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Atlantis - The Lost Realm

Author File Description
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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix

By Jatayu aka Sword of Storm

Atlantis, the lost realm is my last and probably best project. It is an attempt to make a good underwater scenario, and I put a lot of effort into making the map and storyline. My original intention was basically to make something Aok was never meant to be, and I'm not sure how successful it is. Also I wanted to put a certain amount of non linearity in the game, along the lines of Sabato Returns.

Genre: Fantasy
Style: Mix of RPG,RPS,FF,puzzle and cutscenes (no B&D)


In the 1580s, King Philip of Spain starts building a great armada to invade Britain. Reynold, the famous sea captain is summoned by Queen Elizabeth of England to sabotage the flagship of Spain by using a submarine that can travel underwater. On the way, they discover the lost realm of Atlantis, which has sunk to the bottom of the ocean. They try interacting with the Atlantean people, but when Reynold falls in love with a princess and a corrupt Atlantean plots to get rid of them, Reynold discovers he may have got more than he bargained for...

  • Completely underwater scenario with lots of creative things.
  • A certain amount of non-linearity where the player can make his choices.
  • Ambient music and sounds.
  • 6 cutscenes totalling not more than half an hour.
  • Around 2 hours of gameplay (and much more if you try out every choice)
  • Side quests involving a cave, shipwreck and a volcano.
  • Torpedoes!
  • New Stealth system.
  • A small puzzle.
  • Finally, an interesting story with lots of twists and turns.

Difficulty level

The campaign is difficulty level dynamic. Standard is recommended for those who are new to Aok, while moderate is a little harder. Hard difficulty is recommended for those who are well experienced in Aok, and is the best difficulty to play on. Some things are activated only on hard level.

At multiple places in the scenario, the player will have to make choices. Some ways are easier than others, however every way is winnable (even on hard).


Put the sound files (mp3) into sound/scenario folder and the cpx file into the campaign folder. Sorry about the large file size, but the sounds make a big difference.

Recommended settings: Fast speed, sound turned off. You can speed up or slow down Age of Kings by pressing the "+" and "-" button though. The game is meant to be played on fast, to reduce moving around time. However you can change it to normal during cutscenes , if you find the dialogue going too quickly, or during battles to micromanage.

Crash note: Some people have noted that the scenario crashes immediately. I would suggest replacing the data file with Renaissance, then trying, then quit and load it with normal data file, that somehow works. Please do not play it with Renaissance, several things will not work/look weird

There is also a better hints and walkthrough Word file, because I couldn't put in so much text in the hints.

Thanks to all who helped me with the scenario! Credits etc. are in the victory message. Comments and reviews will be most welcome.
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Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
In this scenario we have a rare concept coupled with some excellent and creative ideas. And the storyline is very decent as well. This is a scenario of above average quality and is definitely recommended, without having anything to rave about, except the creative idea, but you know that already from the author’s description.

Playability: 4-
The single scenario is long and varied, with objectives varying from exploration, to a battle, to a prison escape to a puzzle. With plenty else in-between. It is overall fun to play, but it is not without its flaws. The objectives are interesting, original and coherent, and they certainly keep you on your toes with plenty of variety to keep it from getting dull. The downsides however lie not in the ideas and concepts, but in parts of the execution. The obvious example is the extreme annoyance encountered when attempting to move my modest army around underwater. While it’s easier than it has any right to be in real life it is nevertheless a real thorn in your side when you’re being asked to withstand fire and transport your delicate little soldiers around the map when they keep getting stuck, treading on one another’s toes and choosing to take inordinately long detours due to lack of space. I realise it can’t be easy to set something out like this, but nevertheless I have to count against it due to the problems caused by the map layout, the shipwreck in particular was a nightmare. To the author’s credit there are no bugs to speak of, not that I noticed anyway, there are a few glitches here and there but nothing that’s going to cause problems. One or two parts of the scenario unfortunately are not entertaining at all, the shipwreck is hellishly difficult with my fragile little heroes being shot to pieces by gunfire when they can’t move an inch without being sliced apart by sharks. My only other complaint is that some areas of the scenario seem rather unpolished and feel like they were squeezed in when there wasn’t really room on the map or just to fill time, a case in point is the stealth aspect when trying to break into the prison, when you can barely see your enemies behind giant great buildings and, even stranger, it doesn’t seem to matter. On the plus side the replayability is very good, with choices at more than one point that affect gameplay.

