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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » MGC07 - Final Fantasy III: Final Battles

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MGC07 - Final Fantasy III: Final Battles

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Version: The Conquerors
Style: Other
Before describing the scenario, read this: THIS IS NOT AN RPG. (Although i am working on a ff3 RPG. :)) In this game, your are the light warriors (Luneth, Arc, Refia, and Ingus) and you have to first defeat Xande who is trying to make himself immortal by summoning the cloud of darkness.

Then you also have to fight the warriors of darkness and finally the Cloud of Darkness.

BTW: if you have played FF3, this version is a little different in terms of story line and battles.

In the real game you fight the Cloud of Darkness after Xande and you die. Then various people you have helped in the game give their souls to revive you and then you go and fight the Warriors of Darkness.

FYI: This is my first scen. I have ever made and it lacks a lot of things.

Also: THERE IS ONLY ONE DIFFICULTY SETTING. I do not know how to create more than one difficulty. If someone could tell me i would greatly appreciate it!
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acade365 well shadow06031992, as far as i am aware, there are to ways ousing difficulty setting.

There is a trigger condition named "Difficulty Level"(i think it's called like that, i have the spanish version). When you use it, it means that when the player selects a specific difficulty, the trigger will be activated
(if you used condition on hard, hard and very hard will activate the trigger; if you select moderate, moderate, hard and very hard will activate the trigger and so on).


You can place different tents in an unused part of the map(make it unreachable for the player's units) and place condition "object selected" for a tent and effects "activate trigger" for all the triggers you want to be used in that difficulty setting. Don't forget to tell the player to select the difficulty level at the start.

Well, hope i have been useful for everyone
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
'Final Fantasy 3 - final battles' is a game requiring a lot of micromanagement to kill opponents in an arena style RPS, based on the game 'Final Fantasy 3'

Playability: 3

Although I liked the opening cutscene and the music, with the text 'scrolling' upwards, I was disappointed by the series of long, boring and extremely hard fights. The first fight was easy to win, the second one very tough. To play the third one I couldn't find the key at first, and when I got it the battle was just too hard. There are also some bugs. When you 'rest' at the inn you get to see a weird cutscene with people fighting which goes on for 2 minutes. Also the change ownership did not affect my 2 archers who were probably not in the area and it's probably because of this bug that I was able to win the second fight at all. Also, apparently you get defeated immediately if you try to play hardest.

Balance: 2

The first fight is too easy, the second incredibly tough and the third seems impossible (although the author claims he has won it). There is no elevation advantage, so you have to use the 'pillar method' ie running one unit around whike the remaining attack the enemy. I was only able to win the second fight because of the bug and still took lots of reloads. There is no elevation advantage. Overall it is too tough and not difficulty dynamic.

Creativity: 3

The author tried to introduce a new arena style of fighting, unfortunately it did not work very well (as it was too hard) and also did not represent FF3 very well. This game simply consisted of a few guys killing another few guys for some not very apparent reason. It would be an improvement to have some battle music while fighting. The best thing was the good music and the scrolling text during the opening cutscene.

Map Design: 4

The map was a 25x25 map and designed better than a random map, but it could be improved. I felt there were lots of unnecessary trees which hindered my walking around and no elevation differences.

Story/Instructions: 4-

The instructions were good enough but the story was a let down. I haven't played final fantasy 3, but what I could gather from this game is that it's really boring. The story involved some vague things about light and darkness, no real or convincing reasons about what the guys were doing or why.

Additional Comments:
Only download this game if you want an extremely tough challenge requiring precise micromanagement. Anyhow I think this was a good first scenario and I will be looking forward to more of your work in the future.

[Edited on 08/08/07 @ 11:08 AM]

File Author
Thanks for the info. This is the first real scenario i've posted so its a little bad. I'll try and get an updated version in a week or two since im busy with playtesting.
Gauthamuday can someone tell me how to download mods
and how to download character mods
Official Reviewer
Hmm, there are no mods in this game. If you want to know about modpacks, go to the modpack forum

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Map Design4.0
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