The story was terribly realistic and the layout was executed in a most interesting and pleasing way. very pleasing to the eye and the ear. i have just one request though. the music intrigues me. what music did you use ? is it classical ?? i'd really like to know. an excellent job on the whole, including the translations. the german that was left intact in the sound files only increase the effect :) thanks for a great campaign :)
Stephen Richards
Official Reviewer
File Author
volker: glad you enjoyed it, and thank you for your comment about the translation. I'm afraid I don't know anything about the music. The only thing I can suggest is to head over to AgeArena and ask Günter.
Slasher Z There is a bug in part two with the transport. If you don't get in with Halfdan and for units are the exact same time, the transport will fire off and hit the wall.

When you get back in the boat with the correct units, the wall disappears but the trigger refuses to fire off.
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