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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
The cave used to be an old mine. The miners once disappeared and now the cave is filled with zombies. Your goal is to find out what happened.

Author's Comments:
I was inspired by a lot of different maps, so sorry for imitating some stuff. Also, this is the first level I publish.

Note: To enter a new area, left click the signs when standing near one

*Please comment something about how I edited the map, so I know my mistakes or good things.
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File Author
I forgot to say this: to enter a new area, stand in front of the entrance or exit and then press the sing, if there is a sign. maybe I forgot something else because I didn't think I'd going to public this scenario when I made it, just post your question :P.
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
My first thought was that this was an AoK version of Cave Story, a game that has been crowned The Best Free Game of all Time. But I guess not.

It's still interesting though!

File Author
Yes the name isn't that great :P. But it's a good idea to make a cavestory in AoE
MeGaIdIoT Good job actually making a description, instead of "tell me what you think", like most first scenarios these days. I'm actually downloading it.

Will give feedback once I finish it. =)

EDIT: It was fun, although it started a bit too easy. Then it got hard too fast. The balrog is literally impossible to beat, after several reloads I had to cheat and kill the palisade wall;s blocking the cave entrance by changing diplomacy.

I love the travelling system, it's ingenious. However, maybe you could set it up so it's abit easier to travel. I.e. set the area condition all around the sign.

Not only was it too easy, it was also boring, until about halfway. Maybe think about adding some variety in the enemies, other than Jaguar Warriors, near the beginning.

In general, though, a pretty fun scenario. Keep up the good work.

[Edited on 07/01/07 @ 10:53 PM]

File Author
Thanks.To defeat the Balrog you probably need to find a katana, it's somewhere hidden in the valley of the end.

[Edited on 07/02/07 @ 08:05 AM]

Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
'Cavestory' is an RPG fantasy scenario, in which you play as Brokk, a knight who explores a cave and fights against zombies and other supernatural creatures.

Playability: 4

I quite enjoyed this RPG. The initial part of the game is very easy, you just have to kill zombies (jaguar warriors) in the black forest, dead mines, snow peak etc. As in a typical RPG you can collect upgrades for attack/HP , keys to the next level etc. Later on, there are more challenging fights with a master of the templar, balrog, more undead and finally the 'boss', Balan, leader of the zombies.
There are some issues relating to playability here. One is that the areas that you have to step into are too small, and it's a small problem to click the sign as you accidentally select Brokk instead. Same with the monastery (tower). Also in the end the unit Brokk 'dies' as he runs out of the cave and an 'Attila the Hun' emerges from somewhere else. I did not understand the role of the 'scenario guard'. Doing marco polo, I found a monk who was supposed to heal me, but was not reachable. Also it is annoying to have a looping trigger telling you to save every now and then. Also it is not a good idea to have things based on object visible all the time, as a player may cheat and activate the triggers before coming to the area ;)
The main character, Brokk, is an Attila the Hun half the time and a Belisarius the rest of the time. They have the same HP/attack, but the only difference is that Belisarius is a cataphract and has a bonus versus jag. warriors, whereas Attila is an infantry and jags (zombies) have a bonus vs. it. This makes a difference to the game and I don't know why you did it. It would be better to have consistency.

Balance: 4+
I played this game on hardest. In the first part of the game, the black forest, dead mines, snow peak and stuff it was very easy and I did not need to reload , although I came close to dying once. Using elevation advantage was a great help. I got all the upgrades (I think) and that probably made the next part a little easier than it otherwise might have been. I had a little trouble with the champion guy and some more trouble with the Balrog, I found it difficult to kill him unless I killed all the rest of the undead and used elevation advantage. The final boss (Balan) is quite difficult to kill, I had to use a lot of micromanagement and I wouldn't have been able to do it without and El Cid and a Robin Hood which appeared out of nowhere. I think this game was rather well balanced, except that at first it was too easy slaughtering wolves and jaguar warriors.

Creativity: 4-
This scenario is quite creative. The fantasy theme is well executed, though you could have used a little more varying troops for the zombies in the first section (eagle warriors maybe? ) There are some additional things like shipwreck etc, which keep the game interesting. I liked the names of the enemies. It was also a good idea to mark the upgrade places with a broken cart so that you could find them easily. I did not understand from where the El Cid and Robin Hood appeared in the end.
This game draws a lot of inspiration from earlier fantasy scenarios, notably 'Cave of Doom', by Oliver. It would be an improvement to have some music to make the game better.

Map Design: 4+

There are various different types of places in this scenario, such as forests, snow peaks, and of course, the cave. The cave was quite well designed, with rocks and stone mines, however the cracks were at some points out of place, overlapping with walls or rocks. The forest has only yellow-brown and withered trees, adding to an evil atmosphere. The snowy area is not too good and has normal forest instead of pine or snow pine forest.
The map suited the game pretty well, but you should put a little more elevation in some areas so that you can take advantage of it while fighting. I used it a great many times, but there were some areas where there wasn't any, such as the fight with master of the templar. Overall it's much better than a random map, but not excellent.

Story/Instructions: 4-

The instructions are more or less adequate and there is a hints and scouts section. One important thing you need to mention is to click signs for travelling, it is not enough to leave it as a comment.
There is a story, but it's rather vague and superficial. You don't get an idea of the characters. In addition there are unexplained things like the El Cid and Robin hood appearing near the end. The victory/loss messages are equally uninformative.
One thing I liked was a few odd characters like Archbishop, God, Balan's girlfriend which could be seen with marco/polo. It added humour to the game.

Additional Comments:
Unlike most other first scenarios, in this one the author has put a sincere effort into making a good, playable scenario. The author has drawn on a lot of ideas from good previous scenarios and has used them in this game. This is very good for a first submission and I hope you will make better maps. Good job!
Official Reviewer
This was a cool scenario, I posted a review it will take some time to show up though.
File Author
Thank you for reviewing my scenario! I'll use your ideas in my second level.
Official Reviewer
I forgot to add that there are no destroy object triggers which make you lose. Thus if Brokk dies anywhere you don't lose, but obviously you have to reload since you don't have any other units. I know, you would have to make like 10 triggers but you can make one and copy it using aokts :)
Gewitterdrache I have to say, I really enjoyed Cavestory. It was fun and had a huge amount of hilarious things. I really hope to see more like this on here because not only was this hilarious, but it also had a story and was fun to play.

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Map Design4.0
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