Balance: 5-
Very good, but considerably on the hard side, even on standard in some areas (I draw your attention once again, to the shipwreck. My congratulations to you if you can get out of there alive). However the difficulty levels provide a good choice, and although challenging you never come up against something impossibly hard that is necessary to go on. Even I, with my measly skills, can manage to stagger through on moderate. Difficulty isn’t consistent throughout the scenario which might disappoint some, but I personally found it refreshing to have something not too taxing after a furious fight for my life at the hands of fire demons/soldiers/Spaniards/all three.

Creativity: 5
No question here. Underwater maps are few and far between, I know of only one other and there’s no question that this is better. Throughout the scenario originality and creativity abound, and while some parts are a bit of a stretch (sadly, underwater mushrooms in AoK were probably never meant to be) there are many more areas that are excellently carried off. I won’t spoil it all for you here but suffice to say that the city of Atlantis, submarine warfare and airlocks will probably never be better represented than they are here.

Map Design: 4-
I have mentioned the creativity and the playability issue with the map already. These are probably the features of it that most stand out. The design, being primarily underwater, is difficult to judge against a random map, so I’ll justify my rating in the following way. The map functions well and is moderately well set out, however there is the problem I mentioned earlier with moving units around that really hurts the functionality aspect, so overall it was about average here. The quality of design is good, nothing particularly stood out for its brilliance and there were some rough patches, but considering the difficulty of designing underwater, the admirable job the author has pulled off and the competent aesthetic quality it would be harsh indeed to call it equal to a random map.

Story and Instructions: 5
The storyline contains nothing startlingly new (Boy meets girl. Girl is the queen, sends him on a mission. Boy meets new girl, marries her. A bit of betrayal and fighting in the middle), but as we know a 4 is the standard fare for a story and I believe that this story, competently written, has characters that are more than your usual cardboard cut-outs with their stats changed and a little picture, and is good enough to keep the interest is perfectly adequate and provides the main reason for playing the scenario. I cannot fault the storyline itself and I see no reason to deduct a point from this finished story which is considerably better than average. The instructions don’t stand out as unusually clear, but again, they are fit for purpose and you won’t be confused at any point.

To improve:
- One or two parts of the map were a little bare or left a little to be desired
- Ease of use. This may not be the game for having your men dance a mazurka but it isn’t half annoying to constantly nanny your units as they struggle through narrow and twisty paths.
- There is actually very little to improve overall apart from the above, a few specific minor issues but that’s all

Plus Points:
- Extremely creative ideas
- Good, interesting and moderately entertaining story
- Varied objectives
- Challenging balance
- Good use of sound

[Edited on 11/15/07 @ 03:55 AM]

Official Reviewer
I've nearly finished playing, and this campaign, however small and probably lacking in a more 'epic' feel (which I wasn't sure if that was what you intended anyway) is nonetheless quite very creative. I like the look and feel of it all, the characters, and the tricks of the torpedos, lava and the underwater world of Atlantis - especially the submarine idea and airlock (stunning stuff). This is an excellent design. I hope you continue to design as you have alot of potential. ;-)
Official Reviewer
File Author
Thnx Mashek. One thing though, did you play through all the ways, and if so which one did you like most?
Official Reviewer
Okay, I've finished it. Very cool scenario and I liked the small twist at the end regarding the chest. ;-)

My favourite "way" was the part where you went into Atlantis to rescue the princess. Afterwards I surrendered and was put in prison which then flooded and I needed a way to escape. This was cool and IMO the best. It is also a good way not to finish the scenario too soon I think.

Plans for any more scenarios?
John Mendl I didn't surrender at Atlantis. I took the 'courageous' step of fighting the commander's army straightaway.
Prince Ulio Well, a scenario with entirely different underwater locations, several eyecandies and a storyline with twists like a fiction movie. What more do you want to know before downloading it ? Sword_Of_Storm had brought wonders.
tomatereloco I have a question cuz im new editing... How do i put resource in the map and other things as mountains and water paths? if not, can u pass me ur Atlantis scenario to copy some things that i don't know how to put? Plz answer me...
Official Reviewer
File Author
It's very easy. You have to go to map editor, create a new map and choose stuff from the units menu to put on the map. The mountains are in the gaia menu.

You can extract the scenario from the campaign with a campaign manager ( search in the blacksmith).

For more help, visit the forums.
pong676 At the start, it complains about the .per file not loading, then I lose after a few seconds.
Official Reviewer
File Author
I don't know why. Find Immobile AI gold at the blacksmith and put the .ai and .per files into the AI folder. Although it should really work without it.
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