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German (Goth) campaign

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 6
I couldn't stand that there wasn't a Goth campaign in aoe so I made one myself. It's my first one tough... =S

I hope you like it, and please post comments.


Updated version: Hi everyone, thanks for the comments =) I have updated the campaign and I hope it's more balanced now.
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RS Greo0
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
The Games where enjoyable and they allowed pretty much hundreds for different ways to play the games, well done.

Balance: 3
The balance is what upset me I found my self outnumbered and outkilled in just about every situation, still the games where winnable.

Creativity: 4
Very creative, I guess this was partly based on acctull history, still I enjoyed the Game.

Map Design: 3
Im sorry to say but your maps look like random maps with editing and citys chucked on.

Story/Instructions: 5
This was indeed your best point, the instructions were very well detailed and the story was good.

Additional Comments:
Well done, Overall it was very good.

[Edited on 05/14/07 @ 05:44 PM]

Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
I certainly enjoyed playing this campaign. It was simple Build & Destroy and no advanced tricks or anything, just simple enjoyment. The scenarios became better and better the farer you got into the campaign. It started out as a newbie campaign with the scenarios based on random maps. But the three last scenarios where more professional. The authour has made these scenarios himself, and it certainly added to the playing experiense since it was a great lift from the early random map scenarios.

The campaign as a whole is certainly a reminder of the old school AoK campaigns, though without sounds and a deep story. The lack of depth can be positive in some situations, since you have to develope the dialogues and action yourself and therefore you can make the campaign more as you want it yourself. The text between the scenarios helped only to inform the player of what was coming next, the in scenario story was almost unused in many placed and forced the player to think and develope the scenarios. I like this style of scenarios, as long as the campaign as a whole can stand up to the theme and in the same time allow the player to think for himself. This scenario sure does.

What brings this to a four is the never ending resourses in almost all scenario, except those where you dont build or train anything. Only the last scenario has some cut resourses, around 8000 per resourse. The rest has 99 999 per resourse. This made it quite easy to win the scenarios, although it was very funny to smash down the Viking army with an enormous force!

What I just said about the resourses is the main reason to why this gets a low Balance mark. Since you have never ending resourses, you have to work hard if you want to lose. I made all military buildings train soldiers at the same time and I reached 200 units in about 3 minutes on fast speed. With this army I could easily crush the viking armies.

On the only Fixed Force scenario in this campaign, it’s harder to win, but still easy. The harder difficulty you use the harder the battles will be, but you will still win easily, and that goes for all scenarios.

The balance is though not horrible as in some other scenarios I’ve seen. You can actually lose a battle and be forced to regroup. So a 3

I rarely see campaigns that are formed like the original AoK campaigns, so that gives a direct score. The theme is new to my knowledge, since I haven’t seen many campaigns about the Germans, especially not fighting Frenchmen and Vikings. This also gives a plus. There are a few creative touches here and there, such as you advance through the ages by razing enemy town centers, you capture parts of Berlin by taking different Town Centers, and the Vikings landing with an enourmous force.

Each scenario has one or two creative things, some have more, but they all have something. It balances it well and brings this up to a 4. The reason it’s a weak four is simply that the scenarios still can feel quite flat and boring from time to time, since they’re all pretty much the same and the differenses aren’t big.

As I said before, the three first scenarios were based on Random Maps. The authour then added some terrain variation and eye-candy, but else there wasn’t much to make them good. They where random maps with some extra dots here and there and nothing really special. The third scenario was a plain forest with some dirt cutting through it to make paths, and it was quite boring to watch. The fourth scenario was better. Here the authour had designed all or Berlin and everything around it and it looked much better than the beginning scenarios. The bad points here, and on the last scenario with northern Germany and southern Sweden, was that there was nearly no terrain mixing and very little eye candy. There was a lot of elevations, but the maps looked quite empty since most of was only diffeent types of grass and oak trees.

For a conclusion, it’s better than a random map, mainly since the last three scenarios were well made. Well, Berlin isn’t cover to the half by trees, but else it’s good. So a 3+

A scenario or campaign with any story at all should be given a 4, as long as the story isn’t a superb masterpiece or something outstanding, when it should be given a 5. This story is shallow. It has no real characters and the story is open for the player to develope. Some find this frustrating, other´s, like myself, find it a good way to use your imagination.

The story of the campaign here evolves over every scenario. I’d say it’s an average story. It isn’t bad but it ain’t very good either. If you dont have too high demands on story quality or depth, you could really like this, but most people want something deep or/and detailed so I’m not sure if this would fit all players.

The instructions can be difficult to use sometimes. Mostly they are good and easy to understand, but in some scenarios they only say “Capture Berlin” or “Convert the enemy tribes”, and they dont say how to do it. It took some time to figure out how to convert the tribes, but I supposed it was to raze their town centers, since the comments on the campaign had been much about this.

The last thing is that there are many spelling mistakes. For example, “Bad Neightbours”. There’s also many grammar misses, and so I assume your first language is not english. (German perhaps?). I wont deduct scores for this, but I have to point it out. It sums up to a 4.

OVERALL: Shallow yet enjoyable

IN CONCLUSION: Might fit some players, some might find this really boring.

TO THE AUTHOUR: For being your first campaign, I say this is really good. My own first campaign was junk. Have 53727 heroes and kill 5 militias and a tower, or something like it, and then do the same thing with different units in 6 scenarios. Oh well, continue to develope your skills in designing and you can become a really good scenario designer to count on in the future!

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Map Design3.0
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