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~~ The Prophecy ~~

Author File Description
Silver Serpent
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
~~ The Prophecy~~

This is my first and likely also last project in designing for AoC. I have enjoyed making it and this project has been a learning curve for me in which I discovered some of the many ways in which the editor can be used creatively. I have spent several months making and improving this scenario, so I hope that it will show throughout the campaign and provide several hours of good entertainment for the AoC community.

by Silver Serpent

~~The Prophecy~~ is a 1-scenario campaign depicting an ominous prophecy for the world. It is situated around the golden sands of the desert and in the merchant city, Kiugo. You take the role of a beggar named Orion and set out to become a prosperous merchant. But you soon find out that you are in for more than you bargained for. The time will soon come. A time to drop the coins, bear the bow and hope for the best.

Special Features:

  • Challenging Stealth gameplay
  • Current storyline displayed in Objectives section
  • Custom sounds
  • Enthralling storyline with many twists and turns
  • Epic Battles
  • Explanation of names and places in Scouts section
  • Gripping Duels
  • Magical Spells
  • Large variety of gameplay
  • Optional Side Quests
  • Over 1600 triggers
  • Over 90 minutes of cutscenes
  • Two possible Endings
  • Unique upgrading/ training system


    The gameplay mainly consists of RPG elements but is varied with a mix of Fixed Force and Defend the Spot elements.


    For those not aware of how to install the files, there is a 'Readme' file included in the .zip for that will guide you through the 1-minute process.

    Note: This campaign does not use the Rennaisance utility by Oliver

    Did you encounter any bugs or wish to give suggestions regarding this campaign, feel free to post them in the Feedback Thread


    Last updated on 23/08/07 in which all bugs mentioned in the Feedback Thread have been fixed.

    I would also like to thank Julius999, RPGary, Shadow667 and Tanneur99 for helping to make this project a reality.

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    AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
    Prince Ulio Hi Silver Serpant,

    Really nice work. I felt I was watching a blockbuster movie. It reminds me of Sabato I & II, Gyda & Ulio. (The ends of Ulio and Prophecy are close to each other; at the end Ulio knows who are his real father & sister)

    I had one difficulty at the end in the dual. When I accepted the challange for dual as Orion, everything was ok. But when I chose another option, i.e. to deny the challange, then there was an earthquake and fire going on for minutes and nothing happened. Please solve this problem.
    Consty I'm also stuck with only 420 gold at the begining. I checked everything.
    Can anyone help please?
    jijo_george_max How do u create new units coz neither orion nor his slaves have such an option on clickin on dem?

    [Edited on 12/22/07 @ 06:10 PM]

    Eddie12 Hey I love this scenario....only trouble is that im stuck on 300 gold in the beginning and i dont know where to get the rest so that I can buy the market...I was wondering if anyone could help, I would appreciate it alot. Great scenario, really interactive!
    Toadstool I have a bug on mine that somebody else commented on earlier but wasn't responded to.

    The game doesn't realise that I've already built all the palisade walls around the Pyramid. I'm now at the bit where you must build a moat but because the game seems to think its not compeleted I can't go on any further. Any solutions to this? Or should I just start again?

    By the way this is one of the most impressive campaigns I have played in a long time, a definate 5/5 from me Silver Serpent!
    John Mendl I completed this scenario. Great creative work. Vast Gameplay. Superb trigger tricks. I enjoyed most of the gameplay but there are some enjoyment-killing aspects. I had to reload several times before I could kill the Light Cavalry by stealth. I didnot like the fact that you will lose if you don't get/leave behind even one of the reinforcements at Kiugo before the boat departs. Also, the non-stop spawning attacks were a big nuisance. It is a bit unnatural. Since I got the knights of Turon, I did manage to destroy all the Haruchai galleons. Superb twisting storyline, I enjoyed it. This is one of the largest scenarios I have ever played. Great work, Silver Serpent.
    ForGreat_Justice jijo_george_max: to create new units (if you are in the battle for fort irony) (i provably got name wrong) just select the slaves and send them near the barracks and archery range. It is explained in the instructions.

    Consty and Eddie12: if i think there were a walkthorough somewere... maybe on the scount or hints section, *trys to remember* or maybe at the .txt. You can also try to talk with everyone in the city, it is not very big so you pravably wont waste much time.

    Toadstool: the game also didnt recognise for me that i had already finished the task, but anyway but it didnt stop me from doing the rest... try just continuing with the work as if there was nothing wrong. It worked for me.

    Prince Ulio: I had the same problem, it would be nice if Silver Serpent fixed it but i also desagree with you that "the ends of Ulio and Prophecy are close to each other". Orion dosnt kill his own father neither does he marry his own sister, and neither does he goes mad at the end because he sister and father died... he actually dosnt seems to care much, the ends of both campaigns are very different from each other.
    CRAIGYBOY all in all a brilliant senario.

    [Edited on 03/27/08 @ 06:35 PM]

    Cilibinarii I have downloaded this one some months ago, and I just can't stop playing it! It's the most addictive and creative scenario I have ever met. So: I'm gonna give it a small review ^.^ The only bad points are:

    1. It was not very clear where you should get the 100 flammable rocks from, however, it has been cleared up.

    2. At the defend-the-spot thingie at the end, it is quite hard to destroy the trebuchet and stuff.

    The better points are simply said:


    The design was great, better then Ulio, but not as good as When the Wheel Breaks, so it was kinda Ingo van Thielish IMO.

    Overall: I think Silver Serpent should create more campaigns like this. This was simply amazing. If someone hasn't downloaded it yet, he should start immeadiately, straight away!

    [Edited on 03/24/08 @ 12:04 PM]

    Sir Catafrato I know it's a stupid question to ask, but where do I get a bow in fort Irony? I can't find the "archery storehouse". Any help would be appreciated.
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