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Fight Against Fate - Prologue

Author File Description
Andanu T
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
This was supposed to be the prologue of my upcoming campaign, Fight Against Fate.

However, it's very unlikely that I'm going to continue this project. I'm planning to abandon it. I was beginning to dislike the whole story and the cutscene that is in my view, a bit messy. So, I had decided start over. But the campaign is submitted anyway, 'cause I don't want my hard work on finishing the campaign go to waste. I'm currently working on another project though, still on AOK:TC, with a whole different story.

I know that submitting a prologue of a campaign that's never going to be finished has been a trend for some people, these days. But perhaps if I get some good reviews and good responds from the community, I'll think about continuing the work in the future.

Here, you'll find:
- >500 triggers
- Many scenes
- Long (might be boring) dialogues
- About 30 minutes (more or less) long scenario
- Quite a large amount of units
- Poor English (I'm an Indonesian, so English is my second knowledge, and I don't really devote myself learning it well)

You're going to waste a good amount of time watching it, so I won't blame you if you get tired of it (I was, myself, having to playtest the whole scenario numerous times). Try getting some popcorns or turn on your favorite music while watching it to avoid boredom.

For more info about the campaign and myself (the author), please go to the link below:,,,all&st=0

Send an email to trisatya88(at)yahoo(dot) com or post a message in the thread above for questions or feedbacks.

Sorry for the grammar.

- Andanu Trisatya (forum name: Andanu T)
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
It is sad that this great 52 minutes cut-scene is another abandoned project.

It was impossible to unzip the sound file or to cut and paste it to the sound scenario folder. It never happened before to me, if someone knows how to fix that please send me a mail.
Andanu T
File Author
52 minutes? OMG. Really?! I never thought it would be that long!! 30 minutes was just my prediction... I never counted it accurately.

Uh oh. I hope the cutscene is enjoyable enough to brighten up the boredom...

About the sound file, Tanneur, I could just send it to you via e-mail, if you wish...

...and a review for this would be nice.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
This excellent prologue to an abandoned campaign has absolutely no glitches whatsoever. Plus, It is very enjoyable. I found that it was not boring at all.

Balance: 5
You fulfilled what you intended to do perfectly in this cut-scene. Because you never intended to include any fighting, you shouldn't get docked down for a lack of player controlled fighting.

Creativity: 4
You used many good trigger tricks and special effects. But what really brings this up is the story. The story was sheer awesomeness.

Map Design: 5
The map design also, was heavily detailed. From the seas during the sea battles to the valley where the final battle took place, everything was perfectly detailed.

Story/Instructions: 5
Quote from Angel Spineman:
"and if the story is really good, the rating can be a 5."
You score a five for this awesome piece of work.

Additional Comments:
It's a real shame that you won't be continuing this campaign. All that work to waste... It would make my day if you decided to continue this after finishing your current project.
vindicator7834 its corrupt. it doesnt extract or something
Official Reviewer

It works now, if you were one of the first 20 downloads and had problems unzipping the music file download again. It is a much better experience to play the cut-scene with the music file.
Andanu T
File Author
Yes, I really am sorry for the inconvenience. If you don't mind, would you please download again? It's only about 2.6 megabytes, so I guess it won't take too long.

The scenario was intended to be played on Normal speed. However, if you can't stand the slow pace of the dialogues, you can play it on Fast, though if you're unlucky you might encounter a bug.
vindicator7834 Just watched it... You are a God of AoK.

Please make many more scenarios or cut-scenes it doesn't matter!

[Edited on 06/24/07 @ 07:15 PM]

Andanu T
File Author
Thanks for the review, Whackalicious! This cutscene doesn't deserve such a high score.
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
This might not be a very long review, but I think I summed it up in quite few sentenses.

This 53 minutes long cut-scene is the longest one I've ever seen! Starting off with a scene that has nothing to do with the rest of the cut-scene (although one can guess where it enters the picture), and continuing with a long, exciting story, the prologue to Fight Against Fate is a masterpiece.
I enjoyed this cut-scene a lot. 53 minutes of action, epic adventure and great nature, now that's what I call quality. The only thing that stops me from giving this a 5+ is the bug that appears from time to time, in the scene where the village prepares itself for Zegrevia's attack. Apart from this, there are no bugs or anything stopping this from getting a 5.

Since this is a plain cut-scene, i.e. a cut-scene with no playable elements and no places where you can lose, the review guidelines say that this - and all other cut-scenes of same manor - gets an automatic 5.

I dont quite agree with the previous reviewer, Whackalicious. Yes, the story is the best part of this cut-scene, but I still found it very creative, both as a whole and in closing. First off, the theme is new to my knowledge. Magic and epic wars and struggle isn't, but the way it's used in this cut-scene is unique. The authour also uses a good way to display the dialogue by adding new text to the previous lines of text, making it easy to know what to read and also that it doesn't give the player huge ammounts of text in one piece.
As said, the authour uses many good trigger tricks to make this cut-scene great. I dont see any reason to deduct points here, really. So a 5.

The map design was, in one word, awesome. The cut-scene mixes scenes with snowy landscapes, isles and valleys, cities, villages, and even indoors scenes. The terrain is well mixed and it really looks marvelous when you watch it. The only thing that I can point out to be less good is the cave scene. I dont really get why the whole cave has been covered in road. Apart from that, which is a very short part of this cut-scene, the map design is marvelous. So a 5- describes it best.

For instructions, there are very few, but there is no real need for instructions, apart from the settings you're supposed to have, since it's simply a cut-scene that you just watch and never touch the mouse.
For the story, well what can I say? Whackalicious had a simple way of putting it, and I think I'd do best in doing it the same way, since I dont want to tell the reader all too much about the story! The story is awesome, one of the most unique experienses I've had. And since the review guidelines say that if a story is simply awesome, it can or should get a 5, then why wouldn't I give it? A clear 5 is my score here, and the overall score is the same.
Official Reviewer
A great cut-scene, epic in proportion, entertaining for fifty minutes and a good story, told from the perspective of an old man to his grandchildren. I particularly enjoyed the portrayal of the futility of the war, its senseless loss of life and the two mages who would not give in. The cut-scene ends very nicely, and leaves the viewer wanting to see more. Good work!

I, too, however am sad that we will never see the sequel for this cut-scene. Once more a piece of art will go down as just another project with no ending. I do hope you can one day get the interest again to complete it. I want to know more!

[Edited on 06/24/07 @ 06:26 AM]

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