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Fight Against Fate - Prologue

Author File Description
Andanu T
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
This was supposed to be the prologue of my upcoming campaign, Fight Against Fate.

However, it's very unlikely that I'm going to continue this project. I'm planning to abandon it. I was beginning to dislike the whole story and the cutscene that is in my view, a bit messy. So, I had decided start over. But the campaign is submitted anyway, 'cause I don't want my hard work on finishing the campaign go to waste. I'm currently working on another project though, still on AOK:TC, with a whole different story.

I know that submitting a prologue of a campaign that's never going to be finished has been a trend for some people, these days. But perhaps if I get some good reviews and good responds from the community, I'll think about continuing the work in the future.

Here, you'll find:
- >500 triggers
- Many scenes
- Long (might be boring) dialogues
- About 30 minutes (more or less) long scenario
- Quite a large amount of units
- Poor English (I'm an Indonesian, so English is my second knowledge, and I don't really devote myself learning it well)

You're going to waste a good amount of time watching it, so I won't blame you if you get tired of it (I was, myself, having to playtest the whole scenario numerous times). Try getting some popcorns or turn on your favorite music while watching it to avoid boredom.

For more info about the campaign and myself (the author), please go to the link below:,,,all&st=0

Send an email to trisatya88(at)yahoo(dot) com or post a message in the thread above for questions or feedbacks.

Sorry for the grammar.

- Andanu Trisatya (forum name: Andanu T)
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Andanu T
File Author
I don't agree with you. If you could mention one crappy scenario which was overrated, please do so, because I fail to see things from your perspective. I even think that the 5s nowadays are much better than the great classics.

Thanks for the comment anyway! I'm making the sequel at the moment, so don't worry. It won't be just another wasted project, I assure you.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
This cutscene is one of the best I have ever seen. All the 53 minutes were almost perfect, with a gripping story, epic battles to see and good background music.

Balance: 5
Scenarios without fighting get a 5 here.

Creativity: 5
There is no number that indicates how much creativity, new ideas and original tricks were stuffed into this cutscene. Spell-casting mages, epic wars, everything was in there.

Map Design: 5
The map design was very realistic with excellent eye-candy and perfect terrain mixing. Andanu T masters lots of eyecandy-tricks and certainly is one of the best map-designers on AoK Heaven, but not the best.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story was perfect. It tells about the fight between two kingdoms who are equals in might. They both conquer small lands and both get destroyed in the end. A lot of small side-things , e.g the actual story is told by an old man to his grandchildren.

Additional Comments:
A must download. Just click that button! It's worth your time. Probably one of the best cutscenes in the Blacksmith.

[Edited on 06/05/08 @ 01:12 PM]

Andanu Trisatya Thanks for your generous review, Cilibinarii. Now I can enjoy an .1 increase in score. ;)
Trisatya A remake for this is coming soon, featuring:

- revamped dialogues (they're still long and time-consuming, though)
- additional scenes (to ensure that this remains the longest cinematic ever)
- omitted soundtrack (replaced by a number of standalone tracks accompanying each scene)
- less waiting time between when a dialogue finishes and another one pops up
- revamped map design (this cinematic was created 4 years ago, I was really bad at it)
- a new title for the project
- more popcorns might be compulsory!

[Edited on 09/10/11 @ 07:48 PM]

Official Reviewer
Hey Andan, that is very good news. I will be looking forward to this. Will this be a complete remake (it sounds like it is, more or less) or an actual update?
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
Before starting my review, I have to state that this is my favorite AOK cutscene ever, and one of the reasons why I started designing in AOK in the first place. I will be trying to leave that aside however, in order to make this review as objective as possible.

"Fight against Fate - Prologue" is quite possibly the best blacksmith debut ever. I don't think there are many designers on here that have a first submission of this quality. It is an epic one-hour cutscene scenario featuring a very engaging story, good map design and a lot of impressively creative moments.

Playability: 4+
I would normally not enjoy a cutscene this long, but the story is much too intriguing and well told to even think of quitting or even pausing the game once you start playing it. The music accompanying it is also great, and very fitting (up to the point where if you hear the song in the real world you will automatically associate it with this scenario), but the looping of the track makes it get old by the end of the 52 minutes, as by that point the player has already heard it at least 3 times. However, this does not interfere too much with the enjoyment of the cutscene. All scenes added up to the story and the plot, but in all fairness some of them could be shortened, some dialogues' duration especially, in order to increase the playability of the file.

Balance: 5
As this is a cutscene scenario, the balance category should judge the general flow and technical aspects of the cutscene, which in this case are top-notch. There were no weird or awkward moments that sometimes occur during this kind of scenarios, and taking into account its duration, that is quite an achievement. Most of the time you will just forget you are playing Age of kings, you will mostly feel like watching a movie with an immersing plot. Popcorn is indeed a welcome presence.

Creativity: 5
The creative elements used are not necessarily unique, but what makes them really stand out is the great ways in which they are used, so in tune with the story itself. The wizards' spells and the sinking island are only the first two examples that come to mind, and that add so much to the storytelling. There are a lot of other "little things", such as the pikeman opening the gate for his queen. However, the most creative aspect is the story itself, which skillfully evades the clichees of the genre, while keeping at the same time the feeling of something we've heard before, a great myth from ages past.

Map Design: 5-
Even though the map was designed some 4 years ago, and its designer has obviously improved his skills since then, this design still comes off as beautiful and well detailed, adding a whole new layer to the epic atmosphere set up by the story. The only part of it that I'm not particularly a fan of and that I think would be worth improving a little is the dungeon in the beginning, which was not poorly designed, but still a little basic.

Story/Instructions: 5
This is by far the best part of the cutscene. The story is very well set-up, and the whole idea of having a story inside a story (the grandfather telling the tale to his grandsons) makes it all the more enjoyable, making the watcher feel as though he is part of the world in which the events of the game are happening. And the story itself is very, very well crafted. Haven't seen many blacksmith submissions with so much care and inspiration put into the story, as a matter of fact I haven't really come across any surpassing it, which is why, even though it is not complete and only a prologue at this point, i feel that it fully deserves the 5 rating for this category. Also, there were no real language or spelling problems to talk about, which for a non-native speaker and for a cinematic of this duration, is a very good and uncommon thing.

Additional Comments:
How about turning this into a campaign, Andan? I know you were planning it and I sincerely hope it happens, because I know it would be one of the best things on here. My personal suggestion (which you can of course brush aside if you want) is not to focus too much on improving this cutscene, which is already very good, and focusing on the rest of the project, which I very much look forward to.

This is a MUST download for anyone who enjoys AOK cutscenes. It doesn't really get much better than this.
Trisatya @Mash: Basically it would be an update, not a complete remake. Though it'll come under a different title.

@Panel: Thank you very much for the nice review! I've just read it. I'm glad that this cinematic managed to spur your interest to start designing, as you're now one of the best designers our beloved AoKH has to offer. :D

Regarding this project, yes, that will happen, but not so soon though. I'm currently focusing my mind on finishing XXXIII, but someday I might resume this project. ;)

[Edited on 11/01/11 @ 11:35 PM]

Whoracle *never mind.

[Edited on 02/13/13 @ 03:10 AM]

D4Ra4Aracks111 another unfinished project!. ayolah cerita bagus tpi gk ada lanjutanya. [transl: come on a good story but not a sequel] it's very dishonoured.

[Edited on 05/29/16 @ 07:56 AM]

D4, I know you're aware of the rules in regard to posting in another language. Please include a translation from now on.
- Blacksmith administrator
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