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The Tournament

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only

Young Redbad is going to the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert in Washington. Suddenly the surrounding has changed. What was the interstate road has been replaced by a vast forest. What has happened? What can he do but start walking through the forest?

He enters a small village where the owner of the local inn asks him if he is one of the contestants for the Tournament. ‘What Tournament?’ asks Redbad, ‘I was on my way to the MCI centre in Washington DC for the rock concert!’

It seems that young Redbad has made a time-lapse back through the Middle Ages and the old innkeeper starts talking about the Tournament that his lord, king Arnulf has set up. The winner will marry his daughter, princess Theodora. So far only men of questionable reputation have enlisted. He asks: ‘Please son, enter this Tournament and win – only you have that trustworthy look that we want in a king’. But what to wear…?

This scenario has

• 3 options to act in the Tournament
• a timeout-system
• suspense
• intrigue
• fun

In the Tournament you will face fictional and non-fictional characters as

• General von Klinkerhoffen
• Lawrence of Arabia
• MacBeth
• MC Hammerthrower (?)
• The ‘Bruise’ brothers Joey Kocur and Bob Probert
• And many more

I have tested this scenario thoroughly on ‘moderate’ standard and everything works well. However, if you still see any bugs – or have tips to improve this scenario, please leave a report below. Have fun.

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Jas the Mace1 I like the concept of the tournament. I only played it with the calvary archer which made fighting walking opponents easier. A fun game that's on the shorter side so there's no reason to skip it!
File Author
Thanks for your words Jas. Have you tried it yet as an infantry-unit or 'knight with a lance'? If so, let me know your experiences!
Official Reviewer
Hey, this is a cool scenario, I will review it, or do you want to fix some things? I played on hard and won with the horse archer, but it's impossible with the other two.
Official Reviewer
I tried it on moderate also, but it is impossible to win as the knight with the lance. Even if you use up all your timeouts and have 300 Hp while facing the berserk, he will leave you with only like 30 Hp left and you'll be killed by the next guy. The berserk guy is too tough.
File Author

As I have written above, I tested this scenario on moderate and I could win every time. Nevertheless I shall play it as the knight and infantry to see if it is too hard. After that I will decide to update or not.

If you could review it, I would be most thankful.
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
'The Tournament' is a scenario where you take part in a tournament to win the hand of the King's daughter. After the tournament you have to fulfil another quest to be worthy of the prize.

Playability: 3

I found this game quite enjoyable, especially the tournament part. Apart from the tournament however the game is quite boring, including long walks and easy killing of enemies. You get 3 options to choose - huskarl, frankish paladin and cavalry archer. The cav. archer is the only one which is playable (see balance) so this does not have much replay value in spite of this. The tournament itself is great with cool music and sounds, timeouts, hit and run tactics (for cav. archer) About the rest of the game, you made the walks unnecessarily long, killing that Sir Gerald guy was very easy because he was a hero and kept retreating (defensive stance). Also lot many of the purple people were trapped behind palisades and I could pick them off very easily with my cav. archer. I found the dialogues flashing by extremely quickly, but since I played on fast I can hardly complain about that :) Overall the tournament is fast paced and enjoyable, but the rest is boring.

Suggestions: Add some sidequests to increase HP/attack, task units and remove palisades with triggers and make the walks less boring by putting some bandits or something. The tournament also needs to be fixed so that it can be won with the knight and huskarl, give some elevation advantage so that there is more strategy.

Balance: 3

The game is easy if you play with the cavalry archer since you can keep hitting and running from enemies like halberdier and berserk. However with the melee huskarl and knight there are no tactics, you just had to kill them. Probably the thing which disappointed me the most was that there was no elevation advantage, which meant not much strategy esp. with the melee units. If you have played Ulio, you will notice how Ulio wins easily by taking elevation advantage in the tournament. However even then it wasn't very easy, you had to time your timeouts well and I had to reload a couple of times even with the cavalry archer.
If you play the knight or the swordsman, you can not beat the berserk (Barcus, I think) even if you use all your timeouts, you will have like 30 HP left after killing him and get killed by the next guy. Although the author claims he tested it, I was not able to kill the berserk, except by hit and run with the cav. archer.

Suggestions: Tone down the berserk's HP/attack and above all, put some elevation changes for better strategy.

Creativity: 5-

Although the idea of a tournament is nothing new, I thought this way of doing it was extremely creative. The music was extremely good and well suited and the author put a lot of effort into synchronizing the various sounds and music. I especially loved the 'Eye of the tiger' music which played every time I took a timeout and it lasted for exactly the right amount of time till the monk had healed me when I played on fast. There are various other humoruos sounds added and every time a competitor dies, it says "Next!" and you are thrown into the next battle. The characters in the tournament are funny and rather varied. Finally although the remaining part of the game is a sort of cliched fantasy, it was still interesting. The sound effects help the score a lot here and I'm giving it a 5.

Suggestions: Play 'Eye of the tiger' music intermittently during the other quests (before and after the tournament) to reduce the boredom of walking around.

Map Design: 4-

Although the map design is better than a random map it left a lot to be desired. The paths through the forest had mixed terrain and eye candy however they could be improved with more elevations and better terrain blending. I didnt understand why the King's palace had ice. The arena also disappointed me with a bit of grass and road rather than dirt I would have expected, also there was no elevation advantage to be gained. Another thing to mention is that one of the pikemen stands directly behind a tree, you can only see his outline.

Story/Instructions: 4

The instructions are more or less adequate and I didn't have any problems with it. There is also a hints and history page, and a nice bitmap.
The story is humorous, comical and absolutely fitting for a scenario like this. Although Redbad had to miss the rock show, the music and sounds you added made it seem that I was getting both the rock show and the fighting :) It isn't epic or anything , which is why I' not giving it 5 , but it fits into the spirit of the scenario.

Additional Comments:
This is a good scenario. However it could be even better if you fix some stuff and follow some suggestions. Even as it is, download it and you will not regret it.

It's the eye of the tiger, it's the cream of the fight..
Risin' up to the challenge of our rival,
And the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night..
And he's watchin' us all in the eye of the tiger

The eye of the tiger...
File Author
Thankx for the review.

Some points to explain:
The ice in front of the king. It was supposed to look like a marble floor.

Balance. As I have told you, the thing ith the heavy units was to hit-and-run. The enemy units are slow so that could be used.

Long walks: I'll make an update with more music and fighting.
Airmaner strange... after i rescued theodora i came back to the gate and for some reason the townspeople attacked me! The pikemen easily killed me... why?

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Map Design4.0
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