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IS_Machine [1.0c 7.5B][UP 9.0]

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Here there is my updated AI script. It plays:
- any land map such as Arabia,
- any water map,
- any mixed map such as coastal or continental, balancing war on land and water;
- real world maps as well,
- Nomad map,
- Land Nomad type custom maps
- custom maps such as Green Arabia and any land/water/mixed custom map similar to standard random maps.

Other settings:
- any civilization,
- any player number; in 2v2 3v3 4v4 games it plays better allied w other IS_Machine player exploiting comunication between allies
- any starting resourches, standard preferred
- any starting age, dark-age-start preferred
- any map size, preferred sizes according with the right player number,
- regicide as well
- any difficult level with gather handicaps for moderate-easy-easiest,
- any population but not 25; 200 pop preferred,
- any victory conditions, conquest preferred,
- also Deathmatch (first attempt, 3.1 upgrade)
- diplomacy: never tested

Preferred civilizations:
- goths, aztecs, followed by huns, vikings, teutons but also britons, mayans for full land map
- japanese, vikings, byzantines, celts, goths for mixed maps,
- saracens, vikings, japanese for full water maps.
- goths, japanses, aztecs, persians for Nomad map,
- Chinese for Land Nomad map :lol: this may be not a surprise
Try also other civilizations since every civ has its unique strategies (1 to 3 depending by the civilization)

Included in the file:
- IS_Machine; standard non-cheating version of the AI
- IS_BC_Machine; boar-cheating, a little resourche cheat included to compensate the boar bug in wich AIs are unable to hunt boars. 200 food is added at 8th minute and 220 wood is added at the beginning of the feudal age. This may be considered a cheat exactly compensating the unability to hunt boars for all AIs. It performs a human-like feudal time 11:xx
- IS_HC_Machine; hight-cheating, a more consistent resourche cheat included. 250 food is added at 8th minute, 300 wood and 300 food at the beginning of feudal age, 300 wood 300 food and 300 gold is added at the beginning of castle-age.

Easy switch between turneament/std version (3.2 upgrade)
Standard version: more variability, optimized to face human players; current standard setting for IS_Machine
- Early feudal age played according with next feudal unit mix (3.3 upgrade)
- feudal unit mix is choosen randomly between 3 different settings (6.0 upgrade), for each civ the preferred unit mix has more chances to be chosen
- feudal behaviour is choosen randomly between 3 different ones: "quiet", "aggressive", "very aggressive"
- capability of feudal attacks vs castled enemy is allowed or not randomly
- castle/imperial unit mix is chosen randomly; unit mix optimized to face the correct enemy civilization is chosen more often
- First barracks is built before fisrt mining camp in land maps

Turneament version: more effectiveness, optimized to face other AIs
- always choses its best feudal unit mix
- only "agggressive" or "very aggressive" (4.3 upgrade) feudal behaviour is choosen
- capability of feudal attacks vs castled enemy is not allowed
- castle/imperial unit mix optimized to face the correct enemy civilization is always chosen
- First mining camp is built before first barracks in land maps

To switch from "standard version" to "turneament version" it is possible to edit the file "IS_Machine4.per" in "Age of Empires II\AI" folder changing a single line (do not use minus characters for "YES" and "NO")

Line: "(set-goal-goal IsThisTurneament NO)"
becomes: "(set-goal IsThisTurneament YES)"

To switch between "standard version" to "turneament version" during a game, send the message "150" to the AI. The AI will play as a turneament version only in that game (3.3 upgrade)

UserPatch full compatibility (8.0 version). IS_Machine plays the same settings in the standard 1.0C version as well as for the UserPatch mod. Moreover:
- boar hunting ability added,
- army grouping/retreating ability added
- capability to assign more builders to a single building,
- capability to drop resourche to train villagers/reseacrch feudal age and castle age
- Placement of military building in front of main TC
- capability of retreating army (8.6)
- capability of attacking from different directions (8.6)
- capability of avoiding enemy TC/tower/castle fire (8.6)
- capability of garrison buildings (8.6)
- human-like feudal time and early feudal rushes
- capability of attacking enemies from different angles on lands (9.0)
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Terra Guardian
Rating: 5
Best AI for Landmaps I know of... but seems the 3.0 version was tougher. Didn't test it very well, but it was beaten yesterday by Alliance-Thunda AI on Arabia, what has never happened before and lost versus the older 3.0 version. But maybe this was only by chance...

Really cool work, keep on with it!!!

Additional Comments: Excellent AI. What else to say?

[Edited on 12/21/08 @ 05:30 PM]

Rating: 5
This is a strong opponent that attacks well and relentlessly. It is a very well rounded AI. I have faced it in numerous tournaments at aiscripters, and it always ends up towards the top of the pack. It excels on land maps and is respectable on water maps. I look forward to continued updates from this scripter. He is one of the best still active scripters around, and a very worthy opponent.

