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Downloads Home » Best Files » MGC07 - Being kept prisoner in a low comfortable prison by very unnice persons

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MGC07 - Being kept prisoner in a low comfortable prison by very unnice persons

Author File Description
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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Puzzle
This scenario has been created for the AoK-Mini Game Competition 2007 here on aokh.
The goal was to make a scenario on a 25x25 map and to have lots of fun. :)

You messed up with the mighty gangster boss called Vito. He throws you in prison to think about which way he will kill you. So you have one night, to get out alive.
The guards will offer you a deal: You will have to solve several riddles.

Where to put the files:
*.cpx -> /campaign
*.mp3 -> /sound/scenario
The bitmap and the ai-files used in this scenario are included in the cpx-file.

Just have fun! :)

Tlaloc, 2007

EDIT: Thanks, Tanneur. I fixed the bug.
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Official Reviewer
Cool game, I liked the wood and relic quest. Killing the swordsman did not work for me as intended I changed diplomacy to win. There was a second unit for wood but not for the swordsman quest. You might want to fix the 'Set Area' Condition 0 in trigger 'draussen'. Many players will walk along the palisade wall, not to alert the guards and thus not trigger the effect. It does not work right if the guards propose quests after you did them. For an edit, use the 'Update' button above your description.

BTW, Bitmaps and AI-files save in .SCN/.SCX files they do not include in .CPX or .CPN files.
Official Reviewer
This was great fun! I loved the way I could kill the swordsman without changing diplomacy, but I can't solve the relic one :(

Edit: Great, I solved the relic also :) The hints section wasn't at all useful btw, maybe you should have put a scroll down scouts section? Anyhow I think this was the best puzzle I've ever seen and I'll review it.

[Edited on 07/19/07 @ 10:49 AM]

Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
'Being kept prisoner in a low comfortable prison by very unnice persons' is a scenario which is best described by it's intriguing title. It consists of a series of puzzles to solve in order to break out of prison. Note, in order to not spoil the fun for downloaders, this review contains no spoilers.

Playability: 4

I enjoyed this game immensely. The quests were really of high standard and you had to think carefully to solve them. Even though it doesn't last very long it is still enjoyable. The great music track really adds to the enjoyment of the scenario. I spent about 3-4 min on the relic quest before being able to solve it.
The reason I'm not giving it a 5 is because there are some bugs/unexplained things. While doing the wood quest I somehow got an extra villager who popped out of nowhere. I don't think this is a bug, but you can do it with one villager. When the horsemen attack, if you delete them AFTER they kill all the guards, logically you should be free to escape but instead you get stuck and nothing happens. Also cheaters can change diplomacy at the swordsman quest and kill him.. a suggestion is to make him neutral so that he'll kill you if you attack him. The computer player 'Hope' has no holdoff unit and gets defeated in the beginning of the scenarios.

Balance: 5

Well the scenario doesn't really consist of any fighting it's just a series of puzzles. But be warned, the puzzles need more than attack-move to solve. You need to use your brain and it's a good challenge for your mental health. As a good puzzle should be, all the quests seem difficult at first, but easy once you beat them. I'd suggest putting a spoiler scroll down section somewhere.. say in the scouts section. Also, I'd suggest putting looping diplomacy to prevent the player for cheating, or better, mention in the hints that it's possible to win the scenario without changing diplomacy. In this scenario, the author clearly did not intend the player to face a struggle to survive, therefore balance rating would rather be a measure of how easy/difficult the puzzles were, they were all challenging except the wood one if you take the second villager into account.

Creativity: 5

This scenario was extremely creative. All the quests were rather original and I especially liked the swordsman one. The moving tree was also something never done before. The cool atmospheric music playing added flavor to the scenario. I guess I can't say any more here without giving out spoilers. This scenario was one of those kinds of puzzles that first seem very difficult but once you have solved them seem very easy.

