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Reign Of The Hittites

Author File Description
hitiite warrior
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of scenarios: 5
A fun campaign for lovers of the trial version of age of empires 1!
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Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
-Reign of the Hittites
-by hitiite warrior

I'm not sure what this campaign is about (because there was no story or instructions on any of the scenarios) but I assume it has to do with the rise of the Hittites. The scenarios had a wide range of quality so I will review each scenario seperately and average each category.

Scenario 1: Homeland
You start out this scenario in the corner of the map with a TC and three villagers.

Playability: 1
The playability of this scenario is not good. Since there are no resources on the map (other than wood) your only choice is to send your villagers out exploring. After walking for several minutes you find some gaia arbalests. You have an ally to the east who has a castle but no units that resigns soon after the scenario starts. Your enemy is to the far south, starting in the same position you do. You just take your arbalests to his base and pick off his villagers until he resigns. Not very entertaining.
My Suggestions: Make the villagers have to walk a shorter distance and add resources.
Balance: 2
I suppose it's possible to lose this scenario (by letting your enemy's town center kill all your archers) but it would be hard. This scenario is not very well balanced.
My Suggestions: Again, adding resources for both sides would have improved this scenario a lot.
Creativity: 1
You just walk around with some villagers and kill some enemy villagers with a group of arbalests. There weren't even any triggers. Sorry, but that's not very creative.
My Suggestions: Add triggers and objectives.
Map Design: 1
The map design needs serious work. It is entirely grass 1 except for huge blocks of forest.
My Suggestions: Add different terrain and do some mixing.
Story/Instructions: 1
There were none. The instructions, history, hints, and scouts screen were all totally blank and there were no in game instructions either.
My Suggestions: Add instructions and an explanation of who the Hittites were and what this homeland of theirs was.

Scenario 2: Growing Pains
You start out this scenario with a small band of men at arms and archers, plus a scout calvary.

Playability: 2
This scenario has below average playability as well. The scenario starts with an enemy monastery across the map holding all the relics which you must destroy. The lone units sitting around on the map are no match for your small squad, and a monk at the top of the map. After destroying the monastery you just kill of the enemy units until he resigns. Slightly more fun than scenario one, but not by much.
My Suggestions: Add more enemy units and maybe some varied objectives.
Balance: 2
A little bit harder, but not quite deserving a three. You might lose only if you get lost and can't find the monastery (which is hard considering you have a blacksmith right next to it). Other than that, no challenge at all.
My Suggestions: Put a larger guard around the monastery and remove the human player's monk.
Creativity: 1
The idea of starting out with the enemy having a monastery with all the relics is slightly creative, but the lack of a single trigger pulls this down to a one.
My Suggestions: Again, add triggers and objectives.
Map Design: 3
It's a random map that might have slight modifications, but might not. Either way it's an automatic three.
My Suggestions: Make some changes to the random map so it doesn't look so...random.
Story/Instructions: 1
Again, nothing in any of the instructions sections and no in game help.
My Suggestions: Again, add instructions and tell who the Hittites were taking the relics from and why.

Scenario 3: Opening Moves
You start out with two monks standing next to a mining camp and a mill (but no villagers).

Playability: 1
You can not win this scenario, or do anything other than walk around. You have two monks and your enemy has only a town center (no units) which you can not convert. If you enjoy marching monks around this might be fun, but if not, it won't be.
My Suggestions: Well...make it winnable by adding enemy units.
Balance: 1
As I said, impossible to win or lose. I had to use i r winner to get past this scenario.
My Suggestions: Add enemy units.
Creativity: 1
Again, no triggers. And when a scenario is impossible to win it can't be creative.
My Suggestions: Make it winnable and add triggers.
Map Design: 2
The map was almost all grass 1 and water, but there was some jungle and gaia units, so this barely manages a two.
My Suggestions: Add more varied terrain and do some mixing. Starting with a random map is not a bad idea.
Story/Instructions: 1
Again, there are none.
My Suggestions: Add instructions and explain why the monks were alone on an island with an enemy town center.

Scenario 4: Fall of the Mittani
You start out with 0 resources, three villagers, and a few militia.

