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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » ~The last Stand of The Samurai ~ Version 3.0

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~The last Stand of The Samurai ~ Version 3.0

Author File Description
Dantares IV
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
~The Last Stand of The Samurai~

The Samurai had lived in peace for many years...then one day 'darkness' came over the army of unknown strength landed on the shores of Japan...they destroyed all in their path...women...chidren...the old and the young...they destroyed all that stood as a defence against invaders...and all that stood for peace...but it was not the armies came against a bid to drive them back into the ocean from whence they came...we stood in formation on a hill overlooking a valley...and they stood on another hill overlooking the same valley...the battle was fierce...the cries of those dying...the stench of death...hung over us all...but we won...we drove them back...back to their fortress where they were cornered...they were on the brink of destruction...great stones from our Trebuchets smashed down their gates...and shrapnel mutilated many...they had nothing to return fire with...the day we were to have peace yet again...the day that the 'dark clouds' were to leave the land...that day was the next day...but fate must always have its own way...the forces of evil left their fort, and lined up for battle on the open ground...believing it was their final act...we charged...twenty feet away...the first ranks opened up to reveal at least two ranks of soldiers holding some strange weapon...this weapon has harnessed the power of death...twenty feet and a stange booming noise was heard from the front ranks...then the second rank did the same thing...our ranks were torn apart...we did not know what it was that hit us...we kept charging, and we watched them pick up another one of those weapons...the same thing happened again...we had no choice but run...we lost over two hundred and another hundred were wounded and as they tried to surrender, or commit seppuku...they were killed...we retreated to the capitol, but enormous siege weapons were rolled towards our position...we abandoned the capitol and fled into the woods...we looked our see the capitol in flames...we rushed into the woods...the enemy realized we had escaped...we discovered that their leader was a great general from another country that we had never heard of...Bancros was his name...though we had never seen him before...we knew his reputation for surpising people when they thought victory was theirs...he had done that to men rushed into the woods...a days march behind...Bancros followed...we came to a men were exaused...and many were wounded from the original battle...they begged me to stop running and let us all fight to our deaths...I agreed...our fate is decided...we build small bamboo stocades...there is a small cave that we have put the wounded in...I raise my standered on top of the hill...Bancros' men encircled us...there is no escape...I Tragen...the great Shogun of the land am now a discrased samurai...but our chance for redemtion is near...I stand on this hill...overlooking the army that will be my death...I stand on this hill...looking at the ruins of my once great capitol...I stand on this hill...overlooking my once peaceful land...I stand on this hill...looking at my men...stern...brave...fearless...determined to put their lives on the line for my sake...wearing their best armour and proud to be hear to stand with me...the enemy envoy comes to probably offer surrender terms...the order is given...he hits the ground dead with seven arrows in his wortheless body...the enemy shouts and charges...I now go to speak my last words to the hour is decided...I will not live another hour...but we will not die in vain...we die for Japan...for our homeland...for the poor men women and children who died praying that we would come and save them...but were too late...THIS IS OUR HOUR!! GLORY AND DEATH AWAIT!! ONWARD TO MY OUR ENDINGS!!!!!

~From the diary of Shogun Tragen which was found buried under some dirt on that very hill~

The Last Stand of The Samurai was a game which I made when I saw the movie "The Last Samurai". Though I gave up on the map and actually offered it to anyone who wanted it on a thread in a forum, nobody was smart enough to see its potential. So, wanting to make another mini project, I blew the dust off the file and finished it.

This game is based on the last days of the honorable samurai. It is a very exciting ten or twelve minute long game. Please download it and comment, or especially, review on it.


Many thanks to oliver for making his Reinaissance DAT file which I used for this game, and is included in the ZIP.

Many thanks to whoever was the first designer of the 25X25 custom map.

And one other that I forgot to include in the credits in the game credits was thanks to AoE III for the Theme music.


Many thanks to my play-testers:




Some of you see on the backs of computer game boxes what people have to think of the game, well, I did the same:

"A great scenario for those who are hell-breathing men bent on destruction, and for those wee little sea-monkeys who like a nice walk in the park." Which for some n00bs who do not understand what that means, "An enjoyable campaign for experts and beginners."

~By Turty~

"You've got some good skills Dantares!"

~By Ultima_Shadow_K9~


~Detailed hill and landscape.

~Epic music and small amounts of voice.

~The high HP and Attack system.

~The enemy coming in waves; each getting harder and harder.

~And not to brag, but I personally think this has some of the best uses of Renaissence in it.


~The game is harder and longer.

~History is given on the leaders of each army.

~Most of the clouds are gone.

~All downloaders after ninty-seven please re-download!


~All clouds are removed.

~Most enemy units are upgraded to Elite.

~The game is about a half a minute longer.

~Bancros has stronger attack and heath.

~Terrain is fixed a little.