[Edited on 04/26/09 @ 09:34 PM]

Rating: 4.5
(Insert Rating analysis here)
A nearly perfect AI, and it completely blows away the standard AI the game comes with. While it has a few problems, it is probably the closest thing to perfect I've seen.
Additional Comments:
I've played many games with this AI on Moderate, Hard and Hardest, and all times it does not disappoint. My first game it caught me off guard on Moderate because I didn't expect such a large army in the castle age. It plays incredibly well and I love the narration it has. Although some of the narration isn't perfect English, it makes the AI seem even more Human-Like. It doesn't play as well on Sea Maps like Islands though, it seems to neglect sending Transport ships till the late game (and it should try to send them earlier and more often if possible) and it seems to ignore the small islands with just resources on them. Your AI seems to think it can win with only massive Navy and that causes the island games to take a long time. Although granted, it actually plays Islands really well especially compared to the standard AI. I look forward to any future updates you have for this, because it is really good. It is just the right balance of challenge and what a great AI should be. It only needs a bit of work on the sea-warfare.

-One last thing that I noticed: Your AI does not seem to respond to 222 when I call it for help. It says it will send what it can, but it never sends anything. That definitley needs fixing. Also I've seen that when other IS_Machines say they need help, none of them send anything. If you fix that I'd definitley give it a 5. But that really needs fixing.
Rating: 5

First of all, I will like to say that this AI is a "must read" for scripters whom wish to step up his/her scripting skill.

*In short*
As other review has shown, I find it quite challenging to play with this AI, the IS_Machine and I think it is worth more than 4.5.
Also from the "scripters view", I will rate this AI 5 points for it contains many "original" and "interesting" rules.

As you can see in the explanation of this AI, almost "any" settings are playable for this AI.
The big difference of IS_Machine to others is that it has a high flexibility on it's strategy and that it adapts well to most condition, owing for Duck's original rules.
This provides remarkable change when playing on custom-maps, were AIs has to start blind, with almost no information.
The original rules, as the modification for the camp-max-distanse for mining-camps, are a good text book for scripters whom has learned the basics.
In this AI, Duck has provided us many explanation for the intricate rules and many comments are written.
These clean scripting methods of Duck's, also helps us to read this text book with ease.

Also, it is worth to take notice that IS_Machine mainly uses group-attack as a way to attack enemies, which is quite hard to use effectively.
Using this method, the army-units will less respond against enemies attack, as in some case, letting your army keep on marching while been killed.
Still, IS_Machine enabled to overcome the weakness of the group-attack by adding his original detection for the new-units-in-site.

IS_Machine contains many more rules and ideas worth to pay attention to, so I will recommend advanced scripters to take a look.

AIs that are flexible and adapt as humans are very hard to complete.
So it is very hard to create an flexible AI with less weak-points, but Duck has managed to achieve this by his great effort.
IS_Machine is certainly a good opponent to play, as well as a great text book for advanced scripters.

I am rather a scripter than a player, so I rated from my point of view.
Hopefully this shall help scripters to find his/her text books to advance.
Rating: 5
This AI can play all maps. Of course, some maps are unplayable by AIs, like Migration, so don't expect any AI to play such weird maps.
It may bug in some Megarandom variations, but in general it is the most map-versatile AI out there.

It can play water. Even though it lacks a strong, determined water strategy, its ships move well and it may surprise you with an apparently weaker army.

It goes for a flush most of the time. It goes for FC only in specific occasions, like regicide. It even has a drush defense plan.

It fights well. It trains big armies supported by big eco and fights well. In feudal, its power is mostly its numbers. Its fighting potential becomes obvious in castle, with rams, longswords, xbbows and war galleys.

It produces minimal lag in big games. A virtually lag-free AI, good for big SP or multiplayer games.

Winner of some AI tournaments, good presence in all tournaments it has participated, a top AI. No obvious weaknesses. NormanDuck has put a lot of work on it, it is sophisticated.

It also has unique scripting ideas, invented by its author. Good for novice scripters.

Additional Comments:
Anton Synytsia
Rating: 5
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:
Pretty impressive AI. Does stuff that it needs and much better than the standard AoE2 AI. THough, It needs some script for Islands. When I build the castle at the shore, near the water the IS_Machine forces itself to destroy it with standard scorpion ships, which results in a huge economy loss. They need to build the bombard ships to attack the castles. THough, on the land, they fight pretty bravely. Thanks ;)
Rating: 5
(Very, very well-rounded and flexible AI)

Additional Comments:
I've been playtesting my mod with this AI, and I must say, I expected pretty dismal results using an AI that was designed for a much different game than the one I was playing. It adapted to the many cost/build time/research time differences in my mod and responded very well to the movement through different ages of several buildings. It is able to put up a great fight in many, many different settings. Great Work!

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