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Mayan ( Mayhem)

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other
Number of players: 1 - 8
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In a land of palms and oaks eight Mayan nations gather at a strategic crossroads to settle a long held dispute. The causes and details surrounding the dispute have long been forgotten, however the loss for reason only makes the fighting more fierce and ruthless. The tribes loyal to their colors now fight for the Wonder in the ultimate battle of King-of-the-Hill. Lead your men and fight bravely, this is not a war easily won.

Objective: To hold the Wonder in the center of the map for 200 years. To obtain the wonder you must fight to hold the larger share of 8 monuments.

Setting: The center features a symmetric playing field bound by a moat. Beyond the moat an wild landscape (full of eye candy). protects each players' most valuable structures. Gates divide the wilds into 8 territories some with more no-man's land in between them than others.

Gameplay: I built this game as a 1 player game against 7 computer enemies. Making sure the computer players offered a challenge to you (the human player) without triggering them to do so under the standard AI was my #1 priority. A 100 kill delay on some of the key special units makes for no headstarts. When the actual fighting begins (when the computer players begin attacking) the game begins. You will have to fight huge multi-sided continously bloody battles as the game unfolds. Getting sucked into the chaos is inevitable. Gaining control of the mess is no small order. Gaing enough control to hold 2, 3, and 4 monuments for 200 years takes more than just 100s of your best men, it takes mad skill and perhaps a decent strategy.

Regular Units: You begin with militia, 400 kills opens the second tower for archers, 900 kills opens the third tower for cavalry.

Special Units: There are 4 special infantry units (Berserks, Huskarls, Samurais, and Jaguar Warriors) and 4 special archery units (Longbowmen, Throwing Axemen, Chu-Ko-Nus, and Plumed Archers). All special units are created at the pyramid. To begin creating a special unit you must capture unit's corresponding monument. Below is monument location and the corresponding special unit.

Monument Location = Special Unit
N = Huskarl
NE = Chu-Ko-Nu
E = Samurai
SE = Plumed Archer
S = Jaguar Warrior
SW = Longbowman
W = Berserk
NW = Throwing Axeman

Also Infantry and Archery Special units are only trained after 100 kills. All Special units are created at 20 second intervals.

Relics: There are over 600 triggers devoted to relics. Surrounding each of the 8 monuments are 72 individual walls. 9 walls per player. Buried beneath each wall is a relic. That is 576 walls/relics if you were doing the math. Also every time you capture the Wonder (after 100 kills) as a bonus you receive a relic within your territory.

The Monastery: As relics accumulate in your monastery you get a few bonuses:
1 Relics = Scorpion/Heavy Scorpion
2 Relics = Scorpion/Heavy Scorpion
3 Relics = Scorpion/Heavy Scorpion
4 Relics = Scorpion/Heavy Scorpion
5 Relics = Magonel/Onager/Siege Onager
6 Relics = Magonel/Onager/Siege Onager
7 Relics = Magonel/Onager/Siege Onager
8 Relics = Battering Ram/Capped Ram/Siege Ram
9 Relics = Battering Ram/Capped Ram/Siege Ram
10 Relics = Bombard Cannon

The rest I will leave for you to discover.

Download and enjoy. I guarantee you will be an addict until those glorious words, "You are victorious!" affirm your mad skills.

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Official Reviewer
I moved the file from Single Player Scenarios

-Blacksmith Administrator
File Author
Download. Enjoy. Tell me what you think.

[Edited on 03/27/07 @ 10:19 PM]

aok_lover this looks excellent, i just downloaded
MeGaIdIoT Wow, this has great potential. Good job. The idea is great, and the terrain.

The main con of this scenario is that it moves too slow. If you were to speed it up some, maybe moving the kill rewards closer together, it would greatly improve the scenario. You could also make the conversion and relic rewards require 7 or 8 instead.

[Edited on 06/04/07 @ 03:15 PM]

File Author
Thanks for the input. I'll work on the game speed.

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