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Fight Against Fate - Prologue

Author File Description
Andanu T
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
This was supposed to be the prologue of my upcoming campaign, Fight Against Fate.

However, it's very unlikely that I'm going to continue this project. I'm planning to abandon it. I was beginning to dislike the whole story and the cutscene that is in my view, a bit messy. So, I had decided start over. But the campaign is submitted anyway, 'cause I don't want my hard work on finishing the campaign go to waste. I'm currently working on another project though, still on AOK:TC, with a whole different story.

I know that submitting a prologue of a campaign that's never going to be finished has been a trend for some people, these days. But perhaps if I get some good reviews and good responds from the community, I'll think about continuing the work in the future.

Here, you'll find:
- >500 triggers
- Many scenes
- Long (might be boring) dialogues
- About 30 minutes (more or less) long scenario
- Quite a large amount of units
- Poor English (I'm an Indonesian, so English is my second knowledge, and I don't really devote myself learning it well)

You're going to waste a good amount of time watching it, so I won't blame you if you get tired of it (I was, myself, having to playtest the whole scenario numerous times). Try getting some popcorns or turn on your favorite music while watching it to avoid boredom.

For more info about the campaign and myself (the author), please go to the link below:,,,all&st=0

Send an email to trisatya88(at)yahoo(dot) com or post a message in the thread above for questions or feedbacks.

Sorry for the grammar.

- Andanu Trisatya (forum name: Andanu T)
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Andanu T
File Author
@ Sword of Storm:
Yeah. I meant the THS, not TK. You're right. I was going to make the Red guy's HP higher, but I forgot due to the rush of completing the scenario (see my previous post). The fact is, normal speed is more (although not 100%) bug-free than fast speed.

Anyway, the reason why he died was he had lost too much blood from the fight, even though he suceed in slaying his opponent. On the moment he realized he was the winner, he passed out.(yeah, I know that how none of the Red and Blue soldiers survived the battle was unrealistic... but that's the point. It's a curse.)

The first scene was supposed to be the final scene of the campaign, where the two rune bearer get to fight each other (see the thread for details). The entire campaign will be the flashback of what had happened before the scene. (notice the "some years ago" text after that scene) I included the scene for a purpose to make viewers wondering about it, and then, they'll be curious to know what'll happen next. :)

Thanks for your comment!

[Edited on 06/30/07 @ 06:50 PM]

Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
'Fight Against Fate' is an epic cut-scene running for fifty-two minutes, and introduces a compelling yet ultimately unfinished tale. The story is fiction and captures the night a grandpa tells his grandchildren a sad tale of the Elemental Domination. It was a time not two hundred years before his time when two powerful rulers vied for unchallenged hegemony across the Archipelago lands.

PLAYABILITY: For a scenario where you're not expected to do much else other than to sit back and watch, 'Fight Against Fate' was for me personally a purely enjoyable experience. If you enjoy good story-telling and of course have no short amount of patience then this is definitely for you. The cut-scene features a strong storyline backed by complex themes and characters. You were left wanting to know what happened next when it was all finally over. No detail was spared, and we were never left with questions needlessly unanswered, but still with a few to keep the story pondering. The music used for the cut-scene was quite another thing. It flowed so well with the story line and the dialogue that I found myself caring for the small pixelated characters on-screen. This is an epic tale, and I believe a must watch. 5+

PACING: The overall flow of this cut-scene was very well-balanced, and each scene progressed as intended, without fault or hindrance to my experience. 5

CREATIVITY: While the epic tale might be interpreted as cliche to some, it is however very well implemented on-sceen. The nature of a war fought by use of magic was new to me as fire erupted through the ranks of battle lines. Units attacking air also gave the impression of casting spells. The story is certainly the most interesting feature here, and backed by the excellent choice of music and creative trigger work, I feel there is enough done to warrant a perfect rating. 5

MAP DESIGN: The map design was overall very good, with above average use of terrain mixing, elevation and Gaia. I liked the change of scenery: forests, underground caverns, palace interiors, villages and battlefields, complimented by the stunning use of music. The interior of Zegrevia's palace was unique with statues, rugs and fortified walls acting as building walls, but perhaps a little too unrealistic with a pavilion replacing a throne. There were a few other aspects of the map design which weren't quite right, and others such as the underground corridor were bland and required more attention to detail. 4

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: The most prominent feature of the cut-scene. This is an epic, in-depth story with nearly an hour's viewing time. There were some spelling inconsistencies and some unrealistic dialogue, but in general nothing that detracted from my experience. 5-

CONCLUSION: A few final polishes would benefit the cut-scene a lot, but the author has nonetheless created a stunningly-detailed cut-scene. 'Fight Against Fate' looks set to be another epic to hit the Blacksmith, that is providing the author continues with it. The characters are complex and interesting, and the story is so well told that it has a genuine feel to it. After fifty minutes of rare story telling I am left hungering for more.

In a sentence - An epic in every sense of the word.

In closing - A must download!

[Edited on 07/27/20 @ 04:37 PM]

Andanu T
File Author
Many thanks for your review, Mashek! That was so accurate, detailed and in-depth, that I'm beginning to notice that your explanation for the campaign is much better, much more informative and interesting than the author's itself. :)

I really appreciate your effort on it.

Just want to note, in the beginning scene, when Athalus' soul (inside the runestone beared my the samurai) said something like "Her aura is getting stronger", he was referring 'her' to Zegrevia's soul. The character mentioned "he's waiting for me", in which 'he' refers to the person who bears the soul.

Hope I explained it well.

[Edited on 07/05/07 @ 02:52 AM]

Official Reviewer
Okay, sorry about that Andanu. I suppose I was confused because the dialogue being spoken was by unnamed characters, represented either by a blank space or question marks. This made it a bit hard to determine who was talking, apart from the colour codes I suppose. Perhaps it could have been a bit clearer, or maybe I just need to switch my brain on. :-p
Andanu T
File Author
Since I've never been a fan of colored texts, you'll have to excuse me for that. :)
John Mendl Very good long interesting cutscene. Map Design is very good and impressive. I liked the fact that a very good portion of the map is used with good detail.

The first few minutes featured some samurai and group, I didn't much understand how it is linked to the rest of the story. Also there are sort of supernatural destruction in the story which is not to my taste.

Overall very good work.
Andanu T
File Author
Thank you for the comment, John Mendl.

Indeed, the very first scene is not at all related to the historical cut-scene. It was supposed to be the final scene of the campaign, and in the prologue the story goes back a couple of years ago, a flashback of what happened before that scene.
Official Reviewer
Hmm, I thought it was the boy's brother whom he mentioned had gone off into the world. That would have been better in my opinion, the notion that his brother had gone evil and in search of power, of course against his family's knowledge, and in the future the younger brother would have to face him. But it still sounds cool. Hope you get a sequel up one day.
Andanu T
File Author
Though I already do have a story, it's not impossible that it can change in the process. I'll note your opinion, Mashek.
Hambone2010 So many cutscenes;could people start making actual scenarios.What happened to good scenarios like Ingo used to make and scenarios employing the Mark Criningoj (spelling?) system.Yours is one of the better cutscenes but it has been along time since a good scenario came out.It seems like some of the scenarios rated highly are crap compared to some of the older ones.
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