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The Wolf Hunter
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
Small is a series of scenarios all played on 25x25 maps.
In a month or so, I will add three more scenarios to the Small saga, so please look out for them. The scenarios all have a Normal and Hard Mode.
Please note, if you lose very near the beginning, it is not a bug, so please restart until you find out what is causing it.

The story is following Danny Scarlet, the right hand man of the widely hated Lord Brennan. Scarlet, under the command of Captain Allen, are escorting the runaway son of Lord Brennan, Thomas, back home when they run into some heretics against his Lordship, they must fight their way through them

This scenario requires the Renaissance expansion. Please comment or review the scenario if you download it. (I am not expecting a high rating, but I am interested in what parts of the scenario could be improved later in the series)

Thanks, and hope you download.
The Wolf Hunter
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Dantares IV I tried to play the game over three times, and every time it crashed. :{
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
I found this game very enjoyable and I could play it several times withour getting tired of it. Its very short and very simple and still very fun. There where no bugs or anything (and since there only 12 triggers, it's hard to get bugs :P) This game has a high replay-value and most people would like it, I suppose. The Rennaisance units are used well, as heroes and clouds, but they dont make much noise. It would be possible to make this game without Rennaisance, although it would lack a little with the clouds.
The things that stop this from getting a 5 in playability is following:
1) The text with the instructions stayed on screen all the game. It was irritating to see it there all the time. And if you selected Hard Mode, that text replaced it instead for the rest of the game.
2) The game was fairly easy to win. A little more difficulty would add much to the experiense.
Apart from these things it's very funny to play, so a 4

Whether starting difficulty you choose, its very simple to win if you dont add the nuilt in Hard Mode. Even with it, it was fairly simple to win, although it added some harder enemies. One good thing that brings this from a 3+ to a 4 is that you have to use strategies to prevent the enemy from killing your heroes, since they're quite weak... well except for Danny. This is very good since it forces the player to use his imagination and think
So overall quite easy, but better than average. And you cant stay lazy for long, or you'll lose

A small map, 25x25 units, has been used. So this is alone very creative. The scenario as a whole is different to the other mini-scenarios. I've never seen a battle taking place on such a small map. I've seen spawning fights with buying soldiers and a few other things, but this is new for this genre, the minigame genre. A few, although extremly simple, "tricks" has been used to raise the enjoyment level, such as spawning enemies and taking control of towers. The scenario also makes good use of the Rennaisance upgrade, with clouds and new heroes.
So for a conclusion, a small map has been used very well and it has featured a new theme for the minigame genre. A 5

It's hard to make a good looking map on such a small map with all these limitations. The authour succeeded quite well with this task. The map has lots of elevations for the hills and the water pool in the middle. The base terrain isn't very well mixed, but still good. There's little eye-candy, some little details would spice this up. The area for your base, your hill, is very flat and boring. Its plain grass and no details. So it sums up to a 4. Its better than a random map with all elevations but it would definately need more mixing and perhaps some more details here and there. So a weak 4.

There is no real story. The only story that exists is the sentense that last all the game, that tells that you're under attack by rebels. Nothing more. It's hard to understand why you're doing this and for what purpose. There's no pregame instructions either, no hints or anything, but that doesn't give any great impact to the score since hints are pretty useless for this scenario. A description of whom these people are that you play and why they are where they are would be much better than what it is now.
The instructions, the objectives in this case, are very clear and even a little detailed in explanation. Instead of "He must survive" its "He must survive because he's the king's right hand ..." and like that. This brings it up to a 3, and that describes the story and instructions very well: average.

OVERALL: A creative, enjoyable minigame

IN CLOSING: A game to play over and over again. A reccomended download for everyone.

[Edited on 04/29/07 @ 08:38 AM]

The Wolf Hunter
File Author
Basse, thanks a lot. I wasn't expecting a 4. I may update the scenario with your constructive comments.
Dantares, have you got Renaissance? Otherwise, I am unsure what your problem is.
Hamish Instantly crashed when I started it.
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
'Small' by The Wolf Hunter is a fixed force game that is played on a very small (25x25) map.

Playability: 3
I found this game good, but it didn't sustain my interest for too long. First off it starts off with the view on the wrong side of the map, and then that cho ku noi guy with 15 hp is right in front and gets killed in 2 sec before you figure out what's going on. Apart from that there weren't any bugs, yet it wasn't too exciting, mainly involved drawing out all the enemies and shooting them. After I killed all the enemies though there were still huskarls and archers spawning from somewhere and it looked awkward. And the tower was a bore to take down in the end. I would suggest you fix the view at least and make it slightly harder. Another thing that was annoying was that the text- when you captured a tower, it stayed that way- 'We have captured a tower' on the screen. It would also be an improvement to add some time before the player is defeated so that he can figure out why he lost. Most of the time I found the cho-ku-noi getting killed till I put him at the very back.

Balance: 4
The game is not too hard, even on the special 'hard level' that can be got by selecting the outpost. However the individual heroes were terribly unbalanced. On one hand you had a jannissary (Danny?) with 380 HP and 40 attack and on the other the cho-ku-noi (Thomas I think) with only 15 HP so he died rather quickly. I lost 3-4 times mostly because of him. However capturing the towers and dealing with the spawning attacks was a good challenge. Having a monk made it much easier as I kept healing my troops and converted quite a few.

Creativity: 3
Sorry, I didn't find it too creative. It is more or less a 'kill all the enemies' kind of map, and the story gives little reason to it. Rennaissance is used but not really to it's strength because there are only a couple of new units on the map. Leaving the tower's name as 'The Accursed Tower' didn't help either. The one creative thing I liked was the design of the lake and how you could have battles around it.

Map Design: 4+
The map design is pretty good, much better than a random map. I especially liked the lake in the middle and it seemed to be like a (very) miniature version of the oasis random map. The terrain is well designed and gaia units like flowers and rocks are used appropriately. Not much to say here, except that it suits the game and could be better if it wasn't a bit plain in some parts.

Story/Instructions: 4-
There is a blank objective screen in the beginning without any history or hints. You get the instructions only on starting the game. There was a story of some sort, but more detail is required.

Additional Comments:
A good map to download for a short game, but it needs improvement.

[Edited on 05/13/07 @ 11:44 AM]

Official Reviewer
Game crashes are probably because you don't have rennaissance data file. IMO all scenarios which use rennaissance should include it.
The Wolf Hunter
File Author
I hope this isn't anything to do with the AI, because I forgot to add it. It is just Immobile Units, so I would expect most people to have it anyway.
Dantares IV I think I just figured out the problem!
The Wolf Hunter
File Author
I have updated, in case anyone noticed.
Dantares IV I'll hopefullyly review this tomorrw.
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Map Design4.0
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