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Land Glue V3.0

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other
Land Glue 3.0

Random Map Script designed for Age Of Empires II (The Age Of Kings) The Conquerors Expansion


Map design and scripting by E. C. Plant. © 27/04/2007
View the read me file if your like to contact me.


Copy the file named "LandGlue_v3[by-ECP].RMS" into the folder called Random. This is normally located here
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II\Random

Now when you start a game it should appear as a random map under the custom menu


Imagine a land map with rivers, then make the rivers twice as wide and add a coastline (varying in width) on 1 or 2 sides of the map. Finally 'glue' all or most of the land together and that's what you got here, 'LandGlue!'

If that's not appealing to you then the random eye-candy might just do the trick!

Ill admit this it may not be everyone's cup of tea as I made it to my own tastes, but give it a go and you might just like it!

The maps is good for both land and sea battles at the same time with out one getting in the way of the other.
The large areas of shallows and or beach on lighter maps make it easier for land units to move across the rivers, and ships will have no problem with the wider rivers.

There are 5 different 'map types' here Jungle Map, Yoman Map, Ice Map, Beach Map and Death Map
All are very different and you may have to play them in different ways.
All maps have a chance to be 'heavy' 'light' or some in-between that.
By this I mean some have less land and more sailable water and others are the other way around. (this can be quiet dramatic.)

All maps you start with the norm Town Center, Villagers and Scout (that may be upgraded to something better).
You may get a hut or tent of some kind to balance your population with the possibility of 3 fishing ship, providing you start close enough to the water for the game to place them.
They may also get placed in one of the small lakes or ponds that are on most maps! (they may therefore be trapped so don't assume that's a good place to build a dock!)

There is also the random possibility that 2 or even 3 sides around your TC will be forest meaning its harder for you to attack or easier to defend players!
This happens mostly on 3 of the map types, iv yet to experience it on the other 2. It may sound like not a lot but iv found it can have a dramatic effect on game play!

The Maps. (SPOILER!!!!!)

The Jungle Map
Much less deep waters and a mess of shallows.
There is plenty of lush green grass with bits of the jungle leaping out across it!
Gets a mild warning for map dangers that aren't other players
Less gold but food plentiful

The Yoman Map
A much darker land leaves are plentiful with patches of dirt and rarely the odd patch of grass.
Bamboo and pine trees are you main building materials here.
There is a balanced mix of shallows and beaches but not as much as the jungle map.
There are less fish here to, however this is balanced by the larger herds of deer.
There are a few more wolves here and some jaguar, so look out!
Plenty of relics per player.
More hills and cliffs!

The Ice Map
Frozen! There a fewer fish and more deer a bit like the Yoman map.
Pine is all about the place, perhaps the only tree hard enough to survive here!
There are icebergs here and the maps filled with many frozen ponds!
There is a lower chance for this map to
One of the more attractive and fun maps to play on!
Lower Relic count.

The Beach Map
Nice oak woodlands and long stretches of beach and sand dunes.
If the Ice map is the cold hard north! Then this maps is the warmers sunny south!
There is more stone here than the other maps, use it! Defend your self with walls, build castles and be ready to face the same from others!
Defensive map, much stone!

The Death Map
These are dark time! This is a harsh place expect to see off a hole host of wild animals from the very beginning!
As well as a scout you also get some better units to fend off the wild life
But just when you thought things were looking up, they go down again as you discover the low food gold and stone. You better hack your way into the wood and get farming.
As for fish its hardly worth looking.. and so you have no chance of getting the 3 fishing ships.
If regicide you will get a fake king as well as a real one.
There are only 2 relics on the map if you play regicide and 'only' if playing regicide.
The dark look to the map only reflects more on the maps name, I repeat The Death Map.
Your ether love or hate it, thus the reason its only at 11%, its something very different from the other 4 map types and plays well in both heavy and light.
There are many more hills maybe steeper and more cliffs as well.
Anti-relic map.
Dangerous map!

Images: Ice Map - Beach Map - Yoman Map - Trop Map - Death Map 1 - Death Map 2

End Spoiler




AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
aom expert wow...
Argotha right i still dont get what you mean by land glue, but hey IT SOUNDs AWSOME *starts downloading*, NO sERIoUSLY it does
Hamish The maps produced by this script don't look great...

The snow and beach maps look ok.

Maybe try adding a little eye candy?
File Author
Thanks for all your comments!

As for lack of eye candy I didn’t want to 'overcrowd' the map.. im all for piling on the eye candy in most cases but for RMS I think there can be a bit much and can make it boring after a while. There is eye candy here tho some maps have stone heads others skeletons and different bad guys just to start. I may add some more eye-candy if more people request it but not right away.
Untill then ill leave you to put up with the icebergs and wolves!

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