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Persian campaign

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Version: The Conquerors
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 6
There was no campaign level in aoe II where you could play the Persians, so same as with the goths I decided to make a campaign myself. This is my second one so far. I hope you like it, and please leave comments.
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Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
I enjoyed playing this campaign, but not as much as I hoped or thought before. The Persian Campaign is about the defending and expansion of the Persian Empire, in an à la ES type of campaign. The gameplay varies from B&D to Fixed Force. The scenarios vary from one to another, but they're not of top notch quality. They can become repetative and there are only a few things that spice up it all.
Overall, this was a quite average campaign. Although it is something special playing these campaigns that makes you think fo the original ES campaigns, not everyone would enjoy it, much thanks to its extreme simplicity. I didnt find this as fun the second time as I did the first time, so a 3+ sums it up well.

The recourses are high and it's easy to win most of the scenarios. The enemies are quite strong, and it takes some time to beat it. But it's still quite simple overall, and I dont recall reloading even once. For a summary, it's still quite simple overall, but still there's some challenge. A weak 4.

There's sure some creative stuff in this campaign, but they're scattered over the six maps and they appear sparesly. there a damned town and such, and a few other things that makes the maps more interesting to play. They aren't much visible in all scenarios though, and it can feel quite boring from time to time roaming the map with not much happening.
As said before, these ES-esque campaigns aren't all too common, so thats a plus. That brings this to a 3-

The map is better than a random map, definately. There are many elevations and such, but the terrain variety and mixing could have been done much better. There is a little eye candy here and there but not much. A good point is that there are some special places here, like the cursed village and the dead island.

The story is quite average and very shallow. Some like these kind of stories, some dont. There was little depth in this one and the main focus was on the drive-out of saracens and turks, no characters or anything, just pure B&D and FF.
The thing bothering me most was that there was no clue of WHY the Persians wanted the relics in scenario 5 and it was as if it was added only to extend the campaign further.
So a 4.

OVERALL: A shallow ES-esque campaign

IN CLOSING: If you enjoyed the old campaigns, made especially for the game by Ensemble Studios, you will probably like this. If you can live with the very shallow story and unneccesary ending scenarios.

ADVISE: Make the campaign deeper and put more thought into the scenarios, dont make new scenarios only to be sure you have 6 scenarios is it. It's quality, not quantity.

OBSERVATIONS: The thing I found most annoying was that this is almost the same campaign as the Goth Campaign you made earlier, just with a new civilisation and a little different touch and terrain. It often feels like I'm playing a rather heavily modified version of the Goth Campaign. A carbon-copy, but with different theme, like it's still not same campaign but the gameplay, style and variety of missions and scenarios are spooky much like the Goth campaign.

[Edited on 07/28/07 @ 01:02 PM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
(This was great when it comes to units, well, not the ones you can use in the beggining but that you can aquire later on. But the part in the beggining where you can only advance to the Fuedal age held it back by a single star. If it were the castle age then it would have five stars in this category. Other than that the difficulty rating was not to hard, but not to easy. I do not like playing games that allow you to win without any effort. But I despize games that are to difficult to win.)

Balance: 4
(On the second scenario, the player in the game has three seperate cities. This is difficult because of the multitude of enemies surrounding the cities. You can not move easily to-and-fro. I understand this being good, but it is a tad overdone with the Turkish towns. Also, in the beggining of the campaign, your starting town is cramped in the walls, with barely any room to expand without excavating large quantities of trees. This is a trait that occasionaly triggers my anger. =D)

Creativity: 4
(I admire your landscaping abilities. But like previously mentioned, the first scenario was to cramped. Other than that, I enjoyed the trigger work and everything else.)

Map Design: 5
(All I have to say is... wow!)

Story/Instructions: 3
(I hate being critical, but you have lousy grammar. But one thing that is good is that you don't use foul language. I started downloading only yesterday and I have already spotted two foul language campaigns. The story line is good though. Also, your scouts were helpful, but your hints were pretty useless. Most people already know polo.)

Additional Comments:
Wonderful tirgger work! I am trying myself to learn triggers but I cant find many useful tutorials. Thanks for all your hard work! I can not wait for the vikings to come out!

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Map Design4.0
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