Playabilty: 1
You can't win this scenario either, unless you can conquer a thriving base with several mangonels/onagers and guard towers using a few militia. You also can't build anything except more dark age buildings because the only resource not guarded by enemy guard towers is wood.
My Suggestions: Add some resources to make it winnable.
Balance: 1
As I said above, it's impossible. I had to use i r winner again to move on.
My Suggestions: I'll say it again-add some resources to make it winnable.
Creativity: 1
Again no triggers. Another destroy all enemy units scenario. Not very creative.
My Suggestions: Add triggers and something other than destroy all enemy units.
Map Design: 1
The map was all grass 1, water, and forest. There were a few sloppily clumped resources, but all in enemy territory.
My Suggestions: Again, add more different terrain.
Story/Instructions: 1
For the fourth time in a row, neither is present in the scenario.
My Suggestions: Add instructions and explain who the Mittani are.

Scenario 5: Battle of Kadesh
You start out with three villagers, a few buildings, and some resources surrounding your base.

Playability: 2
You just create an army using your limited resources and try to destroy two much stronger Egyptian enemies.
My Suggestions: Add more resources to the map.
Balance: 3
This scenario is probably winnable, but it's extremely hard to do. Average balance, for a change. If you use your very limited resources well you might be able to win (I couldn't).
My Suggestions: Remove some of the enemy buildings.
Creativity: 1
Once again, triggerless. You just destroy all enemy units.
My Suggestions: For the fifth time, add triggers!
Map Design: 2
All grass 1 and water other than some random clumps of trees and (scarce) resources.
My Suggestions: Again, vary the terrain.
Story/Instructions: 1
Yes, once again there is none of either. As far as I know this campaign could have been about a fictional Zulu invasion of China.
My Suggestions: A camapign is not nearly as good without a story. This really could have used one.

Final Scores:
Playability: 1+2+1+1+2/5=1.4 which rounds to 1
Balance: 2+2+1+1+3/5=1.8 which rounds to 2
Creativity: 1+1+1+1+1/5=1
Map Design: 1+3+2+1+2/5=1.8 which rounds to 2
Story/Instructions: 1+1+1+1+1/5=1

In Conclusion:
I downloaded this campaign hoping for a historically accurate campaign about the Hittites. Needless to say, I was dissapointed. This campaign had no story and two of the scenarios were unwinnable. "Reign of the Hittites" should not have been posted on the Blacksmith in this form. I suggest you try to learn triggers and create another campaign.

Also, you do not need to include the individual scenarios in the zip file, only the campaign.

Good Points:
-Hittite campaign was creative idea

Bad Points
-No story or instructions
-No triggers
-Most maps were sloppy
-Two scenarios were unwinnable
Tom Edwards This should have been made in AOE1, as opposed to AOK. Is there a good reason for this seemingly pointless conversion?
russoft I loved this "Reign of the Hittites", but was very disappointed by this campaign. It is clear that not nearly enough time was spent making this campaign. Speaking of which, is there a way to convert maps from AOE1 to AOE2, anyone?
Map Design2.0
Playability: 1

The first scenario was Bad. You start at the very top of the map, and your enemy starts at the bottom. There is an alley of trees that goes between you and your enemy. About halfway, there are some gaia arbalests that you take and just pick off your enemy's villagers until he resigns. Your ally starts with a castle and a town center, and resigns almost immediately. The only resource on the map is wood.

The second scenario was a little better. You start with a a small army, and you must go and destroy the monastery that has all the relics in it. Because it is triggerless, you must go destroy all the rest of the units.

The third scenario was the worst. You start with 2 monks, and your enemy starts with a town center, and no resources, so he can't create a villager, so there is nothing you can do. I had to type in black death to get past this one.

In the fourth scenario, you start with no resources, a few militia and 3 villagers. There are no deer or forage bushes on the map, so the only way to get any kind of economy going is to chop down wood, build a farm, and then go and attack your much stronger enemy. This scenario is very hard to win.

The fifth scenario was probably the best, because it is possible to win. It is almost like a RM game.
Balance: 1
In most of them, the balance just wasn't very good.

Creativity: 1
No triggers in any of them. Not very creative.

Map Design: 2
Map design was OK in some of them, although all of them could use more resources.

Story/Instructions: 1
No story or instructions for any of them.

Additional Comments:
I'm making my own reign of the hittites campaign, so I downloaded this in the hopes of some good things to copy from here. There wasn't anything here worth copying.
Coadunate Their men can shoot at me from behind the forest but my tower can’t shoot at them. How does that make sense?

[Edited on 06/25/09 @ 04:57 PM]

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Map Design2.0
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