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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » Lord of the Rings, Parts 2 and 3

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Lord of the Rings, Parts 2 and 3

Author File Description
Tom Blum
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
You play as Frodo and Sam. The quest starts with you crossing the Anduin, and ends with you either destroying the Ring, or getting killed by Orcs and/or Nazgul. It\'s pretty hard but there\'s loads of hidden stuff that will help Frodo and Sam on their journey. Shelob is not present (for obvious reasons). If you can find some Orc armor you can even walk among The Enemy without them attacking (they change their diplomacy to ally.), but don\'t get too comfortable: the enemy cannot be fooled for very long. Have fun gaming! Difficulty level MUST be set to moderate or hard, or there\'s no challenge.
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Tom Blum
File Author
I would like some feedback and/or constructive criticism.
Life L33ch Let me just sum this up in 4 words...This is very boring.

You play as Frodo and Sam. I have never read the Lord of the rings, but from this scenario, I get the idea that is is dull.You are never told what to do and never know who is what or where. It very confusing.

There are a billion militias around and your main characters are villagers!You get Killed easily!

You can find weapons and other items, but they are very concealed, yet not much trigger tricks or anything.

Map Design-3
The design was ok. Some parts were very ugly though,so it lost points there.There was some flowers but it could use more improvement.

Well they should include history or something for people like me who have never read the book or seen the movie, and they did not include anything.And as for the instructions, it is very unspecific, and i took a long time figuring out what i was to do.

I think the arthur should d/l some of the good campaigns, and learn from them,then,try to make a better scenario.

The Plus
+Ok Map design
+find items like swords but you really never see them

The Minus
-Bad Instructions
-Too Hard
-Bad Playability
-Confused you alot

Maybe you've learned something.
I Hope You do!
Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
The scenario is based on the book Lord of the Rings and you play as Frodo and Sam.

PLAYABILITY: The scenario is frustrating and confusing. I never knew what to do or where to go. The solution was to save game often and play by trial and error. Once I knew the walkthrough, I won in 7 minutes, after killing two militias, playing medium. 1
-The key for a better playability is in the instructions.

BALANCE: Two villagers "fighting" against many militias. I got killed to often, for my taste, to make this a pleasant experience. 1
-If you want to give armour and weapons make sure the player finds them.

CREATIVITY: The best part of the scenario. Probably the first deadly waterfall, the choice of characters, getting captured by taking the obvious path and appearing units. 2
-Your creativity is good, put more effort into story/instructions and map design and your overall rating will increase.

MAP DESIGN: The second highlight, as the author has the talent to do better, but no effort was put into the design. 2
-You know how to do better.

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: No story, no history, no introduction of the characters, no hints, no scout information, no win or loose screen and your only objective is: "Take the Ring to Mount Doom". I had no idea how Mount Doom looks like or where to find it. The author's description does not help either, you're told that for obvious reasons Shelob is not present and because of the missing hints I found none of the "loads of hidden stuff that will help Frodo and Sam on their journey." I really would have liked to find some Orc armour. In game information tells you that Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli went off in search of Peregrin Took and Meriadoc Brandybuck, while Gandalf is captured by trees and a certain King got his crown back. 1-
-Not everybody read the book or saw the movie, you should give a summary of the story, explain the characters and a scout section and/or hints would have been appreciated.

OVERALL: I really liked the animated cartoon and the book, but I can not recommend this scenario before it is edited.

@ The Author: Edit your scenario, leave me a note at the review thread and I review again.
Rinion *Sigh* so many people think LotR is a hoax, due to incorrect information posted. I only hope that any damage done by such farces can be reversed. I suppose there are two categories: Peter Jacksons and Tolkienites, the first group changes the story line and messes up the characters, making them do things they never would have done. All my hope lies within the latter.
Sir_Rein *SIGH* this is the worst LOTR I've ever seen, sorry but this is not really lord of the rings.

[Edited on 07/19/06 @ 08:47 AM]

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Map Design2.0
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