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Zegrelandia - Prologue

Author File Description
Andanu T
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
This is a prologue to my side-project, entitled "Zegrelandia".


- 3 different characters, each with different stories leading to one purpose
- Choose which cut-scene you want to watch first
- 30 minutes or so watching time (I think)
- Some nice music files and sound effects
- Quite a nice map design and storyline
- 450 triggers
- That's all.

For more information about the campaign history and features, go to this address:,37719,,all

Please view the Readme file first before extracting the any single file.
Thank you for downloading!

Brought to you by Andanu Trisatya
StormWind Studios
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
the Prologue to 'Zegrelandia' is a long-lasting - around 45 minutes if you select things quickly - cut-scene, depicting the beginning of a war between the forces of good and evil. You get to pick from three characters and follow their stories in the war. There's Valdar, one of the Angels that saved Zegrelandia from the same evil that threatens it now. There's Xyron, a birdman (or something, I'm not quite sure) searching for adventure, dreaming dreams about Zegrelandia's future. Then there's the boy who returned from his hunting, only to find his total vilage burning, attacked by monsters. the only survivors was he and his sister.
Zegrelandia is a fantasy campaign, and if the rest of the campaign continues as the prologue, I believe it can become something great.

I enjoyed watching this cut-scene. It was filled with emotional happenings, with very effective, sensitive music in the background, giving a great atmosphere to all three stories. Zegrelandia is the first fantasy-campaign in Age of Kings that I have really liked. I love fantasy-fiction in real life, but in AoK I still haven't found anything to recommend - until now. Zegrelandia brings you to a world with mixed races and species, living together harmonically... until the day when the Foul Angel and his minions ravaged the land and extinct many of the unique species.
I believe the authour manages to fulfill big parts of both the watchingpart, with great design and execution, as well as hearing with the emotional music and the soundeffects, but also to trigger the watcher's imagination. I had a constant feeling of wanting to know more about Zegrelandia, more about the other species, more details about the old war.
Then why the world do I bring this down if I like it so much? It's simple. The campaign is far from finished and all three stories tell only a tiny part of the whole story, the grand picture, a 4.

the Prologue to Zegrelandia is a fullscale cut-scene. The only playable elements would be when you're to pick which part of the story you want to hear, or when you must cheat to start the cut-scene (before that you get time to configure your settings. The cheat triggers the actual cut-scene, preventing stress and restarts)
Since there are no playable elements from which the reviewer can either add or remove points, the guidelines tell this sort of cut-scenes should be given a perfect score.

As for the theme, the whole thing about magical worlds with mixes of species if far from new. It's often overused and overexposed in real life, with tons of carboncopies of other books and stories.
When it comes to Zegrelandia, I believe the authour has done a good job in trying to make this more unique. Never before have I seen angels in fantasy-stories. It's more like an alternative world, with quite a few changes in the systems above, than the traditional fantasyworld with evil orchs and good men, and dragons and trolls. Well, many clichés are left, but that's the way fantasy is. It has to be in that way more or less, and I dont think it hurts gameplay or makes this less creative.
Going into details now, I loved how everything was built up in many scenes, like Xyron's dream. It gave a good impression of watching an interactive movie, although still in AoK. Then there's the music and soundeffects adding to the experiense, the way the authour used smoking buildings packed with trees to show a high-above picture of the village, the way Xyron transformed (or changed from wings to arms) by going through a small evolution - hawk-turkey-eagle warrior.
Then of course the overall idea with picking stories one at a time, using cheats to activate the cut-scene after configuring the settings.
The minues on the 5 up there is given because some things could have used a little more details - but these are such small things, so therefor I dont drop points fir it. First off the deer in the hunt runs off screen from time to time and so does the hunter and his wolf when they kill it. Then the scenes with monsters marching in the desert which could have used either more variaton or more sounds, or both.
Apart from that, an overly great experiense in creativity-ways.

