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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » Adventure Series VII Vikings!!

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Adventure Series VII Vikings!!

Author File Description
Jas the Mace1
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Follow the adventures of a young Viking named Olaf as he rises from Prince to King in this land based adventure in Scottland. Starts as an Rps but ends up as a defend the fort style where you have to destroy the enemy town to stop the spwans.

Side missions

3 upgrades for your main character

Challenging scn. for a few hours

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
I was surprised how little time it took to download this on dialup, anyway it seemed a nice game but for the fact that you can save 8 berserks in the beginning battle, which would probably seriously upset the balance later on. Please clarify.
Jas the Mace1
File Author
You can't save all those people and continue on....I kept adding more knights ....anyway....the game can only continue with the you just oddly won the opening battle and how did you continue on??? What aout Ofegirr??? Did he die or Live???!!!

Edit: I guess the better question to ask is how did you save those 8 beserkers? Did you win the opening battle, did you retreat to save them or did they move to far away from the battlefield to be found by enemy troops?

Double Edit: I guess it's a brain fart typo, Scottish or scottie ( even Scottish Terrier was on my mind so I didn't think twice) Thanks for the correction. Oh, and I did expect most people to fight to win...Until the late calvary charge it's totally possible. I knew it was possible to save one or so by accident, I just didn't expect people to try and save them.

[Edited on 06/11/07 @ 06:14 PM]

Official Reviewer
No, you misunderstood, I didn't win the battle and don't think it's possible. The prince guy died all right, I 'cheated' by marching some berserks out of the battlefield and when that guy died the view changed etc. and I still had those 8 soldiers. I suppose you must have used 'own fewer objects' trigger, so did you intend that it was possible or it's not right? Oh and by the way, is 'Scottland' supposed to be Scotland or something fictional?
Dantares IV Wow! Not a lot of people have downloaded this map! And it is sooo great! Extensive eye candy, great side quests, interessting twists and turns, sad sad sad!
Jas the Mace1
File Author
Thanks Dantares :~)

I tried to include several different types of games; RPS, defend the spot, spwan game, and added some sidequests for Hero upgrades. I also designed the map so there would be several ways to counter attack. I might update it after some more comments.

Edit: It's better with POLO on

[Edited on 08/04/07 @ 04:52 PM]

Official Reviewer
Very nice design. Good gameplay, map design and sides quests. I enjoyed playing this.

[Edited on 02/15/08 @ 06:07 PM]

Emperor Mossy Another mind-blowingly awesome map! Who needs historical accuracy* when games are THIS fun!
The dialogue was humorous and the twists were compelling! Truly a masterpiece!

Also, I managed to save roughly 12 berserks from the opening battle by stashing them in towers inside the citadel. Made defending the tower a whole lot easier...not. =P

These maps inspire me with my own! And by the way, I skimmed through all your triggers and I couldn't find anything that made military units stand still (like the foreman, the swordmaster, the hunter, etc). I know there's probably a STACK of stuff on this in the forums, but I'm....lazy, and I like your work! Any suggestions?
Map Design4.0
First of all - great map, just like your other Adventure Series maps. Good combination of genres, both of a sort I like very much, although I like DTSes better on a small scale and with given troops because I'm lazy but that wont detract much. There was almost constant action on the first part when walking along the roads as you had to fight scouting parties and random knights etc. but the Northern Tower was a bit dull because of the intervals between attacks - in reality I bet they wont let you rest and recover that much ;) The rest was all OK so this gets a nice 4.

Balance was quite good although sometimes I felt it was too easy (and sometimes too hard, too) - for example the Northern Tower was easy, and most of the sidequests were simple. Very, very simple. The DTS was quite my level so thats OK too. Nuff said here.

The map featured some pretty neat things like a "fortune teller" with a rather extraordinary graphic and, say at least original (although not realistic) sidequests. The DTS was also on a quite insane scale, that doesnt happen too often (although it does happen). Apart from this there were some (few) interesting things that altogether add up to a final 4.

Although the map design wasnt revolutionary it had one element that lots of designers that are very much into terrain mixing and super gaia eyecandy combos and stuff still lack - realism. The forests had a very natural look despite their lacking eyecandy and the fort had a great design, not some square block of stone, but an actual Fort with different quarters and at least a realistic shape.

The instructions were a little short and sometimes I missed them when it just said "do what you should according to the dialogues" -you might sometimes skip one and then youre screwed. The plot was rather plain with some twists but really no depth and quite dull in fact. Too bad but this really detracts the overall score with a 3.

Additional Comments:
It still lacks perfection but in general its a great map, I love your Adventure Series and keep up the good work.


[Edited on 11/14/09 @ 07:41 PM]

Wallenstein1 Well, I see that some people lost the opening battle but still saved a few men. Apparently, nobody but me has actually won the first battle and spoke up, so I'm feeling very special right now. It was kind of depressing, I had the main guy and about 6 berserks left, and I had killed all of the enemy troops, but I wasn't rewarded... :) I just sent them all in to the enemy camp, and they lasted about 30 seconds. Apparently, you need to add more knights to that battle, so that amazing people like me are still forced to lose. :) Great job with the map, I love this series.

[Edited on 08/30/11 @ 02:29 PM]

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Map Design4.0
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