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Wrath of The Dark Lord (Bug Fix v1)

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 3
Wrath of The Dark Lord

» Story

March 1,1434: It started off just as any other day in the Empire of Ranoroc Holy Wizard. The people were tending to their gardens and chores, children were running and playing all around the town, bakers were baking, the blacksmiths were pounding and shaping weapons and armor, and all was going well.

Until out of nowhere a large and furious army appeared. They were lead by The Dark Lord. They had some kind of evil within them, some kind of powerful dark magic that drove them to fight and kill fearlessly and without remorse. His fearless fighters caused utter havoc on the town.

They destroyed anything that was in there way they killed women and even children. While all this was going on the Dark Lord was casting a powerful hypnosis on Ranoroc, Ranoroc tried not to give in but it was too much. With Ranoroc under his control and out of his worries he went after the real reason he was there, The Power Gauntlet.

The town’s people of Matheas formed the Power Gauntlet many years ago in honor of the High Wizard Shalgort who had defeated a strange demon filled with the same evil as the Dark Lord and his Warriors. Little did they know that the Gauntlet they had constructed had an enormous amount of power. The Gauntlet has been passed down many years until it has reached Ranoroc.

The Dark Lord easily found the Gauntlet and took it from the pedestal on which it was sitting. With the Town in ruins and Ranoroc heavily hypnotized the Dark Lord left the smoldering ashes of the town.

Then using the power of the Gauntlet he teleported Ranoroc to a prison he then used the Gauntlet to power it. He then set off for the Wizard of Fire. He arrived there 2 days later on March 3,1434.

Once they arrived he cast a Meteor Spell that he had acquired from the Power Gauntlet. Many building were destroyed and people struck dead instantly. After that he cast the same hypnosis on the Wizard of Fire that he did on Ranoroc and transported him to the prison also.

The other five Wizards were taken in the same fashion as the first two. Once all the Wizards were in the prison they had one last hope.

That hope was you!! A fearless warrior who was the son of Shalgort who had once seen this very evil. The Wizards used the last of there power to summon you to a spot just outside of a small town called Eoden.

» Features

» High level of realism
» Buy food at markets
» Food Consumption
» Taunt based Weapon Equipping
» Taunt based item use
» Click to talk
» Find Weapons and items or buy and equip them
» Spell casting in Real Time
» Training to get stronger
» Side Quests
» Custom sound pack
» Control more than one character
» 3 cut scenes
» Advanced Eye candy and Terrain Mixing
» Starve and die if you run out of food
» Instant kill traps
» Ability to enter buildings
» Mini bosses that offer non stop action
» Entering passwords to get to certain areas
» Magic power system, certain spells cost mp to use
» Fighting System similar to Final Fantasy
» Item use in battle
» Secret locations
» Sleep at Inns and Camp sites

» Sound Pack

08/10/08 The .Zip includes all sound files.

» Installation Instructions

1.) Unzip the File using Winzip
2.) Place the Campaign into you Aok:Tc Campaign Folder
3.) Place the AI files into your Aok:Tc AI folder
4.) Put the Sounds into your Aok:Tc Sound Folder

» Designers Note

You must put the AI’s into your AI folder, even if you have downloaded the earlier version. The AI’s have been updated.

Send any bugs, comments, or suggestions to me.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
Playability: I found in this cpn that the playability was Terrific, why here are several reasons. You have two markets you can constantly buy food from, the Town of Eoden and The Falkanesh Empire. You also receive 100 food once you destroy Dark Lord's town, as well as 50 gold from this town....but you do have to destroy the entire town. I enjoyed this Campaign tremendously, yes it challenges you, but if you are a decent player then you can beat the Dark Lord ;)
Healing, do this any where you can on the map....I used towers, TC's, Monk's and Castles to be healed. You should shoot every deer, boar and wolf you can, the wolf skins can be sold for gold. The taunts all work and whatever you do save often lol.

Balance: If you do everything right then you will get MP and HP increase's. Do not worry if you run out of Magic Power or MP's, as you can still win without it.You will need to do all you can to get your HP's and MP's, believe me. Otherwise I found the balance to be perfect.

Creativity: This author thrilled me with his creativity. I haven't seen a campaign like this since the early day's of AOK, Dark Warrior used everything brilliantly and with expertise. His use of many taunts and items, that all do different things, makes this a joy to play. Some things will heal you, some will give you a constant flow of MP.

Map Design: In this area Dark Warrior showed his versatility. You have gorgeous mountains, snow, burned patches of ground, explosions, and much more. Needless to say that this is map that utilizes everything. It is a beautiful map for all of us.

Story/Instructions: The story is well thought out, the instructions are very clear, unless for some reason you do not understand decent instructions, then this is a must download for all.