Map Design: 4-

The map design was certainly better than a random map but can definitely be improved. The 'prison' really did not look like an indoor scene at all but more like a field. The other parts were good especially the relic one with good terrain and eye candy.

Story/Instructions: 4

The instructions were quite adequate and I didn't get confused. There is a story, although not a very detailed one but very fitting to the scenario. No story can explain why I need to find relics or chop wood or why an onager is hitting a house. So I guess it's good enough. Lastly there's also a great bitmap for the scenario.

Additional Comments:
This scenario is the best puzzle scenario I have seen so far and is definitely a great first submission. I wonder if new people would find it easier to make a small map than a big one.. if this were so the mini game trend should be encouraged.
This scenario is definitely recommended for download.

[Edited on 08/08/07 @ 09:48 AM]

Jas the Mace1 Great game!! Very creative and everything was set up well.
Lord Aro @ Sword_of_STORM
of course hope is deafeated becasue all hope is lost

@ any1
how do you do the relic quest??!?!?!?
i clicked on everything

lord aro
Official Reviewer
You need to do something other than clicking. Think about your villager and what functions he can carry out.
Turty I love this game. It's the perfect size.
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
Being Kept Prisoner in a Low Comfortable Prison by Very Unnice Persons is Tlaloc’s entry to the 2007 Minigame Competition, claiming second place.

Playability: 4
This scenario is a fantastic, albeit challenging puzzle scenario where the player must solve a number of puzzles in order to escape from a prison and avoid his execution. The scenario is a great game for those who like to engage their brain and challenge their thinking abilities, as these puzzle require your to really understand the concepts of the units you control and some of the mechanics of the game. The scenario plays well and for the most part it is completable. I did notice the odd bug, although nothing that greatly effect the ability to complete to scenario.

Balance: 4
If your not a great at puzzles or you don’t enjoy puzzle scenarios then this game will be really difficult and less enjoyable for you. The puzzles here are very challenging and require lots of thinking and careful consideration of the abilities each of your units have. It’s can take a lot of trial and error and if you don’t have the patience you will probably end of up rage quitting due to frustration. This also isn’t helped by the fact that the scenario lacks clear instructions and hints to help the player fully understand what it is they are supposed to do.

Creativity: 5
The scenario may not have the most creative name, but it makes up for this with a number of creative puzzles for the player to complete. Each puzzles is a completely unique experience, unlike anything one would have encountered before in AOK. There are a number of creative tricks in the scenario such as the moving tree and the swordsman quest. There are a number of clever trigger tricks, some of which you’ll have never seen before. This is certainly one unique scenario.

Map Design: 3
Minigames are difficult to design due to the compact space in which you need to fit all of the aspect of your scenario in. This makes aesthetic design around these aspects very difficult. This minigame’s design is pretty good but by no way perfect. It is clear that the author has experience in map design and this is much nicer than a standard random map. Due to the number of different puzzles and the way you have to travel to each of them, the map looks a bit block like and there’s no flow between sections. There are also some bland and boring areas that could do with more terrain mixing and work. Overall though it is a decent effort and fits the purpose of the gameplay.

Story/Instructions: 3
A basic storyline is present, although it got much depth to it. The scenario doesn’t really have a proper name, just a description of what the scenario is. The storyline present the story of your character being sent to prison and being given the opportunity to escape by solving three challenges. The storyline is basic and simple but fits the purpose of the scenario. The instructions are the key to a puzzle scenario as they are needed to help the player understand what they are supposed to do, and hints are needed to help guide the player to complete the puzzle. Unfortunately this scenario lacks in both institutions and hints. The instructions are too simple, and don’t really explain what needs to be done and there are Barry any hints. The only way I completed this way by trial and error and guess work - clicking on everything, not very tactical.

Additional Comments:
Overall, while the scenario may not boast the most creative title, it certainly has some creative puzzles that will challenge even the most experienced players. Just don’t expect much help form the author himself and the hints.


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