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IS_Machine [1.0c 7.5B][UP 9.0]

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Here there is my updated AI script. It plays:
- any land map such as Arabia,
- any water map,
- any mixed map such as coastal or continental, balancing war on land and water;
- real world maps as well,
- Nomad map,
- Land Nomad type custom maps
- custom maps such as Green Arabia and any land/water/mixed custom map similar to standard random maps.

Other settings:
- any civilization,
- any player number; in 2v2 3v3 4v4 games it plays better allied w other IS_Machine player exploiting comunication between allies
- any starting resourches, standard preferred
- any starting age, dark-age-start preferred
- any map size, preferred sizes according with the right player number,
- regicide as well
- any difficult level with gather handicaps for moderate-easy-easiest,
- any population but not 25; 200 pop preferred,
- any victory conditions, conquest preferred,
- also Deathmatch (first attempt, 3.1 upgrade)
- diplomacy: never tested

Preferred civilizations:
- goths, aztecs, followed by huns, vikings, teutons but also britons, mayans for full land map
- japanese, vikings, byzantines, celts, goths for mixed maps,
- saracens, vikings, japanese for full water maps.
- goths, japanses, aztecs, persians for Nomad map,
- Chinese for Land Nomad map :lol: this may be not a surprise
Try also other civilizations since every civ has its unique strategies (1 to 3 depending by the civilization)

Included in the file:
- IS_Machine; standard non-cheating version of the AI
- IS_BC_Machine; boar-cheating, a little resourche cheat included to compensate the boar bug in wich AIs are unable to hunt boars. 200 food is added at 8th minute and 220 wood is added at the beginning of the feudal age. This may be considered a cheat exactly compensating the unability to hunt boars for all AIs. It performs a human-like feudal time 11:xx
- IS_HC_Machine; hight-cheating, a more consistent resourche cheat included. 250 food is added at 8th minute, 300 wood and 300 food at the beginning of feudal age, 300 wood 300 food and 300 gold is added at the beginning of castle-age.

Easy switch between turneament/std version (3.2 upgrade)
Standard version: more variability, optimized to face human players; current standard setting for IS_Machine
- Early feudal age played according with next feudal unit mix (3.3 upgrade)
- feudal unit mix is choosen randomly between 3 different settings (6.0 upgrade), for each civ the preferred unit mix has more chances to be chosen
- feudal behaviour is choosen randomly between 3 different ones: "quiet", "aggressive", "very aggressive"
- capability of feudal attacks vs castled enemy is allowed or not randomly
- castle/imperial unit mix is chosen randomly; unit mix optimized to face the correct enemy civilization is chosen more often
- First barracks is built before fisrt mining camp in land maps

Turneament version: more effectiveness, optimized to face other AIs
- always choses its best feudal unit mix
- only "agggressive" or "very aggressive" (4.3 upgrade) feudal behaviour is choosen
- capability of feudal attacks vs castled enemy is not allowed
- castle/imperial unit mix optimized to face the correct enemy civilization is always chosen
- First mining camp is built before first barracks in land maps

To switch from "standard version" to "turneament version" it is possible to edit the file "IS_Machine4.per" in "Age of Empires II\AI" folder changing a single line (do not use minus characters for "YES" and "NO")

Line: "(set-goal-goal IsThisTurneament NO)"
becomes: "(set-goal IsThisTurneament YES)"

To switch between "standard version" to "turneament version" during a game, send the message "150" to the AI. The AI will play as a turneament version only in that game (3.3 upgrade)

UserPatch full compatibility (8.0 version). IS_Machine plays the same settings in the standard 1.0C version as well as for the UserPatch mod. Moreover:
- boar hunting ability added,
- army grouping/retreating ability added
- capability to assign more builders to a single building,
- capability to drop resourche to train villagers/reseacrch feudal age and castle age
- Placement of military building in front of main TC
- capability of retreating army (8.6)
- capability of attacking from different directions (8.6)
- capability of avoiding enemy TC/tower/castle fire (8.6)
- capability of garrison buildings (8.6)
- human-like feudal time and early feudal rushes
- capability of attacking enemies from different angles on lands (9.0)
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
ben331 It is a good AI :)
It has beaten me twice now. Next time I am going to have my newest script with me against it - then I shall win!
File Author
Let me know when your script is ready :) . I am making an "advanced" version to play also Islands and TI, and to improve water managing now...
MiniMacker Excellent AI. Nothing more to say.
Pestiron Well I tried it and he didn't build anything at all! With one villager he went for the berries and with the other two he explored. I tried it on easy first and then on hard and he did the same. Within 5 minutes he had no villagers and I was attacking his town center. He doesnt build any villagers either.
File Author
It is strange since that is a bug that occours very very few times ( when AI doesn't find its berries ), so 2 times one after the other is strange.
One thing: in this version there are a bug in Scandinavia map and one in Nomad map ( not LN, it plays that map... but some failures sometimes, that i think aren't of AI but of the difficulty for an AI to play that map ). Other maps such as Arabia, Coastal, etc are full-playable.

Just for saying, that bug is already corrected in the 2.0 version of IS_Machine, that i will release after 1v1 arabia AI AIScripter's turneament in August

If you find again that bug, plz tell me the game settings in wich the bug occours
Flamesfan07 I have figured out why that bug happens

In the rule that creates villagers, it checks that it has < 470 food before creating a villager.

However, on medium or high resources, or on hardest difficulty, it starts with more than that so it never creates any villagers.

instead of
(food-amount < 470)

you could put

(or (food-amount < 470)
(unit-type-count-total villager < 25)

Other than that an excellent AI with the best military management I have ever seen. Occasionally it decides to move to a new target too soon, like before it knocks a hole in a wall or while it's still being attacked, but this rarely happens and it's still an excellent AI.

Good work, DuckOfNormandy

File Author
Thanks Flames :)
You are right about that bug. I am trying to release a bug-free with the next advanced version; for now everyone who wants to play regicide or with medium-hight resourches on dark or feudal start, may change the file IS_Machine.per removing all line 1073 and putting there Flamesfan07's code
File Author
Following posts will be about 2.0 advanced version :)
mogulus i tried it and haven't gotten very far. it seems to work ok, but i'm having trouble with it in a custom scenario.

i don't know if it's the AI file that's making the scenario crash, but is it possible it is the problem?

please either help me or point me in the direction of help in scenario editing?

appreciate any help
costelloe I used this AI, and I am impressed with its strategic decision making and sophisticated nuances (e.g. villagers exfiltrate when civ is attacked, just like in Empire Earth).

However, on my PC, this mod seems to cause a bug in which, at certain times, units are able to pass through certain closed gates. Yes, it really makes a mess of your defensive plan when it pops up, as it did the other day when I was playing on the Gold Rush random map, using standard victory conditions, at hardest difficulty level. Has anyone else seen this? Any ideas on what could be the cause? I plan to continue to use the AI and see if I can ID any variables this thing might be sensitive to.
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