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A British Adventure

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 2
This is a small campaign, set in a war between English and French. You are a normal soldier.

Later, you... Well, just play the campaign!
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Map Design2.0
I started this scenario on hard.When on my journey to the first objective the only road was blocked with trees and you could not go any further with the scenario.I tried several more times and met the same results.

I was slaughtered in the initial battle.

There was only one opponent an from the looks of the scenario and what little bit i played there was not much to it.

Map Design:
There wasn't much to it.

Not much content on anything.

In closing,i would not recommend downloading this scenario.
Map Design2.0
This scenario is about... well, you... a british Knight who is fighting in a giant war between the British and the French. Who will win? It is up to you to find out.

<<>>Before-hand Note: This review might reveal some parts of this campaign. Please be aware of this if you are considering downloading this campaign.

Playability: 3
Scenario 1: The beggining battle was very enjoyable, but you cannot win (which is the thing that is meant for the scenario, but it still is a bummer). After you get one unit out (which is mentioned in hints that you may only have 1 unit), the transport sinks. The bad part of the playability is that you have to follow an exact path and cannot explore much. I did not enjoy this part as much as I could have. Tips to the designer: Try to make it so you can explore the map while sticking toward your objectives, and some cut-scenes maybe to get some entertainment in. Also maybe some secret ways to win (such as meeting with other kings) and being able to travel through towns. There was a minor bug in this scenario. If you go along the road and go at an angle to find the area where the King says, " I am the King. Come, follow the path to the forest.", you can only activate that message by going into the dirt area (and a small part of the area as well).
Scenario 2: This scenario was a mix of styles, including RPS and RPG. I actually had fun while playing scenario 2, and it was a big improvement over the first scenario. There were a few bugs which lowered the "Playability" department, such as you do not know what is going on when the Toll Bridge keeper attacks you, or the Toll Gate will not unlock. The Creator never gave very good instructions on how to get past this part (besides the hints, but they were not that helpful). The final battle in Paris is exciting, but it is too easy to win.
<<>>Overview of Playability: The playability of this scenario is a 2. I did not enjoy this campaign as much as I could have. Not that it matters, but people usually enjoy scenarios that are challenging and have difficulty levels for their expertiece (a begginer can play at standard, expert at hard, ect.), and people usually enjoy long campaigns, not ones that can be finished so quickly. The lack of exploration a player can really effect the way a player really feels or enjoys a scenario, and a good addition to this scenario would have been a little more land for the player to explore or hidden extras. I gave this campaign the score because: It is very easy, very little objectives, and a hard-to-follow storyline that causes the player to wonder what part of the campaign the one he/she is playing.

Balance: 2
Scenario 1: This scenario does not create much of a challenge for veteran players. If you are excellent at AoK, this scenario might be very, very easy. First of all, there is almost no action in scenario 1. All you have to do is get any soldier in a transport and it sails you too your destination. After that, you must follow a path to an area where you have a very brief talk with the king, and the scenario ends.
Scenario 2: In scenario 2, however, there is more action than the first. You fight many more units, and I have to give credit to the Author for the ambush (which is challenging if you play it right). Except you only really fight an actual battle in Paris, and it is very, very easy to win.
<<>>Overview of Balance: I gave balance for this scenario a 2. I am sure both veteran and rookie players alike can beat this campaign (maybe even with ease). It is only a real struggle to win when you encounter a bug blocking your objectives. I recommend the creator putting in more enemy units to balance out the scenario properly, or adding a difficulty level system.

Creativity: 3
Scenario 1: This scenario was nothing like a random map, but there was very little design. There was mostly bleak grass 1 with no elevation through the whole first scenario. There were cliffs and mountains even, but that did not improve it much. The beggining battle was kind of fun, but the author could have made it so you might be able to win the first battle, but then a whole different army comes and destroys your army. You only got 1 unit on this scenario. For this scenario, the author did not use names nor any trigger tricks. I think because of that creavivity dropped down many points. The beggining sound file, though, went very good with the task at hand... the beggining battle.
Scenario 2: This is what scenario 1 should have been more like. The author still only uses grass 1 and only names your unit "You" (and the Toll Gate keeper, his house, and the outpost), but the Toll Bridge objective was much better than the last. Plus the fact that you actually get to do a fight that you can win. The first objective was unique, such as the unlocking the Toll Gate, and the Author added an extra part such as an ambush, which is very creative, and an extra where you do not move at the beggining, and the soldiers start yelling, "Get on with it!" with a sound file included (which is humorous if looked at the right way). This scenario makes up for the first scenario's weakness.
<<>>Overview of Creativity: I gave this scenario a 3. Unfortunatly, I cannot rate just off of scenario 2's creativity, so I must give it a score for both scenarios. There was not very much creativity in the beggining scenario, and it was very boring to play. Grass 1, cliffs, and trees made up the first map. The second map was good, but it would have been better if there were no bugs and the Author gave you some sort of storyline to work off of.

Map Design: 3
Scenario 1: There is much grass 1 in this scenario, and many trees are on the map as well. The cliffs add to the design of the first few seconds of the scenario. Gaia flower beds, hawks and deer also add a nice touch to the last part of the scenario, as well as the dirt 1.
Scenario 2: This one is a major improvement over scenario 1. Flower beds and flowers are in very little of the scenario, but the trees make up for that. There is a very large path of dirt 3 guiding you to yout destination, and Paris is covered in Road terrain. Trees surround the area, and there is a large river flowing between the map.
<<>>Overview of Map Design: There is a rather small map for both, but it what only matters is the design. The dirt 1, grass 1, and forest trees have greatly affected the outcome of my decision. The flower beds and deer at the end have affected my decision as well. Overall decision is a score of 2. I would say the design for both equals up to a random map's design, with little terrain details, only showing grass 1 and dirt 1. I would encourage the creator to add a bit more detail to the first scenario(such as water, which is a very good thing to have for something such as map design, terrain mixing, and different terrain other than grass 1 and dirt 1) and for the second scenario, a bit more design (such as terrain mixing and other kinds of terrain... leaves would have looked nice).

Story/Instructions: 4
There is no history nor storyline in the first scenario. But during the gameplay in the scenario, you can figure out some storyline for yourself. Since the author did do a story for the second scenario, it counts as a storyline. It is not as descriptive as it could have been (such as where they were fighting, why, and who were you exactly) and your character has no history, which is not much to work off of.
<<>>Overview of Story/Instructions: I give Story/Instructions a 4. Quote from the guidelines, "If there is any story at all, the rating goes up to a 4", and since there was a storyline in the second, I give this scenario a 4. Tips to the Author: Try to make the person know the character a little better, know the king, know why the king is fighting against the French, and some behind-the-scenes stuff (talking to each-other, planning strategys, conflicts). I would also encourage the Author to add better hints and a scouts tab.

Campaign "A British Adventure" Overview: The best score was the Story/Instructions, and the worst was the Balance. If the Author could improve all of the scores 3 and lower, this would make a great scenario. I encourage the designer to keep working on scenarios, because this score does not reflect on any of the author's other scenarios. The second scenario really showed signs of the Author being a great designer, although it could have been improved much more. I encourage rookies or people that are not that good at playing scenarios to play this one. It is easy and might even be challenging for rookies.

Good luck on Designing to the Author,
DGDN Member, Moderator, and Publicist
gtrmanstan Hey,

I played the game and it was a good challenge.
I think you could do a bit more work to the map and the eye candy.

In your second game in the chapter, I had to open a gate, I really didnt have a clue how to, I think your gona have to make it more clear.


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Map Design2.0
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