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Forest Light

Author File Description
IT 000
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy

---Forest Light---

I sat on the hard floor of the yurt, hearing the ill news from the scouts, five went, two came. Lixus, the peasent guard, told me, Ferta has come.

We were a peaceful colony, not a dreaded horde. But still Ferta called us barbarians. We gave them all we had, hopeing that they would stop attacking us. We sent over five diplomats, unarmed. To the Ferta's base. They were slaughtered.

The citizans, enraged, took up what little arms they had, and decided to fight for the forests, fight for there homes

Fight, for there lives


This is my first scenario and I must say, it's better then most of the campains I made. So have fun!
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IT 000
File Author
Questions, Comments, Suggestions?

I'm willing to update.
tyler_t_rocks good.
Jas the Mace1 Kinda fun! It's like a random forest map with a custom fortress at the bottom. They don't attack much so it's more like a smash waiting to happen as soon as you get of your a**
Maybe some more story or some side areas that add to the game so there's more than just the smash. A little more eye candy would help as well.
Artifex Nice work for you first try, but not my type of game.
IT 000
File Author
Could someone rate my scenerio?

[Edited on 09/20/07 @ 05:42 PM]

Official Reviewer
For review requests go here please,,36175,0,
John Mendl This seems to be unvaried terrain of leaves, forest, pine forest. A forest environment with some resources scattered here and there. You should use more variation in the terrain to make it interesting; Better to add some grass, dirt, snow. The non-varied nature of terrain is the problem. There seems to be too little of room to build. I did build a towncenter after gathering stone and deleting some yurt-inorder to make space. The scenario is somewhat ok. Probably 3 out of 5. I saved after playing 16 minutes.
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
'Forest light' is a B&D game which takes part in a large forest. You have to defeat your enemies.

Playability: 2

The game plays as a straight B&D , you have to build up and then destroy your enemies. The enemies did not attack even on hard so it was quite easy. The playability differed from an RM only in the sense that building space was limited. The game was too easy and only the yellow town put up some challenge for a while. The game went on too long (about an hour) as you had to build up from scratch and was quite boring at times.

Balance: 2

The game is almost a walkover even on hard. You can build up and attack the enemies at your leisure. Getting through the yellow town's gate was a slight challenge which accounts for the 2. Mostly because of the monks converting away my troops. I faced no danger in the forest despite numerous wolves.

Creativity: 3

The scenario was moderately creative introducing a large forest map with limited building space and also a few other things like bunk house and fire towers. However it was still more or less like an RM game and 'defeat the enemy' objective wasn't very interesting.

Map Design: 4+

Fairly good forest environment well mixed with dirt, leaves , oak and pine trees, which limits building. A lot better than a random map. Also the city at the south surrounded by ditch which could only be crossed by two bridges. It could be made better with more eyecandy though.

Story/Instructions: 4

A 'defeat the enemy' instruction with some unneccessary hints about bunk houses and ambushes which were useless because the enemy did not attack. There was also some sort of story, so I have to give it a 4.

Additional Comments:

A scenario with great potential if it is harder. Include some triggers to attack or spawn troops or something and a better storyline, and you can make it a lot better. In the meanwhile, not recommended for download, unless you've nothing better to do.
IT 000
File Author
Well, I've been planning to update it for a while, take out a few clicks and twitches. I'll probably get around to it in a month or so. I'm happy for a 3.0 though.


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Map Design4.0
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