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Sounds of the Huffies

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
For many years, the small village of Donli secluded themselves from every other town, making their community the most peaceful village in the country. However, when two scouts come and stay, the village starts sensing fear. They called themselves the Huffies. What did they want? Where did they come from? Several days later, they left the quiet town, sucking them dry like a leech. Many days passed. Suddenly, dark clouds shift over the village. The whole entire Huffy army approaches the town. A battle had just begun. But what do you expect? Obviously, the Huffies murdered Donli!
But one man escapes just in time...

In this campaign, you play as the man who escaped, whose name is Turty. This campaign takes place after this part.

This campaign features:
-A great map design!
-A great battle!
-Side quests!

Abandoned house
Battle at Rougeous
Hermit's House

-You will need Renaissance to play the game.
-This campaign combines humor with seriousness. You have been warned.
-Reviewers, there is no need to re-review.

7-24-07 Minor bugs fixed, increased difficulty.
8-1-07 Decreased difficulty, stopped people from talking when battle is going on, made Bob harder to kill, added a few more sounds, etc.
8-8-07 Added new sidequest, gave Turty an actual connection with some in Donli, made the final battle longer, moved wildlife, added background music, etc.

If you find any errors or bugs in my campaign, please contact me at Now what are you waiting for? Download now!
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
A nice game, but I did not discover many side quests. I managed to do the bo-peep one, but found nothing else and I could not eat at McDonald's. How do you expect me to get 250 gold for blacksmith upgrades? I start with about 20 gold (and 40 food, 12 wood or suchlike, why?) and doing the bo-peep one gives me 57 more.. I couldn't find gold anywhere else.

I liked the use of garrisonable houses and the smoking fire. The battle was too easy, I only had to reload once because my axeman got hit by a stray cannon ball. Btw one 'Bob' (renamed berserk) of 'hermits' doesn't say anything.
File Author
Oops! I forgot to take out the McDonalds hint. I had the McDonalds side quest earlier, but then decided to take it out. I have updated the file. This should clear up a few things and make it harder.

Note: Sword_of_STORM, her name is Bo-Beep, but I don't think it makes much of a difference.

[Edited on 07/24/07 @ 02:41 PM]

Official Reviewer

To eat at McDonald's means to garrison in the house, you have to decide for one upgrade, for the second quest you have to 'talk' with people in town. Bob will talk after you met someone, and for the Hermit, he talks after you studied the plans and talked to Weisenheimer (spelling?). I played the first version.

I encountered some bugs but will play the update first before I comment on them.
Dantares IV
Map Design5.0
~Playability~ 4+

I had a really good time playing this game. I liked the different side quests that I had to complete, thought some seemed a little too easy. However, the siege bothered me. On my first try, I took my throwing axeman, and brought him down that back alley where the merchant was at the beginning, and then I placed Turty in front of him. The enire village was destroyed and I was the only thing remaining. Then I got the order to abandon the city, but it was hopeless, I was utterly surounded. Even the Knights that I called for were not powerfull enought to stop them. Then they destroyed the houses, and I was out in the open, I was massecered. I played the second game much diffently, the siege started, but instead of going inside the village, I went to the area where the Pikeman are. Near the southern exit. I put the axeman in the rear, but then the cannons came, so I took the axeman and destroyed the cannons. I repeated this method several times before the order to run was given. So the axeman ran to the entrace and Turty had been there the entire time, and so, I won. It seemed a little too easy when you try my second method if you ask me. If that could be changed, this category would be perfect!

~Balance~ 4+

The balance was fairly good here! The game was a challenge to beat seeing that I had to reload once. However, I found the side quests to be too easy. When I was ordered to get the sheep, I had already found it, and got the sheep to her in no time at all! Killing the Berserk was close. Once I only had sixteen health left when I won. Then I held the high ground and had sixty four health left. So it was still good, but not perfect.

