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LotR Minas Tirith Multiplayer

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
Number of players: 2-3
I wanted to make a multiplayer Minas Tirith map to play with my friends that would capture as much as possible the actual feel of the place from the books + movies.

This is a fixed force map, with no villagers or economy to speak of, but new units do become available (mostly to Gondor) over time.

It is the task of Mordor (and The White Hand, if played) to destroy the Hall of Kings on the 7th level of the city to win.

Gondor will win upon the destruction of Mordors general, or the entire forces of Mordor and The White Hand.

The initial battle for Osgoliath is quite crucial. Mordor must destory the six guard towers and bring a trade cart up to the base of the bridge on the south side in order to repair it. Until then, it is only possible to send troops accross via transports. Gondor must delay Mordors forces here for as long as possible, in order that its forces may be aided both by gradually arriving reinforcements, and a one time flush of Rohan troops much later on.

Inevitably, Osgoliath will fall, and one by one the levels of Minas Tirith. The hope of Gondor is to delay and cause maximum damage to the enemy through careful use of the defenses available, until such a time that Rohans forces are able to deliver a killing blow to the weakened enemy.

Mordor meanwhile must find the correct mixture of speed and caution. Speed is necessary in order to crush Gondor before it receives too many reinforcements. However despite the massive size of its force, (over 1000 men), they will not be replaced at all, aside for a fresh trebuchet every 10 minutes. Therefore it is also necessary to use the available soliders with some care. Don't throw in masses of infantry when you need seige weapons, and vice versa.

This is my first version of this map (and my first ever AOE2 Multiplayer Map!), and I hope everybody likes it. Comments are welcome!
Beware - this game has not been sufficiently play tested by myself to assure a fair and balanced game. Please be prepared to jump in and make your own modifications if you find it necessary.




The following settings are recommended, from a stylistic standpoint and also gameplay.

Player 1 - Britain Team 1
Player 2 - Persia Team 2
Player 3 - Osgoliath (COMPUTER!) Team 1
Player 4 - Persia Team 2 (Human or Computer)

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Official Reviewer
I sent you an e-mail to edit before approval, but I guess it got lost in a spam filter. :-{

You submitted a .CPX to the Multiplayer section of the blacksmith you cannot play a .CPX file with more than one human player.

I did the update for you, replacing the .CPX with a .SCX. I corrected your read me, wrote .scx instead of .cpx, you wrote "...just place the file Minas Tirith.cpx into your scenario folder...", only .scx go into the scenario folder, .cpx go into the campaign folder.

-Blacksmith Administrator

File Author
Having play tested this map a little over the last couple of weeks, I have discovered several bugs and balance issues in regards to the production of reinforcements for Gondor and the arrival of Rohan. In some games these units actually went over to Mordor.

Also, I would like to either remove, or rename the secondary dark player, as Saruman's forces were wiped out at Helms Deep and Isengard before the seige of Minas Tirith.

A second version is on its way, which I hope will make things a bit better in regards to the above. It will also include..

- Level 1 of Minas Tirith having cliff walls like the other levels, forcing the enemy to take this gate as well instead of simply smashing through the wall on the left that is close to the second gate.

- Pre-made rubble tiles underneath all buildings, so that as Mordors forces advance up the city it will leave a visible trail of destruction instead of nice clean empty spaces.

- Elongated time for Rohans arrival to around 50 minutes.

Would welcome all critisims and comments. I am willing to take them on board and continue improving this map in regards to balance/visual niceties until it is pleasing to LOTR and AOE fans alike. What I really want to capture here is the quintesenntial seige map.

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