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Fight Against Fate - Prologue

Author File Description
Andanu T
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
This was supposed to be the prologue of my upcoming campaign, Fight Against Fate.

However, it's very unlikely that I'm going to continue this project. I'm planning to abandon it. I was beginning to dislike the whole story and the cutscene that is in my view, a bit messy. So, I had decided start over. But the campaign is submitted anyway, 'cause I don't want my hard work on finishing the campaign go to waste. I'm currently working on another project though, still on AOK:TC, with a whole different story.

I know that submitting a prologue of a campaign that's never going to be finished has been a trend for some people, these days. But perhaps if I get some good reviews and good responds from the community, I'll think about continuing the work in the future.

Here, you'll find:
- >500 triggers
- Many scenes
- Long (might be boring) dialogues
- About 30 minutes (more or less) long scenario
- Quite a large amount of units
- Poor English (I'm an Indonesian, so English is my second knowledge, and I don't really devote myself learning it well)

You're going to waste a good amount of time watching it, so I won't blame you if you get tired of it (I was, myself, having to playtest the whole scenario numerous times). Try getting some popcorns or turn on your favorite music while watching it to avoid boredom.

For more info about the campaign and myself (the author), please go to the link below:,,,all&st=0

Send an email to trisatya88(at)yahoo(dot) com or post a message in the thread above for questions or feedbacks.

Sorry for the grammar.

- Andanu Trisatya (forum name: Andanu T)
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Andanu T
File Author
Actually, I really suck at the actual gameplay of AOK. So, it would be very wrong to call me the God of AOK. Neither you should call me the God of cutscene. Such title is more appropiate to be given to those who are more worthy to attain it, like Mashek, for instance. Keep in mind though, nobody's perfect.

Thanks for the warm comments, everyone! The more I realize this scenario isn't one to be underestimated and left behind, the more interest I get to continue it. We'll see.
Great cutscene, just one question; how did you make the explosions? I wanted to add something like that in my own campaign, but I couldn't figure it out..
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Well, you could always make it a few hours of cut-scene. I'd appretiate it at least :)
Andanu T
File Author
For the smallest explosion, just use a trigger to create a petard / saboteur, then kill the unit by using another trigger.
For a bigger explosion, use a Demolition Ship instead, but you will see the sinking animation of the ship.
For the biggest explosion, use a Macaw / Hawk instead.

Lord Basse:
Yeah, but I wouldn't appreciate the huge loss of time I'll get from playtesting it. :)
Oh, and I'm still waiting for your review, by the way!

Good news, guys... I'm now making the first scenario of the campaign.
You can figure out what that means. :)
smahlt So, you're going to make this campaign?

You've got my download.
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
The review is posted since a few days. It should pop up as soon as Tanneur has approved it, or when I've fixed the problems in it when Tanneur sends his mail about them, if there are any.
Andanu T
File Author

@Lord Basse:
All right. Guess I'll have to be more patient.
Official Reviewer
It seemed a pretty good cutscene, but at around 38 min or so Karlos (the blue huskarl) was killed by the other guy, and then it didn't continue. I waited for 4-5 min, but nothing happened. I played on fast. Perhaps there's a bug?
Andanu T
File Author
The campaign was set that the Red Teutonic Knight wins the fight. If the Blue Huskarl gets to win, the game won't continue. (it happened once in my playtest, but unfortunately, I forgot to fix it...)

But in your case, I guess it's a common bug caused by fast speed. Try replaying the game on Normal, if you can even stand the slow pace.

Sorry for the buggy campaign, folks.. I was rushed to complete the work in the end, so I spent too little time for bug corrections.
Official Reviewer
Ok, it worked on normal speed. On fast the red guy was killed, on normal the blue guy was. Btw he was a twohanded swordsman, not a teutonic knight. You should give him some more HP to make sure anyhow ;) However in most of the battles, red guys kept winning and then dying. I think you should fix this, it looks unrealistic.

I liked the story very much, although the first part with the warriors and imps did not seem to be connected to the main story. Although it goes on for nearly 1 hr I watched it twice. Hope you continue the scenario.
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