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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » The Siege of Medieburg - 1297

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The Siege of Medieburg - 1297

Author File Description
John Mendl
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Build and Destroy
Hi, This is my first submission. This is about Puddu, a soldier who starts his revenge against injustice. Designed for level MODERATE, this is one of the best scenarios I have made. I enjoy playing it again and again but none (including me) have won it. It requires great Age of Empires skill to win it, I am sure. I am not giving much information here, download it and see. It will be enjoyable although it doesnot have lots of triggers. Please write your view about this scenario. If you want, you can email it to I thank those who download this scenario.
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laz123 You want a comment on a game that's impossible to beat. Nice try.
vindicator7834 very fun, indead hard to beat but i was able.
the way i did things: first i made it to the town, build up and went to the imperial age, from there i took my starting army+ a couple knights and archers and 3 trebuchets and knocked out the snow guards, pretty easy, after that i started to attack and pick off that small green teuton town but it cost me alot of money since i had to use many troops and iddnt waste money on upgrades lol. by that time the grey town was almost wiped out by the yellowand red guys so i decided to attack the purple guys since i just massacred there whole army(gurilla warfare ftw, never attack me ;) ) i was able to knock them out pretty easily since they had no walls and from there on i sent my main army to attack yellow and a couple seige weapons to start breaching orange's walls. grey was just knocked out and red+ yellow were coming back to face my main army but i had about 10 scorpions attacking them as they walked so it knocked alot of them out. by this time i had wiped out a good 3-% of the ywllow guys and all red and yellow's main army.i sent my reinforcements to help seige orange, after this i took out yellow really quickly and moved my main army + a couple reinforcements onto red. by this time i was almost at the wonder in orange base and my troops were really only attacking red to draw there main army to stop attacking me. after this i just started shooting up the wonder with a couple trebuchets and eventully it fell. very fun and very hard game if i wasnt to lazy to post a review i would give it 4.5/5. i look foward to seeing MANY more scenario's from you
tyler_t_rocks This hasto be the single hardest campaign to beat it took me 2hrs just to knock out all the players except orange then it took a nother hour to finsh.This is a must download for everyone.
laz123 I must be getting old, or too bored with B & D.
John Mendl
File Author
vindicator7834, Thanks for your explanation of how you won, just one doubt, did you choose moderate difficulty? Or did you choose standard or hard. Standard might be somewhat easy, I havnt played hard. If you have played standard, play and see moderate. It will be challenging.

tyler_t_rocks, same question, if you played standard, try moderate it will be challenging.
vindicator7834 i played it on hard..... -.-
Mazzarin OH ****


Its a good campaing but very hard, I PLAYED A 3 HOURS OF A GAME AND NOW i lost because the paddu have bem killed, but omg,i changed the place of my base,i destroyed the blue VERY faster with some battering ram in the start,maybe you build this is very good in thestart , so, i need flee and goto region of blue, but i forgot the paddu inside the castle...

and my beautiful new city with bombards tower and walls...

(note:i dont save my game this time)

3 hours later,they have discovered he and...

but its one of most hard campaing since macbeth.

one day will end this camaing,one day...

[Edited on 06/22/07 @ 11:17 PM]

John Mendl
File Author
Vindicator 7834,
If you played hard, wasn't it so so tough? Did all the enemies group together and attack you with lot and lot of army? I am asking you this since this is what happens when my brother play it. He pushing so hard but the enemy is coming non-stop and at one point the game is lost. Who was the FIERCEST enemy when you played the campaign?
John Mendl
File Author

For some stupid reason, MODERATE is tougher than HARD in this scenario. I want everyone to play moderate since this scenario is designed for moderate. In moderate the enemies attack earlier and have more sense. If once you tried hard, test and quit two times or more with moderate since suddenly changing from hard to moderate maynot change to moderate behaviour. Play and win MODERATE and I am sure that you are great AOE player.
Official Reviewer
That explains, I played moderate and won after hours of good game play.
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