~Creativity~ 4

You did a good job here. Though none of the trigger tricks here were new, or outstanding, they provied an interesting twist to the game. I liked the idea of having units 'come out of the cave', and I liked how you would create units afer some amout of time passed. Like with the Arbolasts. I did not get the point of the archer, outlaw I think his name was, I alked up to him and killed him in one shot, and he never even returned fire! He just said some crazy words, and then he died. The map design of this game was perfect! No flaws can or will be found. It was GREAT! I also liked the story. You put some good ideas into it! I didn't like that there was no history included, but it doesn't matter too much. Good work! I also liked your use of sound effects! Though maybe a few more could be added, like music for when you are walking around, for little battles, and maybe some sword clashing and shouting during the last battle, and maybe some death sounds too!

~Map Design~ 5+

The map design again was perfect, no flaws, all parts of the map had design on the then, and you did a good job on the town too! Not too much to say here.

~Story/Instructions~ 4+

You did a good job on the instructions. You had good hints, good instructions, but you didn't have a history. If I could, I'd make this category a 4.5, but since I can't do that, I have to go with four. You also did a good job at not making any spelling errors. So, you still did a god job.

~Additional Comments~

I Really enjoyed this game, and I reccomend everyone downloading it! It's really great! I'm glad I was able to enjoy play-testing it for you, and I wish you luck with the rest of your future campaigns!
File Author
Some comments and reviews would be nice, please.
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
'Sounds of the Huffies' is a mini-scenario RPG which you play in the role of Turty, and are up against the mysterious Huffies. You need the Renaissance expansion to play this scenario (which is included)

Playability: 4

I enjoyed this mini game a lot. Although it wasn't very long it was quite interesting and involved usual RPG elements like talking, sidequests for gold etc. This time, the deers don't go into the town but come in front of it, IMO deers should be a little farther from towns in general. I noticed a couple of glitches I hadn't before.. apparently Turty can die during the final battle and nothing happens. Also you said that the blacksmith shouldn't be destroyed during the raid but nothing happened when it was. I didn't understand the 'they've brought a bomb' towards the end of the scenario. The merchant/petard explodes long before that, btw that looks funny.

Balance: 4

I played this game on hard. In the first part of the scenario you have to kill some huskarls (Huffies) which is easy if you don't rush head on instead combat them one at a time taking elevation advantage. The Bob sidequest is now pretty hard, you have to take proper advantage of elevation to kill him. Killing the archers were a bit difficult because my unit was so slow (teutonic knight). The final battle is a bit harder now (provided you fight at all, you can avoid the battle altogether by going to the southern gate and hiding in that house) but still easy if you apply proper tactics and stay outside the town while fighting. Blacksmith upgrades help a lot (especially armor)

Creativity: 4

Although this game contains usual RPG elements such as click and talk, blacksmith upgrades, sidequests for gold etc. it is still quite creative. Probably the first scenario to make good use of garrisonable houses. The sidequests were interesting and humorous. I was amused by the fact that Ronald MacDonald was fighting alongside everyone else during the battle (which, I suppose was set in the mediavel age ) There is also a proper story to go with it and some good sound and battle music. Only thing a bit weird was that you could see Rob the Berserk in the beginning, and he didn't say anything. I thought the name 'Huffies' sounded rather unlike a brutal, murdering army ;) but that's just a personal opinion.

Map Design: 5-

The map used was a 25x25 map and beautifully designed. Definitely the strong point of the scenario. The forest area and the town looked realistic enough with lots of elevation differences (which called for strategic playing) and good terrain mixing. There was good eyecandy such as craters, banners etc. Weisenheimer's (sp?) shack was also good and I liked the smoking fire. The river by which the mayor made his escape was good (although I don't know if many would observe the escape). The small map used did, though have some inherent problems like units appearing rightaway in the middle of the map. Still, it deserves a 5 here.

Story/Instructions: 4

The instructions were quite adequate and clear enough. There was also a hints section and some history (Turty's diary), and a bitmap.

