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~~ The Prophecy ~~

Author File Description
Silver Serpent
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
~~ The Prophecy~~

This is my first and likely also last project in designing for AoC. I have enjoyed making it and this project has been a learning curve for me in which I discovered some of the many ways in which the editor can be used creatively. I have spent several months making and improving this scenario, so I hope that it will show throughout the campaign and provide several hours of good entertainment for the AoC community.

by Silver Serpent

~~The Prophecy~~ is a 1-scenario campaign depicting an ominous prophecy for the world. It is situated around the golden sands of the desert and in the merchant city, Kiugo. You take the role of a beggar named Orion and set out to become a prosperous merchant. But you soon find out that you are in for more than you bargained for. The time will soon come. A time to drop the coins, bear the bow and hope for the best.

Special Features:

  • Challenging Stealth gameplay
  • Current storyline displayed in Objectives section
  • Custom sounds
  • Enthralling storyline with many twists and turns
  • Epic Battles
  • Explanation of names and places in Scouts section
  • Gripping Duels
  • Magical Spells
  • Large variety of gameplay
  • Optional Side Quests
  • Over 1600 triggers
  • Over 90 minutes of cutscenes
  • Two possible Endings
  • Unique upgrading/ training system


    The gameplay mainly consists of RPG elements but is varied with a mix of Fixed Force and Defend the Spot elements.


    For those not aware of how to install the files, there is a 'Readme' file included in the .zip for that will guide you through the 1-minute process.

    Note: This campaign does not use the Rennaisance utility by Oliver

    Did you encounter any bugs or wish to give suggestions regarding this campaign, feel free to post them in the Feedback Thread


    Last updated on 23/08/07 in which all bugs mentioned in the Feedback Thread have been fixed.

    I would also like to thank Julius999, RPGary, Shadow667 and Tanneur99 for helping to make this project a reality.

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    AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
    Silver Serpent
    File Author
    The pavilion next to the archery range is where you get the bow. Stand next to it and select the pavilion to acquire the bow.

    To all others who might have encountered minor issues: Sorry about those small problems you might have found during your play, but the playtesting phase was a bit rushed as I was running short on time. I hope you understand,

    Silver Serpent

    [Edited on 04/26/08 @ 04:44 AM]

    devopro How dare you

    How can you make such a wicked game and say you arnt gunna make anymore. That was so much fun and the story was so interesting

    Very good work, definetely one of the best
    Dantares IV I got a question. Now this guy is a begger, and yet he is able to handle a sword rather well, with minimal training; ride a camel, which is VERY hard to learn. I rode a camel once, and I nearly fell off. And then he turns out to be a superb Archer. Something of which takes, and I'm not joking, years of practice and training.

    Is this guy like magical or something like that? :{
    Official Reviewer
    He is not magical but one thing is certain, he is not you. ;)
    Dantares IV OH, he's definately not me. lol

    But the fact stands, if he's not got some sort of powers and he's a "normal" human, then he would need a lot of training to go from beggar to a weapons specialist.

    OH, I found this funny. He fights a horse and a rider clad in heavy armour at the arena, and Orion has, for protection, a Scemitar, a turban, and some sort of Middle Eastern clothing, and a Furry camel with a long neck. And the Horsey ends up dead.

    So, who going to be the first person to say, OH Dantares, stop being so *beep* smart!" :p lol
    Official Reviewer
    No, I am not the one telling you to "stop being so *beep* smart!" however, I have a small story. Dantares IV asks a boy "How old are you" and the boy replies "I am eight years old", Dantares IV replies "Good lord, at your age I was already ten".
    Map Design4.0
    Overall, this is a solid game that is worth playing if you have some patience mainly because of the story. However, the gameplay was a really nice idea but could have been a whole lot better.

    Playability: 3
    Some parts of this game were made very well. The cutscenes presented the story fine, and some of the quests and battles were interesting. Also, I liked seeing the story to completion despite one of the endings resulting in no victory or loss message.
    On the other hand, much of the game involves completing chores, tasks, and errands. That wouldn't be a drawback if they all were fun and exciting, but most of it is just walking around lacking elements which would make it interesting such as strategy, action, adventure, or advancement of the story. Also, I wasted a lot of time just waiting for something to be done. It was really linear since most of the tedious tasks were required.
    I also had an unreasonably frustrating amount of difficulty near the end. (See balance.)

    Balance: 3
    This scenario mostly had good difficulty except for the big battle near the end. I think this is the only part of the game significantly affected by the difficulty selection, and it's a shame you won't realize whether you chose the right one until 3 hours into the game. The hints mention "fast units" and a post mentions "knights" but I had none of these and found it impossible to reach 3 of the 4 transport boats. The battle was grossly imbalanced and relied more on luck that strategy, especially since I had no fast units.
    Also, without the forum I would not have figured out that finding a stone merchant means buying it from the market. This should also be in the hints section.

    Creativity: 5
    There are very few projects like this available. Some gameplay elements are creative and original, but I found the story to retain freshness despite its similarities to a certain video game.

    Map Design: 4
    The artistic aspect of the map design was good overall. Deserts in AoK don't get much different. It didn't really affect the game much.
    The problem with map design was the location of things. I ended up walking long distances too much.

    Story/Instructions: 5
    This game features a great story that is presented well. This is the reason why you should play this game and bear through the frustrating or tiresome parts. Finding out what happens is satisfying.
    The few spelling errors were not a major detractor.