~The trigger for making the fire burn units is removed because the trigger refused to fire when activated.

~All downloaders after 205 please re-download.


Well, thanks for reading through all my stuff. I really hope you enjoy this fast paced game as much as I did making it and testing it! Please comment and review it!

Enjoy folks,

~Dantares IV~
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
"The Last Stand of the Samurai" is a fixed force, defend the spot game situated in a Japanese setting, with samurai defending against mysterious invaders.

Playability: 4
This scenario is definitely enjoyable. You face off against numerous enemies with a small band of soldiers, the enemies attacking in both spawns and in waves. There are a few things that bring this down though. The fire is supposed to be hurting everyone , but I tried it and it doesn't hurt my troops. Also I can 'see' all the enemy soldiers but can't attack them initially, this is because a very small map is used.

Balance: 4
Probably because I playtested this a little bit I could beat it on first try at hard. But it's still well balanced . However blocking spawn points seem to work rather effectively, thus reducing the strategic aspect of the game. However you still have to think strategically and defend the archers, they are very good at taking out the musketeers later. There is a morale system, which reduces morale if heroes die. Brancos however had rather low Hp- he was no match for Shogun Tragen. For the updated game, it is a bit harder but not much.

Final update: I could still beat it with 20 men left on hard at first try.

Creativity: 3+
This game is a not very creative 'Defend the spot' scenario in a Japanese setting. The great battle music used in this scenario brings up the score however. Also, a fairly good use of Renaissance units like the smoking fire and clouds.

Map Design: 4
The map used is a 25x25 map, and it looks much better than a random map. There is a central hill for strategic elevation and good terrain. Also good eyecandy like the smoking fire and stack of spears. The clouds however interfered with the gameplay and also didn't look very realistic. This map also has the inherent problems of a small map: units appearing out of nowhere and enemies visible but which don't attack you.

Story/Instructions: 4
The instructions are good enough, and there are also hints section and a bitmap. There is also a story. However the story of 'Samurai' vs 'unknown intruders' is rather vague, sounding neither historical nor fictional. Also I'd point out that the writing style is not too good, it can be improved.

Additional Comments:
This game is a good defend-the-spot scenario and a recommended download.

[Edited on 09/07/07 @ 08:44 AM]

Alex Coles
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
I've recently just downloaded the "Renaissance" un-official expansion pack and I was searching through peoples' work. Then, I just happened to type your name in and I found this. I had been looking at it for a while so I now decided to download this. Wow! At the beginning I was nervous so as what to expect, me expecting the troops already there to turn to enemy status and start attacking. Nope! When I saw the first wave, I thought "this seems a bit easy" but looking at my population count, I instantly noticed that it had went down a tad, so I expected alot more attacks to come. The music keeps the player in the mood, and maintains tension throughout and makes youu want to play on. I enjoyed myself quite a lot here, so I think it would deserve a high rating. However, after playing it i'd have to think about playing again because sometimes there are games you want to play again, and do so differently but in this i'd have to think about it, especially the fact that it's defend the spot and the only thing you can really change is positioning or stance and Dantares gives the player barely a minute to get ready.

Balance: 4
It seemed easy at the start, but the enemy forces were sent in to wear your men down, however it was on the easy side, because even though they had alot of men on their side they came one at a time from each side, rather than perhaps providing proper waves, where say 5 units would be created on one side, and maybe looped twice to create 15 men in a proper attack. However, in this they came piecemeal and because they didn't come in very substantial force it was very easy to deal with. The only reason the player looses men is because the constant attacks wear them down. This gets a 4.

Creativity: 3
Tbis has been done quite a few times in the past, and Dantares has already done this, in his ~ Last Battle of the Swamps ~. However, a Samurai theme, even though done a few times isn't done very often. It's normal very europe-centred or fantasy with quite a few in Asia. So, this gets a 3.

Map Design: 4
A hill. It's made fairly well, with a cave, a broken cart in flames and a few other things. Also, below it lies quite a few nice details and such. It could do with a bit more terrain mixing. The only obvious mixture was on the south of the map and that was just a line of it. Perhaps you should, instead of using a signpost, put in the hints "The palisade will disable the music and you won't be able to turn it back on". I mean, the first time I clicked it, that happened and I restarted because using original AoK music instead is nothing compared to most music here. Also, the clouds were distracting me a bit.

Story/Instructions: 4
It had a basic story but you had no idea who the main characters were besides their names and titles, like "Sergeant-Major Tambul" and "Tragen, the last samurai shogun". Nothing goes in to that, however it does give you what you need to know, like how foreign powers have taken over Japan and this is a last-stand kind of defence against an enemy leader.

Additional Comments:

Despite that, i'd recommend having at least one go at this.

[Edited on 09/27/07 @ 07:35 PM]

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Map Design4.0
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