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The Cozmanzian Traitor Teaser/Prologue

Author File Description
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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
This is the teaser for my upcoming campaign "The Cozmanzian Traitor" It includes the cutscene, 3 sound files, a bitmap, immobile units AI gold and a readme. Please read the history, scenario instructions and the scouts for information and a storyline.

Thanks to all that playtested, Your names are in the scouts section.

Sorry for the large file size, but its worth it!

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Dantares IV
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
I was able to watch this entire game without much trouble. The only part that confused me is how at first Mazeno is telling the guard how he won't obey, he wants to go home, then suddenly the scene changes, and he is ready to go to battle. He is converted into a fine soldier rather quickly.

Other than that, I found no other problems with the playabilty.

Balance: 5
According to the tutorial this cut-scene rates 5.0.

Creativity: 4
I did like the use of the invisibe tile at the beginng when Mazeno was stolen from his parents. The town at the beginning could have been 'spiced' up a little bit more. But over all, a four fits the picture.

Map Design: 3
This was a tough category to chose from. I was torn beteen a three and a four. Unfortunatly, I can't do a 3.5 like in a utility. Well, I'll have to go with a three. The mining camp looked good, except that the villagers weren't renamed to slaves. Also, as I said before, the first village could be improved a bit more. Different types of buildings, civilians walking around. Stuff like that. Get the picture?

Story/Instructions: 4
Well, according to the guidelines, this must be a four. The instructions are simple. The history was Ok-ish. I'll give you a four.

Additional Comments:
Well, I don't really know whether or not to say a recommened download. I wasn't all that impressed with the game. But, I'll say it this way, " If you have the time to download it, then download it." I can see that this is a larger file than what I am used to seeing. This one took a whole seven seconds to download. That's a LONG time to wait for me! Other people, this might take a half an hour. Well, the public can decide on this one.

[Edited on 04/29/07 @ 06:44 AM]

Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
The first thing that strook me when I started playing the cut-scene was the music from AoE3. It sure fits within the game, but I thought it was all to "screamy" (or what to say) to fit this cut-scene. It pounded in my ears throughout most of the cut-scene and it was quite disturbing to hear war music at high volume when you were watching Menextek standing by the slaves, talking.
The second thing was the text that appeared very quickly. When one sentence had been on screen for half a second, the next appeared, and it made me very stressed because I thought wouldn't be able to read them both. The timer was set quite well though, so I could read it all. But imagine this stress together with the pounding music in the background. It was really annoying.
Now for the story and action of the cut-scene. This was quite good. The idea might not be very original but it can sure be evolved into an interesting story in the campaign to come.
If it wasn't for the stress caused by the music and the fly-by text, I would've enjoyed this much more. I did like the cut-scene, at least the idea and story, but it was hard to focus with all stress.

Since it's a plain cut-scene, i.e. a cut-scene with only watchable elements and no playable parts, thus giving no obstacles to come over and nu challenges, the review guidelines tells all reviewers to give these maps clear fives in Balance.

As I said before, the theme isn't very new and original. A man/boy being brought away from his parents and brought up somewhere else, and then things start to happend... and so on. It has been used loads of times before. I believe though that this campaign can bring a new aspect to this traditional idea, if the authour just puts time into it, which he surely will.
The map wasn't very creative. There was some use of eye-candy here and there but I saw no real attempts to make the map very creative in any other way.
For summary, this is sure creative, but far from many other scenarios/cut-scenes. It's an average map, given an average score.

The score 3 for Map Design means that the map has same quality as a Random Map. I'm not intending that this map looks like it has been built on a random map, because it doesn't, but the detail and realism level and so on, is in same quality as on a Random Map.
First off, the terrain mizing is quite poor mostly. Plain roads and unnatural turns in coloiuring of the road here and there. The desert is plain, even if I can see the attempt to mix the terrain. The forests look quite well, as does the prison, although its surroundings are very boring - plain dirt 1. the ciry could also been a little more detailed.
On the eye-candy part, sure there is a little, like flowers and plants, but not much more.
the bamboo in the first scene also seems out of place.

The story isn't very original, although I believe it can be evolved quite a bit. The description and story of Menextek is interesting, even if it isn't all too detailed and also cut short. The other characters in the scenario are very shallow. There's no background for Menextek's family or the soldiers, and very little for the countries and lands. The name Menextek seems out of place as well, since the enviroment is desert with Arab buildings, although this is obviously a fantasy-world.
The instructions are simple and easy, and I love the walkthrough in the hints section:

1: Watch Cutscene

There's humour lurking here and there and the pregame instructions are fun to read. There's also a colorated bitmap for the scenario.
The main problem is the fly-by text, which I mentioned earlier.

OVERALL: A shallow, clichéd cut-scene

IN CLOSING: If you're good at handling stress, or perhaps think the music fits to the cut-scene, you could sure like this a lot. I'd take the first commenter (dont remember his name) for example, who would given this 10/10 points. I dont think it suits everyone, but some might enjoy this a lot.

RECOMMENDED DOWNLOAD: Nnyes (Depends on your taste)

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Map Design3.0
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