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~~ The Prophecy ~~

Author File Description
Silver Serpent
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
~~ The Prophecy~~

This is my first and likely also last project in designing for AoC. I have enjoyed making it and this project has been a learning curve for me in which I discovered some of the many ways in which the editor can be used creatively. I have spent several months making and improving this scenario, so I hope that it will show throughout the campaign and provide several hours of good entertainment for the AoC community.

by Silver Serpent

~~The Prophecy~~ is a 1-scenario campaign depicting an ominous prophecy for the world. It is situated around the golden sands of the desert and in the merchant city, Kiugo. You take the role of a beggar named Orion and set out to become a prosperous merchant. But you soon find out that you are in for more than you bargained for. The time will soon come. A time to drop the coins, bear the bow and hope for the best.

Special Features:

  • Challenging Stealth gameplay
  • Current storyline displayed in Objectives section
  • Custom sounds
  • Enthralling storyline with many twists and turns
  • Epic Battles
  • Explanation of names and places in Scouts section
  • Gripping Duels
  • Magical Spells
  • Large variety of gameplay
  • Optional Side Quests
  • Over 1600 triggers
  • Over 90 minutes of cutscenes
  • Two possible Endings
  • Unique upgrading/ training system


    The gameplay mainly consists of RPG elements but is varied with a mix of Fixed Force and Defend the Spot elements.


    For those not aware of how to install the files, there is a 'Readme' file included in the .zip for that will guide you through the 1-minute process.

    Note: This campaign does not use the Rennaisance utility by Oliver

    Did you encounter any bugs or wish to give suggestions regarding this campaign, feel free to post them in the Feedback Thread


    Last updated on 23/08/07 in which all bugs mentioned in the Feedback Thread have been fixed.

    I would also like to thank Julius999, RPGary, Shadow667 and Tanneur99 for helping to make this project a reality.

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    AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
    nialo the great Nah I think the university guy just says there's a merchant that will sell the stone, I'm having the same problem looking for which merchant it is
    AOKMASTA WOW!!! GREAT!!!! But I have a problem! I can get as far as the two women talking about the King and when I get to the next Joan of arc like woman, the game crashes! =(
    Official Reviewer
    @ Lord Aro and nialo the great

    Buy the stones at your market.


    To play the game, before you reach that woman, put your sound files into a subfolder play the sequence and get them out of the subfolder.

    All sound files play fine. You probably use Windows Media player 10 or higher. Some sounds are corrupt with that version or you made them corrupt by opening them in your sound/scenario folder. If that was the case download them again and when you want to listen to sounds without playing a game, make a copy.

    [Edited on 10/02/07 @ 06:11 PM]

    RPGary 493 downloads so far. Well done SS!
    kittens222 I can't get past the part where General Tuvor or something begins to tell his story. It switches to the purple troops outside the walls, then it just says "You have been defeated" and the game ends. I tried reloading my previous save and doing it again, but it just does the same thing over and over. Is there some way I can fix this without having to replay the entire scenario? :(

    By the way, the campaign so far is fantastic. Excellent work!
    AOKMASTA @Tanneur99

    KOOL!! I'll do thAT RIGHT AWAY or could i just take out the sounds?
    Silver Serpent
    File Author
    I'll update the map soon and mention in objective that you must trade this stone at the market by selling another resource. I never received that playesting mail so I'm only partially to be blamed :)
    nialo the great Actually when I played it again I noticed a bug when your trade carts get captured by the Haruchai (i think that's their name) the game crashes lol
    Turty Interesting bug. That might just be one of those random bugs that happen for no reason. Do you use a Mac?
    Official Reviewer
    @Silver Serpent,

    I sent that email again did you receive it?
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