The map design varies a lot between the stories told in the cut-scene. One takes place in the Aetherial Realm (pretty much a fantasy-version of Heaven), one in a deep pine forest and another in a jungle village. All three parts have been executed well. In the Aetherial Realm, lands consist of mostly snow and road, depicting - what at least I thought i was - clouds, or heaven-ish enviroments. It looks beautiful and it's very suiting for its purpose, but in other cases it would have looked bland (by that I mean if it was supposed to be a medieval castle in the winter, or something like that).
The forests and the village burning were overly beautiful. the forest could've needed a little mixing and perhaps some variation in the farms, just to make it perfect, but else I cannot find much to complain about.
The jungle where Xyron and the eagle-people lives would be the least good part. The village is quite well executed, although it looks a little plain here and there. The waterfall is worst. Not the actual waterfall but the parts opposite to it, that are completely empty. You dont see much of it but it still gives a look of something being unfinished or badly positioned. the solution would be to either move the map revealers or just add some nice terrain there. Apart from this, the siege with the elephants can look a little bland, but it aint much you notice while there's loads of soldiers fighting there.
I therefor give a strong 4. Some light work for the authour and it will be perfected.

As I've said before I think this story is great. I enjoyed every minute of it and I cant wait for more. I want more details, more facts and things about the old war, the different species and so on.I think and believe this can evolve to something wondeful if the following campaign continues as this did.
The storyline is deep and intriguing, the plot changing and varied for the three stories, even if they all circle around same happening. The story and execution is emotional and very easy to see out of a first-person perspective. At many times it was like being there. I could see the monsters roam the countryside, see their ugly faces and see them slaughter innocent people.
The instructions were few, but more weren't neccesary. They simply told what to do to start the cut-scenes handle the three stories as well as the settings required. the addition of a bitmap adds to the experiense, specifically since it depicts the overall feeling very well.

OVERALL: Intriguing

IN CLOSING: An emotional and easy to enjoy cut-scene with great variety and great atmosphere.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I believe Zegrelandia can become a marvelous campaign if it continues like this. It's the best fantasy-campaign I've played so far and other than that it's an intriguing and creative story.
Good work Andan!


[Edited on 10/22/07 @ 07:15 PM]

Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
‘Zegrelandia – Prologue’ is a fictional cut-scene, embroiling an unfinished story of the rebirth of an ancient evil long ago defeated. The story captures the unique stories of three characters, each unknowingly linked to one another and the impending doom. There is the descent angel of the Aetherial Realm, Valmir, the discontented tribesman, Xyron, and the youthful Synard. Be prepared for a long sitting, with over forty minutes of viewing time.


The introduction story to ‘Zegrelandia’ is at first an enjoyable cut-scene, with fantastic characters and plenty of dialogue, and beautiful music, but after moments of waiting for the story to evolve just a little bit more the cut-scene ends. Even after forty minutes I still do not even know much about the story being told. The story briefly introduces the contention of the story, which is sometimes enough, but even then I feel the cut-scene has more weight with its characters and the beginnings of their journey than with anything else. This leaves a rather too obscure cut-scene, but really does work well with its intended purpose. Still I liked the characters, watching their journey unraveled, and the scenes of destruction, prophesising dreams or a meeting between angels hastening the rising tension of a fallen angel’s feared awakening. The overdone story of ‘good and evil’ is done in new ways with deep emphasis on character, and after just a few minutes, I am already itching to get into the game and begin playing, wondering what would happen next. However it seems we will have a while to wait before this may become possible, as such as this is merely a teaser. Probably my enjoyment would have been better, however, if it had not have been for a few boring scenes of talking, too little dimensions in plot, but as this prologue is about the characters and not necessarily the story at hand, I suppose this is to be expected. Above the unfinished story, it is an overall wonderful cut-scene, and the option to choose from three characters lives offers plenty of variety in gameplay and replay value. I am left wanting more.

BALANCE: (5.0)

Where normally a scenario would be rated according to its difficulty and the player’s struggle to survive therein, a cut-scene scenario is rated according to its intended purpose which is of course to introduce or to move a story along. As a cut-scene is merely for the viewer to sit back and watch, there is no reason to deduct because of a difficulty that does not exist. This scenario is a cut-scene, and as such is awarded a full rating, as according to the review guidelines.


Prophesising dreams witnessing relentless destruction and slaughter, evil wizards awakening dark spirits, and burning villages – creativity is found in all aspects of a design, and this cut-scene does excellently with this regard. Not only is the story done in a new, original way, but also with its deep emphasis on character, dialogue and the connection they have between one another is an implementation that I have hardly ever witnessed in a cut-scene before. I liked in particular the music and sounds, the wizard using magic, and boy hunting a deer, disturbed by the sight of his burning village from down below the cliff face.


The design was very good covering a variety of landscapes and settlements, which were all a joy to look at. Mountain summits and villages were excellent, as well as the realistically-conveyed cloud tops of a spirit realm, with beautiful terrain mixing, placement of Gaia and elevation. Yet in some areas I witnessed an ugly city with square buildings, narrow, rectangular corridors and pure road underneath, and other distasteful sights of a poorly designed waterfall and flat, boring scenes of deserts with little elevation.


