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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c


An Unofficial Scenario Designer's Expansion Pack
Presented by Oliver, member of Tsunami Studios

Current version: 1.02

This is an add-on for The Conquerors Expansion that will add ~100 new units to the scenario editor. To prevent cheats, balance issues and out-of-sync errors, none of these units are accessible via normal gameplay. You are however free to use them in the scenario editor, where they can be placed and modified just like all other units. If you make a scenario with this add-on and want others to play it, you must give them this add-on as well.

Renaissance is based on the 1.0c patch and it is recommended that you upgrade your game to this patch before you install Renaissance. The add-on will work on an unpatched computer as well, but stability is not guaranteed if you choose this option.

I urge you to read the Readme document that comes with this release. Not only will you find detailed installation instructions there, but also a list of all the units included in Renaissance and a bunch of other useful information.

If you're having problems and no-one's there to help you, the easiest way to get in touch with me is to email me at olifver at gmail dot com.

Here is also a link to Renaissance's forum thread, where you can ask questions.

!Crash note, important!
Some of you have experienced crashes when trying to play a SP game immediately after launching AoK. If this is the case, here's a quick in-game fix that should solve the problem. I haven't been able to produce any crashes using this method.

1) Upon launching AoC, the first thing you should do is clicking the 'Create new scenario' button. The game will now load the modification.

2) Once you're inside the scenario editor, exit and return to the main menu again.

3) Now you can play SP games without experiencing pre-game crashes.
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Official Reviewer
Review for Renaissance 1.02

Renaissance, by Oliver is an expansion pack for Aok:TC. It consists of a data file which introduces about 100 new units into the game. Renaissance is not a modpack, and is basically hassle free. It uses the graphics which were provided along with the game to make new units.

The units provided by Renaissance are rather varied in character. For example you have Aok units such as elite knights, cavaliers and paladins, and historical figures like Saladin and Barbarossa. Then you also have various kinds of fantasy units such as wizard, necromancer, meteor summoner, ghoul, dragon etc. These would be useful while making fantasy scenarios.

Lotr fans would no doubt be pleased. Renaissance include orcs, elven archers, dwarves, hobbits, and a whole host of heroes like Frodo and Aragorn. No more renaming hassles here! Same for a few heroes in the Robin Hood scenarios.

Another useful set of units, as demonstrated by the demo campaign is the improved siege weapons like improved ram, catapult, seige tower. This expansion also contains new naval units - garrisonable galleys and longboats, gallease, ram ship (which looks like AoE trireme).

There are also many buildings, like the defensible military buildings, stone wall, tavern, garrisonable house.
Various kinds of gaia units like clouds, pillars, banners, flags, gulls, dock debris etc. provides an extended set of eye candy to help improve the map design and show things that were not previously possible.

Thus, Renaissance is extremely versatile and provides lots of new units for every situation. There are 3 'flaws' in Renaissance, but they are minor really.
1. There are several units which are not yet perfect and have bugs.For example siege towers can garrison within each other. The readme file includes these bugs, and none of them are so bad that they cannot be circumvented.
2. Some people experienced game crashes while playing single player or multiplayer games. I never have, though. I haven't tried playing multiplayer games with Renaissance, but I find switching between data files good enough, it is a simple business of renaming which takes 10 seconds.
3. Renaissance does not work with older versions of AokTS
Solution: Download AokTS 0.3.9 from here (copy-paste link)
Oliver has also included a data_aok file, but I found scenarios work without it too.

As for the rating, I cannot give it less than a full 5, I'd give it 10 if possible.
Usefulness: One of the most useful utilities ever
Novelty: Really creative and new. Although most units are based on existing ones, there are some which have no predecessor. For example volcano, spy, etc.
Instructions: Contains a full readme with all the instructions you'd ever need.There is also a demo scenario included.

Demo Scenario: I thought that the demo campaign included, 'The Renaissance Man', was a pretty good scenario, however it did not showcase the full advantages of Renaissance. Still it was a nice and hard campaign and I enjoyed playing it.

Additional Comments:
Renaissance is an extremely brilliant and useful expansion pack for AokTC, and every scenario designer should download this. Renaissance sets the benchmark for any future expansion packs and provides inspiration for the same. And the best homage we can do to Renaissance is to use it in our scenarios ;)
Rating: 5
Renaissance is an amazing job and very usefully for people who like to design and add some 'spicy' stuff.

Also, this DATA file contains about 100 or even more new units, with bugs however, but some (or all) of them are explained in the Readme file.

I simple love this, I'm a designer and I like to add some nice eye candy and use special units to my game, and those you can find here.

I would recommend it to everyone who designs.

[Edited on 08/12/08 @ 08:59 PM]

Official Reviewer
Rating: 5
Renaissance is an unofficial expansion Pack for Age of Empire 2 and adds over 100 new units and objects to the game. It allows designers to add a lot more eye-candy and other things to the scenarios making them much better. All of the new units and objects are explained in the very detailed Readme. The Units vary in character. You can have Elite Knights and heroes like Saladin but you can also have Wizards, Ghouls and Dragons. This is an expansion that you do not want to miss out on. It will allow you to build any type of scenario; from a normal FF Battle to a fun and adventurous Fantasy. This is a MUST Download for any Scenario Designer.

Rating: 5
(Insert Rating analysis here)
This Mod is fantastic, i have used it for making several campaigns, and it continues to amaze me how much it allows. I give this Mod a 5 because it gives extra units and new buildings without interfering with with game-play (ignoring the few crashes now and then which are easy to stop). I love this mod, it is by far my favorite, also the most complete one i have ever seen
Additional Comments:

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