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Desert battle

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
This campaign is a battle in the desert.


-A morale system of your units
-no music atm but i will update it soon
-choice of three different difficulty levels ingame
-Heroes that influence moral of units

please report any bugs.
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File Author
The best thing about this game is:
It's totally lagfree (that is rare for such large battles) and you can play it over and over again on different difficulty levels and it will always be a nice challenge, and won't get boring. I will even add a Xtreme hard option to the battle, for xperts, and ppl that want a real big challenge.

Please post comment or improvements.
would be really nice if some1 could review this, thank you.

[Edited on 01/14/08 @ 07:18 AM]

Hellrush i like this map, its fun
Jas the Mace1 I liked it as well. I only played it once (moderate) and got creamed by the steady supply of enemy troops. To me, it kind of plays like a multi-player, with the central elvated area of death. Good job!
I like the map, if you only would put in some backgroundhistory of some kind for the characters...

Btw, which music did you use for the level?
File Author
I didn't make any background history yeah... but this campaign is just a fun, fun battle of two sides.

- I took out the music cause it is copyright, but other will come soon.

Thank's for the comment.

[Edited on 01/18/08 @ 05:40 PM]

THEMASTER21 I liked it very much. VERY much indeed the units were a bit uneven because i always got to the end.but i skar always got killed by the heroes that were still alive and the units too so it was good just a bit hard for me but i finnaly got it (on hard) easy and medium were easy though.

[Edited on 10/26/07 @ 05:51 PM]

Alex Coles If I remember correctly, you're not supposed to use the music from Tamerlane - Prince of Destruction. Try reading the readme files.
File Author
ok. i did not know that i will ask him if im allowed or just take the music out ty.
Official Reviewer
Thank you for your understanding maccomo. :)

Mark Stoker, the author of Tamerlane, included the following note for the music he used for his campaign, "This music is for sampling use only. Please do not copy it or circulate it among your friends. If you really like the music, go out and buy the CDs. I've downgraded the quality of these soundtracks, so the quality of the music on the CD's will be much better."

The CDs he used are copyright protected. However, if someone purchases the CDs he can copy and use the music privately. I am not sure if the use for one's own scenario constitutes a "fair use" of such copyrighted music as provided for in 'section 107 of the US Copyright Law'. You can use Google to read about it.

A solution is to trigger the music with the original titles and write in a read me and/or your description that some of your music plays for those that have Tamerlane, Prince of Destruction on their computer.
Map Design2.0
Playability: 4
Very strong playability. This is the kind of scenario you want to play all over again when you win. It's an MCrnigoj-inspired battle scenario where you must fight an enemy army on top of sand dune. There are many heroes whose death will impact their soldiers' morale, and they have a different color so you can easily pick them out when in the chaos of battle. I experienced no lag (a frequent complaint in this kind of scenario). There are a few minor problems relating to the AI (sometimes your green ally will stop fighting and just stand there if there are no enemies within range) but nothing that greatly detracts from the scenario. Another minor complaint is that the battle doesn't start until Skar is on the hill, and this allows you to walk around at your leisure killing the isolated groups of enemy soldiers.

Balance: 5
The scenario leans slightly towards the "hard" end of the scale, but for experienced players this scenario will be perfect and the custom difficulty levels allows less experienced players to join in the action as well. There are no criticisms I can make of the balance.

Creativity: 3
This kind of scenario has been around for a while now and there is little of interest here. Desert battles are somewhat novel and that and the hero system earn minor points.

Map Design: 2
The scenario's weakest point, the map consists of large areas of blank desert terrain with little eye-candy. I acknowledge that attractive desert maps are hard to do, but it is possible if you mix desert, dirt 1, dirt 2 and dirt 3 terrain (cf MCrnigoj's Hattin scenario).

Story/Instructions: 2
No story, but sufficient instructions to play the game. It would have been nice if there had been a list of the enemy heroes and what they do, but that's just a nitpick.

Additional Comments:
I recommend this campaign, it may not go down as a classic but it's a fun time-waster. To the designer, improve the map, add a simple story, and consider not allowing player 1 to fight the enemy before Skar stands on the hill.

[Edited on 01/11/08 @ 09:34 PM]

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Map Design2.0
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