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Downloads Home » Recorded Games » another newbie game :(

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another newbie game :(

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Version: The Conquerors
this newbie game in arabia (green arabia), two random hard enemies (mayans and goths), i was byzantines again.

this was my hardest victory ever. please someone can tell me what're my mistakes, so i don't upload my newbie-ish replays anymore :)

thanks for any help and advice :)

***yes, i read forums, strategies, faqs and various topics but still i need HELP :)

thanks in advance
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Bogdanster I watched first hour or so of your game and these are my comments.

Your economy is reasonable till castle age, but after that you really fail in this area. You focus on imperialing fast instead of building at least 2-3 tcs which would really help you produce resources faster, make units faster and in greater numbers and go to attack.

Because of your weak economy your military also suffers (you cant go and attack cause you have no units) and therefore you play very passively and slow - producing units mostly to defend in your base and letting the computer attack you on and on.

P.S. You play with map explored and resources high and you expect those to carry you through till later in the game... And they may do that... but it's not good practice if you want to get better with your gameplay. You should play unexplored with standard resources.

To achieve the above I only have this suggestion: practice, practice, practice. Don't let yourself down if you dont get it right at first... it will come with time. Also watch more recorded games (random map type) from good players to learn the tricks and tips and try to put that in practice in your games. We can only help with suggestions - afterwards it's up to you how far you want to go. We cant make you play better only you can if you really want to.

P.S. Hopefully you will submit a better game next time :P

[Edited on 08/06/07 @ 11:54 AM]

File Author
much thanks Bogdanster, i gave a very long break to AoE, again i'm trying to warm myself to dark ages :)

your review is very valuable for me, i'll try to improve my castle and imperial gameplay with more TCs, buildings, villagers etc. for better economy. i started to play unexplored maps and with normal resources after this game, everything is much harder now :(

hopefully i'll upload my DEFEATED replay next time

thank you for giving your time :)
Bogdanster OK, if you think unexplored is too hard, keep on playing with your actual settings and improve your gameplay... When you start winning comfortably and you feel it's too easy for you, then go to standard resources and unexplored map. It's up to you how you manage the learning track... And I stress again WATCH RECORDED GAMES between good players - you can learn a lot and much faster from them. But you must also do your homework and PRACTICE. No pain - no gain :P.

I look forward for your victory recorded game ;).
File Author
i'm watching recorded games, i see why and how people make lots of TCs, villagers and military buildings etc... i'm trying to do the same in my games but i always forget researchs, the places i built them, idle villagers etc. i need more practice as you said :)

unexplored is harder especially for me because i used to play explored (my fault), but in my last two games i played unexplored and with standard resources. this is definitely more fun. i won these two games without much trouble (one on black forest and the other on arabia). i'm playing against one hard computer for now. i'll increase the enemy number after few games, then i'll submit a replay and wait for your reviews.

thank you for your help and good wishes :)
Bogdanster To find your idle villagers easily press ".".
To select TC press "H".
To select idle military units press ",".

In any case - get used with playing hotkeys!! You can find them after you start the game like this: Menu -> Options - there you see a button called hotkeys. Press it and you see and can change all the hotkeys.
File Author
i use very few hotkeys, idle villager, TC, create villager and maybe 2 or 3 more hotkeys :) and 1-9 numbers for attacking units, defensive units and builders :)

i'll study this tip, playing with the hotkeys is really much faster, much thanks :)

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