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~~ The Prophecy ~~

Author File Description
Silver Serpent
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
~~ The Prophecy~~

This is my first and likely also last project in designing for AoC. I have enjoyed making it and this project has been a learning curve for me in which I discovered some of the many ways in which the editor can be used creatively. I have spent several months making and improving this scenario, so I hope that it will show throughout the campaign and provide several hours of good entertainment for the AoC community.

by Silver Serpent

~~The Prophecy~~ is a 1-scenario campaign depicting an ominous prophecy for the world. It is situated around the golden sands of the desert and in the merchant city, Kiugo. You take the role of a beggar named Orion and set out to become a prosperous merchant. But you soon find out that you are in for more than you bargained for. The time will soon come. A time to drop the coins, bear the bow and hope for the best.

Special Features:

  • Challenging Stealth gameplay
  • Current storyline displayed in Objectives section
  • Custom sounds
  • Enthralling storyline with many twists and turns
  • Epic Battles
  • Explanation of names and places in Scouts section
  • Gripping Duels
  • Magical Spells
  • Large variety of gameplay
  • Optional Side Quests
  • Over 1600 triggers
  • Over 90 minutes of cutscenes
  • Two possible Endings
  • Unique upgrading/ training system


    The gameplay mainly consists of RPG elements but is varied with a mix of Fixed Force and Defend the Spot elements.


    For those not aware of how to install the files, there is a 'Readme' file included in the .zip for that will guide you through the 1-minute process.

    Note: This campaign does not use the Rennaisance utility by Oliver

    Did you encounter any bugs or wish to give suggestions regarding this campaign, feel free to post them in the Feedback Thread


    Last updated on 23/08/07 in which all bugs mentioned in the Feedback Thread have been fixed.

    I would also like to thank Julius999, RPGary, Shadow667 and Tanneur99 for helping to make this project a reality.

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    Silver Serpent
    File Author
    I did receive it and sent you a reply from my hotmail account, thanks.
    Turty Hey SS, have you considered creating mini-scenarios? They don't have to be a huge insane project, but still can provide entertainment. :)
    navin_rebirth i'm having trouble......i have built the pyramid and the palaside walls but still the objective section does not strike through it
    also i cant battle the arena champion, i have clicked on the stable boy and then gone to the guard who tells me to speak to the weapon smith.....but the weapon smith doesn't there a problem with the trigger or i have not done sumthing rite???
    sumone plz help......otherwise the gameplay is fantastic
    Official Reviewer
    Map Design4.0
    The word ‘epic’ is over-used, but the Prophecy, for its sheer scale truly deserves it. We follow the story of a beggar by the name of Orion, as his life and many others are changed forever by an old man’s prophecy.

    Playability: 4
    The single scenario campaign is entertaining and earns a high rating, however despite many well-designed aspects there are a large number of minor flaws that drag the overall quality down. Possibly the large size of the campaign counts against it, as there is a lot of waiting, tedious walking and long gaps with few triggered events. Time and again the player is sent across the map, fetching and carrying objects, filling out somewhat dull errands and acting as a go-between in conversations. This really interrupts the flow, as some areas are fast-paced and others are slow cut-scenes with lots of narrative, or just walking. The scenario also suffers from a lack of replayability, there is not one set ‘path’ as such, but you are never really given much choice about what you do, and with so many long drawn out sections, such as building the pyramid, it can be a real chore to play it through for a second time. The size counts against the scenario again in the form of bugs, fortunately none of these seem to be critical, but dialogue appearing out of place and a bug where I get defeated for not finding every last reinforcement in Kiugo do not create a good impression. Apart from that, some areas lack polish, but despite these issues the scenario is still entertaining enough to retain a 4 ranking on the whole.

    Balance: 5-
    Excellent, with varying difficulty levels and descriptions for each it is easy to find the level that suits. The only slight problem is that some objectives are too easy and dull in comparison to others on the same difficulty, but this is not enough to deduct a point when I take into account how close the map design was to a full rating.

    Creativity: 5
    By far the strongest part of the scenario, inventive little details abound, and although I won’t spoil the surprise here, suffice to say that no one will complete the scenario without seeing something new, or something used in a novel way. Everything from the map design to the objectives Silver Serpent has applied his own touch, even giving the frankly rather unoriginal story line a new lease of life.

    Map Design: 4+
    The map has been designed pain-stakingly, with no area neglected. It is a shame perhaps that only about half the map is actually used, but the reason this category does not receive a full rating is more to do with the unrealistic and slightly messy elements involved. The desert is sprinkled with an abundance of trees, the city of Kiugo feels distinctly artificial, the map during the Battle of Turon seemed rushed and unpolished and the area with the pyramids felt very incongruous with its surroundings. But these small gripes are not enough to seriously damage this map’s rating, with its vast array of details and consistently decent design it is far superior to a random map.

