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The Quest of the holy grail

Author File Description
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Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Number of scenarios: 8
None Provided
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Vertigo Extremist
Map Design2.0
Scenario 1:
As the sun glinting off the armor of my 50 odd longbow men, I surrounded the narrow walkway and patiently waited for my enemy to emerge. Calmly they wait for the enemy, as the priests chant and heal in the distance. Loudly, the siege scorpions rumble as they too await their chance to do battle, but to no avail. Unlike the Movie, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Arthur does not continuously say Run away.
You get lots of units. Sit back. Enemy comes. Enemy Dies. You Win

Scenario 2:
Here's a little math question for you AOK Style. There are 2 parts to it. Good Luck.
Part 1:
If you have one large blank map with an enemy in one corner, and yourself in another corner how long will it take for you to cross the map without having to lose a unit?
Part 2:
If you have 8 Trebuchets and are going to attack 1 enemy Castle, How long will it take for all 8 Trebuchets to knock down the castle without being destroyed by the Cataphracts?
Add in no triggers and no AI and you still have a very short Scenario.

Scenario 3:
This Scenario was a very nice Random Map. It had lots of Enemy Cannon Towers that were meant to attack you. There were many enemy villagers to gather resources. However, there were only two major problems with the Scenario. One, I was only one unit against thousands. Two, was the fact that the enemy was my Ally. Doh!!

Scenario 4:
Surprise! Another random map another quick victory. Another 2 minutes down the drain.

Scenario 5:
And now a commercial for the AOK Imperial card:
One Knight of the Round Table: Sir Lancelot - Hero
1452 Enemy Villagers: Cost 72600 food
Finding a needle in a haystack? (More fun than this Scenario.)
For everything else there's: “I R Winner”

Scenario 6:
Kill the Rabbit. Kill the Rabbit . . .err...I mean Duke. Blank generated map with Skeletons and a Palisade wall to stop Lancelot, Paladin and Arthur. It stopped them for all of 8 seconds.

Scenario 7:
Only a slight trigger problem...Once the priest dies the scenario should be over...other than that, this is the only scenario so far that the author has put any work into.

Scenario 8:
Now here was a random map that was the best one yet. It was challenging, fun and I'd play only that Scenario again at least once. It took a while, (Longer than the other scenarios that I played on this Campaign)...lots of resources and lots of enemies to kill. On Moderate this last one took 30-40mins.

This, obviously, was the Author’s first time at Campaign Creation. It lacked a story, triggers, an AI, and most of the maps were either random (which were fine), or they were blank maps. The Campaign itself is a very good idea, I will give him that much. Take your time, Play test, play test and play test until you find it fun. (As the Great Ingo Van Thiel once told me.)

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Map Design2.0
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