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~~ The Prophecy ~~

Author File Description
Silver Serpent
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
~~ The Prophecy~~

This is my first and likely also last project in designing for AoC. I have enjoyed making it and this project has been a learning curve for me in which I discovered some of the many ways in which the editor can be used creatively. I have spent several months making and improving this scenario, so I hope that it will show throughout the campaign and provide several hours of good entertainment for the AoC community.

by Silver Serpent

~~The Prophecy~~ is a 1-scenario campaign depicting an ominous prophecy for the world. It is situated around the golden sands of the desert and in the merchant city, Kiugo. You take the role of a beggar named Orion and set out to become a prosperous merchant. But you soon find out that you are in for more than you bargained for. The time will soon come. A time to drop the coins, bear the bow and hope for the best.

Special Features:

  • Challenging Stealth gameplay
  • Current storyline displayed in Objectives section
  • Custom sounds
  • Enthralling storyline with many twists and turns
  • Epic Battles
  • Explanation of names and places in Scouts section
  • Gripping Duels
  • Magical Spells
  • Large variety of gameplay
  • Optional Side Quests
  • Over 1600 triggers
  • Over 90 minutes of cutscenes
  • Two possible Endings
  • Unique upgrading/ training system


    The gameplay mainly consists of RPG elements but is varied with a mix of Fixed Force and Defend the Spot elements.


    For those not aware of how to install the files, there is a 'Readme' file included in the .zip for that will guide you through the 1-minute process.

    Note: This campaign does not use the Rennaisance utility by Oliver

    Did you encounter any bugs or wish to give suggestions regarding this campaign, feel free to post them in the Feedback Thread


    Last updated on 23/08/07 in which all bugs mentioned in the Feedback Thread have been fixed.

    I would also like to thank Julius999, RPGary, Shadow667 and Tanneur99 for helping to make this project a reality.

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    AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
    Official Reviewer
    Dantares, I like and respect you for what you do for AoKH, I did not mean to insult, and the story came to my mind feeling that the discussion about the beggar would lead nowhere. It is funny isn’t it?

    Edit: I started a review for the ~~ The Prophecy ~~ when it came out, it is about 30% finished like approximately over 100 other reviews. I wonder if I ever find the time to finish them.

    [Edited on 07/19/08 @ 01:26 PM]

    freek0fnature thisisoneofmy favorite campaings you do an exelent job

    [Edited on 09/28/08 @ 10:06 PM]

    Sith9890 Ok this is game is awesome. Very well done. I have a problem though. After struggling to escape the assassins i make it to the fort. The woman (i forget her name) says that she will show me around while we wait for the general. She takes me over to the palisade near a horse and just stops. I can't move and she doesn't do anything. How do I continue? Thanks! Great campaign!

    Val the 2nd This is an amazing mission! Starting as one type of gaming style, and suddenly adding a twist and becoming combat-oriented fits well with the storyline.

    There was, however, one problem I encountered: after boarding the wheat transport to find reinforcements in the town, I didn't get back the control. (checked with marco polo, the ship unloaded me correctly, but the change of ownership trigger did not fire)
    SymphonyXX Hey Guys, I just assasined Gavin and all his guards who try to get me afterwards at the entrance. Its a pity that there is no possibility of saving the archery captain. If I leave town back from whence I came, the guards (who are allready dead) will spam till the end of the map...
    Ronnie Junior Wow!!!
    I've never played any game so good!This is amazing!!
    gethighplayaoe let me start by saying this is an AMAZING scenario. Map design, playability, and effects are all on point. The storyline was thin at spots, but it wasn't really bad until the end. the ending was kind of disappointing to be honest; it seemed hastily concluded. also, are the mapmaker and monument on the other side of the map part of the scenario or something else entirely?
    building1028 This is the most enjoyable scenario I have ever played. Loved exploring the well designed city.
    JWally Hey, I'm having a tough time with the part right after you finish flooding the moat so you go see the merchant. Every time I try to escape, I get about halfway until the assassins catch up and kill me. Am I doing something wrong?
    Tpojat i need help...when you get commad kill gavin and you need ask bow from damon -nubian archers commader and he said have you looked from storehouse....where is storehouse?

    first comment in 2 years! last in 2012!

    looked old comments and found answer.there should be more info about storehouse Place...i was near palisade tent but was not thinking it is storhouse because so small...maybe damon should mark it....but i am sure you do not edit this map more because someone say something 7 years later campaing came public

    [Edited on 02/09/14 @ 01:20 PM]

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