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Downloads Home » Multiplayer Scenarios » LotR Big Map- hannibal V41

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LotR Big Map- hannibal V41

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
Number of players: 7-8
Hi, i hope lots of you play this map and many get interested in it. This map was created by FG_Leader2 from the zone and edited by HannibalAnd1. both are inactive but i got permission by Leader to post it via MSN messenger. We (the LotR community) have been playing this map for about 3-4 years. recently we have been editing it with small changes for balance and better gameplay. this is an older version of the map so it may be a bit unbalanced. the reason i have chose this map was mainly it has hints that pop-up as messages during the game. we actually took them out with the recent edits cause we all know what to do :p. I will post our edits if enough of you are interested but they will not have the hints in game... but like i said, they will be a bit fairer and maybe less laggy.

SO! About the map...
P1= Gondor(teuts)team1
P2= Hobbits(franks)team1
P3= Elves(britons)team1
P4= Easterlings(persians)team2
P5= Isengard(goths)team2
P6= Dwarves(vikes)team1
P7= Mordor(celts)team2
P8= Rohan(huns)team1
some players have more than one base
Don't let the 5v3 throw you off. Team 2 (baddies) have a lot more good units than team1 (goodies).
Hmm, what else... there is much to say but i dont want to overwhelm you.
The main goals are as follows;
goodies: get either FRODO, SAM, or BILBO to Mt. Doom in Red's main base to have an outright victory. (Frodo and Sam start in rivendel, and Bilbo at Bag End)
baddies: kill FRODO, SAM, and BILBO to end the game in your favor. you also win by just killing everything.

some hints and tactics...
If you look at the map, the Blue base of Lorien is a nice place to attack from the baddie point of view. It cuts the goodie forces in half. if you can also hold Moria till you get reinforcements there, you can eliminate the easters forces of the goodies, about 1/3 of their units. If you can do this, you make things a lot easier on yourself. Blue, Purp, and Teal should either try to hold Lorien or all out attack Moria, bridging your northern forces to the south is key.
Baddies may also attack Gondor but it is well fortified. Orange is at a bit of a disadvantage against Grey so Yello may need to aid him.
****don't lose archers for they do not respawn****
a meat wall of infantry with archers behind is an effective way to taking out mass troops, and sniping other teams' archers.

One more note- it says 7-8 players because it is possible to give player 2 to another player at the start if you only have 7 players (just comp it and dlt the proper fish trap in left corner). be careful with giving players with large amounts of troops left... it will crash if theres too many

Well those are just helpful hints but have fun playing however the hell u want!
if you wanna play with me and my friends
add me on MSN- ... or just email me
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File Author
I will be gone for a week, but look for a recorded game for this map.
Looking forward to what u guys think... though I bet some of you have alredy seen this map.
Dantares IV Where can I get this map? I want it! I must say though, won't the lag be really bad? I soo wish I knew how to use the zone so I could join in this great game sometime. O well...
Fattybryce I remember this map, I use to play a few years back as well. Still got it to. The lag is horrible , but it's still a good game.
JOLT_Hulkhogan I am a regular play of this map as Beleg (B) knows. And i, as well as many others have played this map for many years and we still haven't gotten bored of it. Once you start getting good at it its more fun than almos any thing. And as for the lag, well it does lag if ppl are using other programs or have bad internet connection. But usally the lag is little cause we all close everything when we play it. So anyone who used to play this or would like to start playing dont hesitate to join us when we play on xfire. My x-fire: iamhulkhogan

[Edited on 07/04/07 @ 02:47 PM]

JOLT_Hulkhogan This is a really fun map, i and many others have played it for over 5 years. And as for some of u who asks if it still lags like crazy. Well we have edited so much that the lag is very little most games. Ocasionally it does lag alot if someone has bad connection.
Dantares IV Hey, could you send it to me?
File Author
yes i will send you the map. if you want to play, add me to any chat tool you have (aim, xfire or msn)
yes it can be laggy, but most of us that play still dont lag much... the more recent versions also have units removed like most of the regular units garrisoned in towers and stuff like that. as long as your computer is decent, you should be fine
Official Reviewer
You can include both versions in your .zip file. Just explain the differences in your description.
File Author
Ahh, that is good to know. I will post another version soon i think. Currently there is a version 20 edit of this map being worked on. I will post it most likely as it haz some interesting changes.
LC_Pupitre it is a very good map, but these lotrs players go little crazy with their strategies, i always jsut want to rush in with my eles and pwn...u know =] dl it :D
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