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Adventure of the Dwarves: Demo

Author File Description
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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
This is a demo for my campaign The Adventures of the Dwarves. If you like it i will make a campaign
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Life L33ch This is a .scx file,and not a .cpx file. You should have out this in single player.Also, i noticed that you put one condition for each effect.You don't need to do that.And finally,this was not very fun.
File Author
what would make it better then
Life L33ch Well, I would say that at first,you should include a story and all,like why are the goblins attacking the city?Second of all,improve the triggers a bit.For the creativity,you could include some ideas,and maybe if you have enough time,d/l some of the best campaigns like the Swallowed Realms or Nyctophobia etc. The map design was ok,but just don't leave it mostly grass.Add in dirt 1 and dirt 2 in the pathways,and mix up the trees a bit. Add oak and pine or something like that.You might not know it, but if you add terrains that really don't look too well with each other actually make it look better.Oh yes and dont clump the trees.I know it's so the player won't leave the path,but you could put them a bit farther. And the empty space it leaves can have scattered trees and some eye-candy like a bit of rocks and gold mines and stone mines.Add some plants too.Remember that they are in gaia/othere lol.The Farms and stables were nice though,but they got tiresomeFor the balance,you could have included some enemies in the pathway,so you could provide a bit of a challenge.Finally,for the story and instructions,well,it was short.The Goblins drove you out of your homeland.Include WHY they did that?Did they hate you?Were they evil and wanted to conquer the universe/world/earth/whatever?And the instructions, they were ok.You could make them a bit more detailed, like go to the human village to help you against the goblins. I hope this was enough to help you on your campaign and future ones as well. By the way,include the AI files if it is a .scx file. You dont need the AI files for campaigns,since they are memorized in them.
File Author
thanks for the advice

btw ive played swallowed realm thats good
Official Reviewer
This scenario was ok. The eye candy was nice, but other than that the map was not too good, all grass 1, path, and forest. The balance was the weakest point, I lost a total of 1 unit in the scenario. Also, walking along the long paths with no enemies was boring. To improve the balance you could add lots of enemies on the path and in the Bandit Camp, and maybe a boss in the goblin camp. I think you should take the Siege Onagers out of the game because they make defeating the goblins really easy. Some optional objectives and trigger tricks would be nice.

Despite all I've said, I think this was a promising demo and you should make the full version.
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
-Adventures of the Dwarves: Demo
-by klarson

Adventures of the Dwarves is a fixed force scenario about a group of dwaves led by Gimli who have been forced to leave their homeland by the goblins and want to go back.

Playability: 3
The playability was ok. For the beginning of the scenario you wander along a path gathering the elves and men to help you. This part was not very fun, as the path was long and there were no enemies on it. But after the army was assembled, the liberation of the mountain homeland was somewhat better. There were no bugs though.
My Suggestions: Add some enemies along the path to make the journey less dull.

Balance: 2
The scenario was pretty easy, mainly because you get two Siege Onagers which can kill off most of the Goblin army with little effort. Again, there were no enemies along the path, which hurts this score too. The hero was not unrealistically strong, though, which was good.
My Suggestions: Remove the Siege Onagers from the scenario. Again, add enemies on the paths.

Creativity: 3
Most of this scenario was just gathering troops and fighting, which is not very creative. However, there were some parts of the scenario, like having to get gold from the bandits to pay the Elves, that I thought were pretty creative.
My Suggestions: Add optional objectives, something like a band of mercenaries that is willing to join you only if you accomplish some task for them.

Map Design: 3
The map was mediocre. It was mainly a long path surrounded by trees, which was not very nice looking. I noticed that the author did put gaia objects between the path and forest, which was a nice touch. The area around the captured Dwarf homeland was nicely done too.
My Suggestions: Making the area between the path and the forest bigger (to fit more gaia) would help.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story, about the Dwarves and their captured homeland, was good in my opinion, if a bit short. The instructions were fairly clear, and objectives were used.
My Suggestions: Lengthening the story might help.

In Conclusion:
I thought this demo was very promising, and I think the full version should be made, including an edited version of this scenario. I have played other scenarios by klarson, and I see that this is a big improvement. Keep up the good work!

Good Points:
-Good story
-Fairly good use of gaia in map
-Goblin battle was fun
Bad Points:
-Long, empty path
-Siege Onagers hurt balance
-Too much forest in map
Demon_709 Ok, im just letting you know about this...but if you want to know a bit more on how to setup a map, d/l my scenario, ATren Rise of Heros. BNC said that the map design was very good, and i think you might be able to pick up a few thing...and yes, i have broken my long silence.

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Map Design3.0
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