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Downloads Home » Best Files » ~The Western Fort~ version 2.0

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~The Western Fort~ version 2.0

Author File Description
Dantares IV
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy

The Western Fort is a game that I have been working on for a few months now. The time period is not set in the midevil times as AoE II is usually set for. It is set in the time of when the American West was being settled by settlers who were looking for a chance to own land and not have to be crowded into the original thirteen colonies. However, as settlers poured in by the thousands, and the railroads were being constructed, the indians did not apprciate their land being invaded. They were pushed from their homeland into reservations that the Whites promised would be their's forever. However, a few months later, white people would want to settle that land, and the indians would be moved to another reservation, and on and on the process continued. The indian's most important food supply, the buffalo, were being whiped out by: trappers who wanted nothing but the furs, and settlers who would be handed Winchester rifles on trains and told to try and take a shot at the buffalo herds that would be right next to the tracks. The buffalo dropped from the millions to hundreds in literally months! Eventually, fights broke out between settlers and indian tribes. The United States government ordered the army to whipe out these rebellions. Eventually it turned into a literal war. Many great and famous battles happened.

Now, the indians have lost. The American army is now not as nervous as they once were. Thousands of troops are sent back home, and only small forts and militias are left.

~That was true history, now we get a little bit more fictional with only a little bit of truth included~

The last great indian tribes, the Apachi and Sioux, join their last forces together for the last "Battle of the Buldge". Ten Thousand warriors, many of which are young boys, and old men, and a few middle-aged men storm many forts and many homesteads and destroy them. They are all driven to do this by a crazy religion called the Ghost Dance, which made the indians believe that they were invincible, and could do practically anything.(The Ghost Dance it truth, not fiction) The indians now march upon a lead fort that is the cornerstone of all other permimeter forts. It is said to have much powder, repeating rifles, and supplies. Ten thousand indians march upon this fort garrisoned by about 250 men.

This was an overview for anyone that does not know much about American History, or at least the history of the "Wild West". The rest of the history this battle is included in the Scenario instructions.


~My first RPG game ever.
~A small DAT file.
~Detailed fort and landscape.
~Enormous amouts of troops.
~Great sounds.
~Some interesting/scary suprises.
~And best of all, a Desparate battle between the forces of "good", and "evil"!


~Many thanks to The_Slayer 90 for playtesting, and making the DAT file.

~Many thanks to Sounddogs for the rifle sounds.

~Many thanks to MCrnigoj for the wizzing, and explosion sounds.


~General Cob DAT file changed from Jannisary to hand cannonier.

~Some extremely small changes done to the fort.

~Certain indian attack increased.

~Hints for people that are having trouble winning.

~Nice bitmap included.


~A few more hints and helpfull facts are inclued and the victory condition has been changed a bit.

~The terrain has been GREATLY improved!

~I beleave the DAT issue is fixed too. If it wasn't let me know and I will put the older one back up.


All people that have downloaded before and at 325, please re-download~

Now enjoy, ~THE WESTERN FORT~,

by ~Dantares IV~

The story continues in ~The Western Fort~ Epilogue
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Jas the Mace1 Bug. Your 'defeated' triger is on instead of off. There is about 4 seconds of gameplay.
Dantares IV
File Author
I didn't see any problem with the trigger, but I checked, updated, and uploaded the game again!
Ensemble_Nut Same problem... I like the looks of it though.
Dantares IV
File Author
Huh. I don't get it. All the triggers are set at where they need to be. This must be a bug. I'll take another look at this again.
Official Reviewer
I will look at this last update later tonight.

The first version got the defeat message at the beginning, but I did not approve it. I approved the update after I played until the victory message.

Jas the Mace1 and Ensemble_Nut, were you play testers playing an earlier version?
Dantares IV
File Author
Quote from Tannuer 99: I approved the update after I played until the victory message.

Was that when you destroyed all the indians? That is when you should get it.

Quote from Taneur 99: Jas the Mace1 and Ensemble_Nut, were you play testers playing an earlier version?

The only play tester I ever had was Slayer_90.
Official Reviewer
Yes, I only saw two Indians left attacking at the right side when I got the victory signal, guess my ally shot them at that very moment.

Dantares IV
File Author
Good! Then you won when you were supposed to win. Simply destroy all the enemy forces.
Jas the Mace1 It still doesn't work for me. As soon as the game starts some red text appears and then is quickly overlaid with yellow. The red text says "Alas, we have failed to defend our General, with him dead our ranks fall apart,RUN!! RUN!!" That triggers the 'defeat'

I'm not sure why it worked for Tanneur and is still giving me trouble. I re-downloaded @ #40
Official Reviewer
I just re-downloaded @ #42 and it works fine. I looked at the trigger, it is trigger 'Cob dies', condition destroy object, effect 0 activates trigger lose, effect 1 displays the text you quoted. General Cob is all the way back, next to the barracks behind rocks, IMHO there is no way he can die at the game's start.
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