There is a story involving some conspiracies and a sudden attack by the Huffies. However it seemed more humorous than a serious story, and if it had been your intention to portray the Huffies as brutal murderers you failed entirely in that. As per the guidelines I give a 4 here.

Additional Comments:
This campaign is certainly a very good first scenario. I believe a new trend of making mini-scenarios is growing, especially with beginners. It should be encouraged, because it gives beginners some experience without being a too daunting task.

Downloaders, don't be distracted by the ambiguous title. It's a good scenario and recommended for download.

[Edited on 08/03/07 @ 11:06 AM]

Dantares IV I reviewed it.
File Author
Thank you Dantares IV for your review. I updated the campaign with some of your ideas, but not all of them.
Dantares IV I'll download again and play it sometime soon. ;)
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
Sounds of the Huffies is a short yet very entertaining scenario, based on a 25x25 units map. The title first gave me a "What the... what IS this?" feeling, but after playing it I found myself being very wrong. This is a very good scenario indeed.

I enjoyed playing this scenario a lot. Every fight was challenging unless you used your brainj wisely, like using the maximum effect of height advantages. I encountered no lag and no bugs. The scenario was very entertaining as a whole, with a few funny dialogues and interesting text to read in the instructions.
The main issue with the scenario would be the battle in the end. It's very short. With reinforcements I managed to keep my heroes untouched. Without them I had to reload once, then I won. Most of the men the village had in command were still alive when I was told to escape. I could sure have hold off the Huffies for five minutes or so.

The fights before the big battle were all very well balanced, as you had to use the right tactics to win. The issue here would be that the fights are VERY easy as long as you use the height advantage. Not even Bob with his massive bonus attack was a challenge.
The battle was better balanced, as long as you didnt use the reinforcements. They aren't very neccesary as they really make the game quite boring at the end, as you dont get as much as a scratch on your knee. Without the reinforcements it was harder, yet I only had one reload.

For such a small map I think this is very well done. There are varied personalities, such as the hermit, Bo-Beep, the treachorous mayor and so on. The way the Renaissance units has been used - i.e. enterable houses, smoke from a fireplace, the hero himself - is good.
The mission vary quite a bit, and when you get a new mission, new huffies pop up to make life harder for you.
What I mark down on would be the absolute silence of some characters, like Bob and Hermes in the beginning, as well as the Hunter. Also, as Sword_of_Storm said, the name Huffies doesn't directly make me think of a brutal tribe of barbarians, more like a new character in Winnie the Pooh.

For having a such small map as base, this is a very good map.l The terrain mixing is good and there's a good ammount of eye-candy/clutter. the sea looks quite good as well. the things bothering me would be the bamboo and the bridge popping out of nowhere. I still dont know why there's a bridge in the middle of a forest. If it's supposed to be an entrance of sorts then I think you should've hided the bridgey part a bit more, so that it wont look like a bridge.

I liked the story quite a bit. It was humorous, yet very horrifying when you think of it. The main thing bothering me would be Turty's few comments on the massacre, his absence of feelings for the murdered people. He did say it was "a horrible sight", but he didnt seem to have very deep relations with anyone in the village.
Overall, the story was a bit shallow, yet very entertaining and humorous.
the instructions where very clear and easy to understand and follow. The addition of a bitmap, although of the more simple kind, and music added to the experiense.

OVERALL: A n entertaining scenario

IN CLOSING: Nice design, good story, entertaining gameplay. I could say that this scenario has everything a good scenario needs, packed into a very small size.

NOTICE (does not affect the scores): One thing i noticed was the many paralells I could draw to my own mini-scenario Sven's Quest. First off the CRACK and the men behind a stonewall trying to stop you, but you decide to kill them. Then the very position of the sea, and also the guard telling a joke (in mine he was told a joke).
I dont know if this was on purpose or coinsidential, but I found it funny that I could draw so many paralells to my own scenario

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