    Story and Instructions: 5-
    A single glance at the title and it is no mystery the story is nothing new, yet Silver Serpent’s telling introduces some original elements. The instructions are clear at almost all times (the comment on acquiring stone is a little ambiguous). Some of the dialogue is more than a little contrived (the sequence with the Elohim Apprentice springs to mind) and didn’t feel much like a real conversation which spoilt it slightly, but the character’s motives and thoughts were for the most part clear (except why the Elohim prophet found it necessary to speak in riddles and rhymes and why Tuvor doesn’t appear to mind that an enemy commander eaves-dropped on a vital prophecy he has given his life to hear, and quite a few other, minor, things I won’t mention here) and by the end of the story their fate was of more interest than in many scenarios. Unfortunately I found the ending a little bit lame, and very much embedded in fantasy clichés, which was a bit of a disappointment. The reviewing guideline dictates that a story is worth a 4 at least, and I feel the calibre of this story, albeit unoriginal, warrants the full rating.

    To improve:
    - Spend more time on the dialogue. Damon ‘knowing the desert’ and then being hopelessly vague about where oases are and saying unhelpful things like ‘for some reason I believe one is more hazardous’ does not impress me.
    - Less flowers and other embellishments, to make design more realistic, and easy on the eyes.
    - Even if you have a really creative objective, if the player is bored playing it, consider cutting it out.
    - The use of chat for dialogue was confusing and sometimes messed up.
    - The plot seemed to weaken towards the end, try having a rough story idea beforehand, with a strong conclusion.

    Plus Points:
    - Extremely creative ideas
    - Long and involved story
    - Good difficulty in battles and the like
    - The cities are designed nicely, if illogically
    - Unusual and unique aspects, such as making money through business
    - Varied gameplay, from making money via peaceful business to training slaves into battle ready troops to trekking through a desert.

    [Edited on 10/15/07 @ 10:44 AM]

    Zeifer How the hell are you supposed to make an escapade to destroy the siege workshop and the transport boats?

    The enemy waves are continuous with NO lulls to be able to send out any sally thats worthwhile. The one attempted one I did just BARELY killed the trebuchet before I lost two irreplaceable woad warriors. My forces are slowly dying off and at least 40% of my men are at 50% hp or less. How in this situation is it even conceivable to succeed? Note: This is also on Moderate Mode, not Hard. I can't imagine how people handle Mangonels as well...
    maccomo I have a problem, someone please help me.

    When the architect tells this story it switches my view to the big wall (castles lined up) and noting happens? i waited bout 5min and noting happend? Did i do something wrong or is this a bug?

    Otherwise the campaign is great!
    Map Design5.0
    Wow. After almost 4 hours of playtime, I'm quite frankly amazed.

    Playability: 5
    Being by far the best Age of Kings RPG Scenario, The Prophecy just left me wanting more. Despite one hiccup I had during The Tide of Blood, I remained detemined to finish this epic scenario, and I did!

    Balance: 5
    While most the campaign is based around small battles, or acquiring resources, the defence of Fort Irony is very well balanced. It took me a few times to complete, but with the right tactics (ie. leaving the Knight reinforcements outside the fort), it can be done eventually. Also, the 3 difficultly levels present a challenge for even the most experienced player.

    Creativity: 5
    Silver Serpent has obviously spent alot of time on this scenario, and has really made it spectacular. The streets of Kiugo really feel alive, with the odd passerby; such as a kebab seller and a tax collector. The construction of the Pyramid is a great feature, and really adds to the spectacular story.

    Map Design: 5
    Although half of the map is unexplorable (used for cutscenes), and much of the other half is only barren desert, Silver Serpent has still done excellent at the Map Design. Scenario designers tend to go OTT with Map Design, and cannot simply just have a barren desert with a few elevations and palm trees. But you know what? It works. As I've already said, Kiugo is awesome, and the ambient streets really feel like something out of a proper RPG, (such as Oblivion, which by the music, I can tell Silver Serpent is a fan of!).

    Story/Instructions: 5
    One word: Epic. From a lowly beggar, to an army officer, the story of Orion is simply amazing. Not once did I lose interest in the plot, and I read each line of dialogue to be sure I didn't miss a thing. The plot contains many twists, which you definately will not see coming. The instructions are also very good, despite being vague at some points.

    Additional Comments:

    The end of the scenario is just begging for a sequel. And so am I. This epic story is a must download, and is up there with the greats of the last 7 years.
    nirav022 nice game.but can anyone help me with as to how to collect 500 gold i have got 420 but i cant find anyone else who is willing to give me money in exchange of sevices.
    John Mendl It is a good highly detailed scenario, but I think the playablility doesn't deserve a 5. Long travelling from place to place seems a bit boring. The strong point of this scenario is its high detail and creativity. Although the map doesn't look like a desert, its good. Upto where I played, 'Orion' is a villager without loom. There is a certain 'weaponsmith' but so far he hasn't sold me any weapons or armor. I saved the game at one point. I will finish the rest later.
    Official Reviewer
    Can someone point me in the right direction in defeating the enemy leader during the duel at the end of the scenario?
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    Map Design4.7
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