The story is really wonderful, but it is unfinished and therefore cannot be perfect. I still do not even know what is going to happen to the characters, let alone the fictional land of Zegrelandia. However a good bitmap, good hints, plenty of dialogue and at least the beginning of a story bring this category up to a 4.


‘Zegrelandia – Prologue’ is the beginning of a wonderful story and most certainly a promising scenario. I will certainly download the sequel if ever it is to be released. I recommend this scenario to cut-scene enthusiasts, and to those who enjoy the beginnings of good stories and in-depth characters who have life and are not just tiny pixilated images on the screen.
The author’s other cut-scene, ‘Fight against Fate’, is another highly recommended download, featuring both excellent characters and a phenomenally well-told story.

In a word – Promising.

In closing – A recommended download.

[Edited on 09/26/07 @ 10:53 AM]

EpIc CoMmandeR
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
I enjoyed this cutscene, it was very good and the storyline was interesting and very detailed,it was unique for each character, it revealed alot about the character but at the same time, left you wanting to know more.

Balance: 5
According to Mashek:
Where normally a scenario would be rated according to its difficulty and the player’s struggle to survive therein, a cut-scene scenario is rated according to its intended purpose which is of course to introduce or to move a story along. As a cut-scene is merely for the viewer to sit back and watch, there is no reason to deduct because of a difficulty that does not exist. This scenario is a cut-scene, and as such is awarded a full rating, as according to the review guidelines.

Creativity: 4
This cut-scene was very creative, it used alot of imagination and included a creative storyline with warlock's, wizards and dreams, it fitted together very nicely.

Map Design: 4
The map design was very creative aswell, it had a few map tricks and was very detailed.
Andanu T certainly has a good Mapmaking skill.

Story/Instructions: 5
As I've said before the storyline was very unique and very interesting, it didn't repeat for each character and at the end it left you wanting to know more.

Additional Comments:
A very worthwhile download, I would recommend this.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
You have to pursue designing, because few people have a skill like you have. Designing is an art, kind of like writing or painting. You my friend, were able to create an emotional atmosphere whenever you pleased, like when the young hunter came back to his village finding his deceased parents. During this I surprised myself, I actually felt sorry for the kid. Do you realise how hard it is to capture pity, or any other feeling in AoE? And you did it perfectly, therefore I give this a 5

Balance: 5
According to the tutorial I grant this a five.

Creativity: 5
I give this a 5. A well-earned 5 if I may add. A wonderfull fictional story of the battle between good and evil. I love all the effects and ideas you use in this work. Absolutely astonishing. Excitement and tention were vital parts of the story as well, and you managed to portray them flawlesely within the story. I constently felt I wanted to know more about everything. You were also able to not "overdo" the whole "evil demon" thing and the "mixed species living in harmonony until that big, bad day". Good job! A strong 5

Map Design: 5
The terrain of Zegrelandia was beautiful beyond belief. You must have spent hours and hours and hours creating the scenery of where the story unfolds. You are a very patient person if I so myself. So many designers today ignore the landscape within AoE, and that is sad. The landscape is what creates a big part of the magic.
I loved all the visual parts of the story. My favorites were the waterfall, the Aetherial Realm and the forest where the deer was hunted. Another thing is that it really made me believe it was a fantasy land. Take that as a complement ;) The whole thing was one, big masterpiece and it deserves a straight 5. You should be proud of the work you've done.

Story/Instructions: 4+
A good, long story which got me engaged and fascinated. I wanted to keep reading after it ended which is a good quality. It wasn't one of those long, boring texts which you just wanna skip. There were very few instructions but frankly, you truly didn't need them. It desribed the recommended settings you should have on. And it told you what to do when you were going to move a unit into a circle of torches, and that is all you need to know during this cutscene. However, I find the cutscene to be not even close to finished, and I think you could have maybe gone a little deeper into the whole story, so I demmand that you create a sequal... please? 4+

Additional Comments:
One of the most incredible pieces of work I have seen in AoEQ. I was completely transfixed the entire time, and it really brings out interest in people (I know it brought out mine). This gets the status of classic in my book, and it should get it in all of your books, too. An outstanding piece of work.

Recommended download: Absolutely!

[Edited on 03/26/08 @ 06:55 AM]

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