In short, this Campaign is a Must download for all. There are no bad points in this campaign, thank you Dark Warrior for a very refreshing Cpn. This author hasn't had this much in a very long time. Now d/l it everyone ;)

Total Score: 4.8
Map Design5.0
All that is sayable about this campaign is "wow."

Playability: It's very, very well-done. You only control one or two guys through most of the scenario, but they can get several powerups and some special magic things.

Balance: Very good. I had to redo a few parts more than once b/c I had to use one of my magical skills and I didn't want to, but I finally figured out how to get by.

Creativity: If it could get more than a 5, it woul... very ingenious in both map design creativity and story creativity. The idea for the campaign was very well-done, even the history behind the campaign was good enough to be its own campaign. The idea for the items menu was quite cool too.

Map Design... phenomenal... very well done and it changes, from cities flooding to flaming swamps, this map really has it all.

Story... as said above... top-notch
Demolition Ship Captain
Map Design5.0
Playability: it was fun to play but all the tributes were extreamly irritating, instead of making the MP thing try to send blank chats to clear out the you have recieved 2 stone tribute, make Player 1 (the player) send a NEGATIVE tribute to gaia or another player (same thing as negative damage or negative change HP, just copy/paste the negative sign). Same for all the deer/boar/wolf/etc tributes.

Balance: Possible to win, but also possible to lose

Creativity: First time i seen this kinda stuff being used (battle thing, etc..)

Map Design: Map looked nice and was well utilized

Story/Instructions: you were told exactly what to do and the story was constant and not boring.

OVERALL it was a good game to play, just a few minor things could use a tweak (like the tributes)

Suggestions for the future:
IF you wanna copy the FF Battle system, you can create palisade walls in the "battle arena" and task units thru it, those units will be the timers that decide who gets to make their move. Like if a unit gets to attack often, you can task a hussar thru it, but if a unit has say a slow but powerful attack, it gets a ram. When 1 unit gets to the end, the others are frozen and whoever is represented by that time-bar makes their move. Then the moves for that character is displayed and he gets to make his move. this way the player can make 1 attack for each character he has, and the enemy can do the same for theirs.
Map Design5.0
This campaign was pretty good, although some improvements could be made.

The campaign itself was pretty fun to play, but there were a few parts that did not tie along well with the story (like the gatekeeper).

The game seemed a bit easy to me, and I played it on Hardest. Perhaps harder creatures, or don't let the player upgrade their weapons as much.

The combat system should have been used more. I really enjoyed it.

Map Design:
Cliffs, water, trees, and even the landscape in general were great.

Alot of the objectives had nothing to do with the storyline. A simple OPTIONAL would be good...I'm not sure if you have to complete those or not to finish, though.

All in all, a great campaign. Worth the download.
Map Design5.0
Your campaign is excellent. It inspired me to put a taunt based system in my own campaign. Also,your campaign has no bugs that I could think of,and has an excelent level of playability. The only bad thing was that sometimes it was either too difficult or too hard. example:The boss fights (too easy) Fighting the Dark Lord Followers that are blocking the road to Falikanesh:Too difficult (this is because the dog gets turned into dog skin ribbons if it tries to attack the Dark Lord Followers)
Overall,the story is unique,the playability excelent,and the map design gets you drooling. EXCELLENT CAMPAIGN
Map Design5.0
This has to be one of mine or my favorite capaign out there. It was just so good and original.

PLAYABLILITY: This was good I thought. With everything like the RPG upgrades and the magic ect. All of it was very good.

BALANCE: There was some hard parts then there was some eaisier parts. Sometimes I had to retry some parts, but it still gets a 5. All in all, IMO it was balanced.

CREATIVITY: How could you not give Dark_Warrior a 5 for this? It was just creative. Those 'boss' battles were very original. It was just very refreshing to play this campaign.

MAP DESIGN: This map had everything! It as just so cool! It had so much to it it was very very good.

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: Like creativity and map design I wish I could give this a 6. The background story was great, and there was never a point in this campaign when I didn't know what to do, ect.

Download this campaign!!! It is soo good, everyone should just love it. I did :).

Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Its was fun. i like the taunt detection for the inventory.

Balance: 4
The balance wasn't all great. It was intended for bossfights to be hard but they are much easier than the ambushes like at begining and the road block.

Creativity: 4
It was quite interesting. like trebuchets moving rocks and the walkable waters.But the cities seem to always be on the edge.

Map Design: 5
Awesome design.There were odd eye candy tricks but its all nice.

Story/Instructions: 5
They were understandable and all. i was never lost. The evil guy steals valuable relic is overused though...

Additional Comments:

[Edited on 07/31/05 @ 03:06 PM]

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Map Design5.0
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