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Downloads Home » Campaigns » LotR The Fellowship of the Ring Chapter 1-5

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LotR The Fellowship of the Ring Chapter 1-5

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other
Number of scenarios: 5
First of all, you do not need any story, these five maps are the story.

This is an exact copy of the first to the fift chapter in The Fellowship Of The Ring. I have taken every single line from the movie and got it intro the maps, I had to leave 2 or 3 lines(You woulden`t understand why they came if i used them)

It may be a lot of talking, between Bilbo, Gandalf and Frodo. But hey, don`t blame me blame peter jackson. But you shouldent to that either, after all its a great movie.

So grab som popcorn and soda, sit back and relax beacause you are about to see first 5 chapters in The Fellowship Of The Ring...
...Coquerors style!
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Official Reviewer
Hm, it's nice but you should put in some music. maybe you can take the narration directly from the movie, since you seem to have taken the lines word to word from it. Good for a first map.
File Author
Sorry about the faults in the map. I lost the map with a accident so I will not be able to fix it.

The unit you got between the down-left corner and the middle are not supposed to be there, if you want to enjoy the whole thing better you must kill him when the cutscene starts.

Sorry about that.
Dantares IV What's your e-mail, and I'll get the file back to you as a scenario.
Official Reviewer
You can also download the .CPX file from here and use the "Age of Empires & Age of Kings Campaign Manager" utility to extract the scenario.

Dantares IV I recieved your e-mail, I'll be sending the file shortly!

EDIT: I sent it!

[Edited on 07/24/07 @ 12:20 PM]

Official Reviewer
I sent you an email August 6 to use the 'Update' button above your description, not to do a new submission for every scenario of your LOTR campaign. Probably it got lost in spam filter so I comment here.

Under 'Submit File' it reads,

"...Your submission may be rejected if you do not follow the instructions.

If you want to update a previous submission, please find the page for your file, and click on the "Update" button."

You did three submissions,

ID: 8531 LOTR Proluge
ID: 8586 LOTR The Shire
ID: 8617 LOTR 1-5 By Lord Kenneth

This time I did the update for you and removed IDs 8586 and 8617.
Map Design3.0
LOTR 1-5 is a series of cut-scenes following the way the movie The Fellowship of the Ring begins. It shows what happens from when the great rings are give to each race to right after Bilbo uses the ring to sneak away from his party.

Playability: IV
For the most part, I enjoyed watching this. However, there were a few problems. In the prologue, the battle at Mount Doom lagged quite a bit. That may just be my computer, because it is old, but it also may not be. Also, part three became extremely boring. There were a few things that could have made that better, which I will explain later.

Balance: V
This got that score almost entirely because there was almost nothing to rate. The one little bit that was there was the battle at Mount Doom. It seemed like it worked the way it should, with the Orcs not being as strong as the Elves and Men.

Creativity: III
There are many good things to say in this category, especially with part four. I loved how you did the fireworks. The two big ones were one of my favorite parts of the campaign. One big problem, however, was part two. You should have tried to create the inside of Bilbo's house somewhere else on the map. Then, you could have shown more of the things that happened in that whole part. I was disappointed when I couldn't see any of that. Another thing is that you could have taken the sounds from the movie for all of the talking. That would have made it quite a bit better, because it would just be more exciting. In addition, music thoughout would have been a plus.

Map Design: III
With most of the cut-scenes, there really wasn't that much to see. In part three, all you see is a house, and then two people on a hill. Not very much. The thing that saved this part from getting a worse score was the prologue. There was a lot to see in that one. There were many different parts to it, and they were all made really well. The other four parts of the campaign were all basically the same map, with just small changes between them.

Story/Instructions: IV
This part was very good. You never get lost and have no idea what is going on. The lines were taken straight out of the movie, and most of lines in the movie were in it. The one thing that kept this from a five was that you didn't pick parts that were very exciting. You did a fantastic job with the parts that you did do, but they just weren't as exciting as they could have been.

Overall, I definitely recommend downloading this. For the most part it was enjoyable to watch, and it does a fantastic job of showing these parts of the movie.

[Edited on 08/30/11 @ 02:39 PM]

Wallenstein1 So, how did I do?

[Edited on 08/30/11 @ 02:38 PM]

Official Reviewer
You did well, informative for the potential downloader, helpful for the designer, a pleasure to read.

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Map Design3.0
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