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Downloads Home » Campaigns » When the Wheel Breaks ~ Chapter 1: The Prophecy ~

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When the Wheel Breaks ~ Chapter 1: The Prophecy ~

Author File Description
Ingo van Thiel
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force

A nameless Shogun is haunted by the same dream every night: He sees his carriage race through a gorge, fleeing from an invisible enemy. It breaks down on a bridge, and he hears his own death scream inside the smashing wood and metal.

A wise woman gives him a cryptic prophecy: "When the wheel breaks, the shogun breaks." The Shogun fears a rebellion and starts such bloody counter measures that this actually plants the seeds of rebellion in people's hearts.

The story is told by Ronin Akira, who lost his daiymo to the Shogun's suspicions.

His revenge seems out of reach. Then something happens which looks like the prophecy is about to be fulfilled...


Download the campaign file into your Age of Empires II/Campaign folder and the soundfiles into your Age of Empires II/sound/scenario folder.

Recommended settings: Normal speed, sound turned off. You can speed up or slow down Age of Kings by pressing the "+" and "-" button though.

This is a fixed-force scenario, but the difficulty level varies greatly. "Standard" is quite easy, "Moderate" gives experienced players a fair challenge. "Hard" is for people who like to micromanage and use every tactic trick in the book. I hope you'll enjoy this one-scenario campaign!


Thanks to everyone who playtested the scenario! The names are in the history section. Special thanks to Anastasia for providing me with a some great soundfiles.


25th June 2007: Added a bonus zip file with a PDF which tells the rest of the story, and an epilogue scenario.
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AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
UnnamedPlayer Well, you are comparing 1 scenario of an unfinished campaign and story to a completed campaign.
Rion How long are you suppoed to wait before the massacre in the end happends?
Ingo van Thiel
File Author
Stu183 and Rion: Sorry to hear you're having problems. Please send me a saved game to my address van-thiel(at)web(dot)de, so that I can look into it. It would be good if the saved game was sometime shortly before the bug occurs.
Artifex A superb game indeed. Altough it ended abruptly. Is it fair to assume there is a 'Chapter 2' coming up, Ingo?
Stu183 It happens everytime. I'll send later tonight. It may be a sound file, But im not sure :s I'll send my recent version.
Rion It was because I had a mod installed. Very good scenario.
Official Reviewer
Great fun, authentic feel, and crisp play. Excellent work, Ingo. :-)
MiniMacker B-l-o-o-dy amazing!
Masterpiece of the maximum...
Superb Übermax... Thing...
Well, Basicly, it's so good, I can't explain it in words. *looks above*
Jas the Mace1 Well done Ingo, my favorite part is your little umbrella....but I'm worried, will there be a part 2 or was this your last?
RoxaSorAligned Just beautifully made. Would you look at the detail in the background! It's truly is a rewarding experience for me. May I ask of you. PLEASE MAKE MORE!!!!!!

= )
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