    Additional Comments:

    Coincidentally, I beat [i]The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion[/i] the day before playing this game. [i]The Prophecy[/i] borrows much from that wonderful video game including gameplay, story, and music, but adds its own twist. Maybe it's the timing, but it seemed to me like an attempt to bring [i]Oblivion[/i] to AoK. That's not a bad thing at all, but the feat is difficult to achieve, and this campaign fell very short of what can be done with AoK. It would have been better if you borrowed more of the gameplay that made [i]Oblivion[/i] great, such as tedious quests being optional and journeying through the land being interesting instead of tiresome. This parallel between the two games has nothing to do with the scoring, but addresses the similarity which I found all too obvious.
    Official Reviewer
    Map Design5.0
    'The Prophecy' entails the life of a beggar named Orion who soon finds himself entangled within the motioning wheel of fate with assassins, an enemy invasion force and an age-long prophecy. The file is a single-scenario that will allow the player a few hours gameplay and is primarily a RPG, containing mixed elements of FF and RPS.

    PLAYABILITY: For all its flaws and shortcomings, 'the Prophecy' was for many an undoubted masterpiece the moment it was uploaded to the Blacksmith. The gameplay is so complete with so many things to do, objectives set within chapters and plenty of action and movement that for those who don't mind a bit of walking and a fairly slow start, this will grip from the moment go. However, because there were at times so much to do and the time it took to do them, some instances may have been too slow for the player, where it seemed, a few objectives less would have been a little more beneficial. Still, the scenario's creativity will intrigue any designer or general player of Age of Kings. While not necessarily awash with major trigger tricks and unseen devices, the file still manages its way around its fair share of impressive novelties and more. The in-game story is in particular very well conveyed, sparing hardly any detail from its audience and constantly moving the story forward with varying scenery, plot and twists. The music was nicely tranquil, and the sounds very fitting. There were however many bugs, more than anticipated, which did not limit my enjoyment of the scenario but did nonetheless prevent a perfect score in this category. Things like constant intervals of freezing an hour or so into the gameplay, which I believe may have been caused by looping shore fish was quite annoying and at best distracting. Units disappeared in front of my eyes from buggy cloaks situated among the desert, forcing unnecessary reloads, and among other things, an objective or two firing randomly when they shouldn't have. One such instance being when a siege workshop appeared after the victory over the enemy army, causing a constant spawning of scorpions affecting the duel towards the end of the scenario. In addition, a few unnecessarily confusing moments where I was forced to spend a while trying to figure out what to do because the author had not properly covered it in the objectives. To conclude, this is a very enjoyable, well designed, yet flawed-masterpiece. It seems too rough in some areas during gameplay. I earnestly hope the author goes back over the scenario to further polish it. 4.0+

    BALANCE: Almost perfect. I played on moderate, and for the most part, the scenario was about setting up a business, making your way in the world, and becoming a successful and profitable merchant. Things went wrong with bandit attacks on caravan routes, desert assassins tangling themselves with your work and rumours of an enemy invasion overseas. The difficulty of the scenario did not at all fluctuate but was consistent as I suffered reloads, deaths and needed quick micromanagement, hit and run tactics and strategy, especially in the attack on the fortress hideout, to overcome the enemy. There were a few parts that were more or less annoyingly hard, such as when objectives required me to charge outside the fort and find reinforcements to aid in crushing the enemy transport ships. This was made futile, regardless of my more than numerous attempts as the enemy swarmed the causeway, causing a reload from an earlier save point to pre arrange the battle so that I could win. Besides this, the duel toward the end of the scenario was a let down in terms of difficulty, but considering the author's intent does not necessarily affect the overall rating of this category. 5.0-

    CREATIVITY: Honestly impressive. This is the map editor manipulated to show some of its best and most absorbing with fountains, caravans escorted by armed guards, gladiatorial fights, accumulating money through deeds and quests, patrolling units giving the impression of walking, an astrology tower, a new design of walls, pumpkin fields and plentiful sounds and music which all affirm an intriguing atmosphere. I felt the warmth of a desert and shared in the enjoyable experience of a business going wrong and an enemy force besieging a fort. Although not original, the story of a poor villager dreaming to one day become a prosperous merchant is looked at in a new and creative way. Far above average, and deservedly stands out among the best. 5.0

    MAP DESIGN: The map design was sufficient enough that it not only looks nice but melds into the background without being too overly exertive with terrain mixing and eye candy. The design primarily covers a desert landscape, which in most circumstances can turn out being dull or overdone, but the designer has managed to keep it realistic and interesting enough to an excellent standard, though admittedly there were some places that seemed a little untidy and not the part with the rest of the map. The town of Kiugo is well detailed and designed and forms the centrepiece of the scenario, featuring taverns, minarets, a great mosque, merchant quarters, an arena, slums, military quarters, a graveyard and even a palace. There is always something to look at and keep the scenario exciting. 5.0

    STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: The story was excellent, a joy to be a part of and although unoriginal, looked at in a new way. Together with a great bitmap, abundant, user-easy hints and even a little something in scout this category earns full marks. 5.0

    CONCLUDING: 'The Prophecy' is a surprisingly impressive scenario. Although flawed and containing perhaps more than its fair share of bugs, it's very enjoyable to play and the map design is a delight to observe. This has something for everyone. I highly recommend this download.

    In a sentence - A flawed masterpiece.

    In closing - A must download.

    [Edited on 09/30/16 @ 08:10 AM]

    Dantares IV I probably was supposed to find that insulting Tanneur, but I couldn't help laughing at it when I read it in Basse's signature. It took me a while to find where the sentence came from however. lol :)
    Andanu Trisatya Ah... so this is where Basse got his sig from. :P

    Magnificent game, this is. Just completed it (on standard, though). Pity we won't be going to see another one by SS in the future.
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    Map Design4.7
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