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Downloads Home » Multiplayer Scenarios » The Defence of The Middle Age 3.50

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The Defence of The Middle Age 3.50

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of players: 2
No Description Available
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Great scenario just improve the English in some of the lines.

[Edited on 05/22/08 @ 05:51 PM]

evil_space_cows Doesn't AoK heaven have the minimap feature?

Your truly,
some guy who's addicted to Stronghld heaven
Map Design1.0
Playability: 1
Both players start the game totally stuck. They get one villager each that's trapped inside a fenced-off area. The only way out is first to delete the palisade walls surrounding them, and then chop their way out through a thick layer of trees. Since there's no lumber camp, and no resources to build a lumber camp, and in the case of player 1, barely enough room to build a lumber camp, they're completely stuck. I had to alter the starting resources just to be able to move my villager out of the first starting area, and then there was ten to twenty minutes of waiting while he slowly chopped his way out.

Balance: 1
Player two has the advantage simply because they have more room to move. Even if you do cheat and give both players more resources, player 2 can eventually build a whole base while player 1 is still just trying to get out of his tiny area.

Creativity: 1
Honestly, it's impossible for me to tell how creative this is since I couldn't even play properly, but I don't think this scenario deserves a higher score than the absolute lowest possible.

Map Design: 1
According to this site's review rules, the navigability of a map can impact the map design score, and this is pretty freaking hard to navigate. Impossible, even.

Story/Instructions: 1
Zero instructions. Zero. When my friend and I played this scenario we were totally baffled and scratched our heads for a long time because we couldn't figure out how to get out of the walled-off area. We wondered what we did wrong. We tried attacking things, killing ourselves, trying to squeeze through points between trees. There was no indication whatsoever of what we had to do.
I even tried playing it in single player to see if it was only bugged in multiplayer. It still didn't work.

Additional Comments:

I hated this scenario before I even got to play it and I didn't even know what I had in store then. The scenario came with a BMP file for some reason, which is about ten times larger than a JPG or PNG, making the download needlessly longer. The image contained no useful information. Just a poorly drawn logo and a hard-to-read font telling me who to e-mail if I had questions or comments. Meaning if I wanted to contact the author I'd have to transcribe the e-mail address rather than just click or copy and paste like I'd be able to do if a document was attached rather than a FRIGGING BITMAP. I was hoping this image would have some actual instructions but there was nothing but a version number. Which scares me. How could there be multiple versions of a game that's impossible to play? How did the author test this? It boggles the mind.
In addition, all the files that came with this scenario were needlessly placed into a subdirectory meaning AoE2 couldn't even find the scenario until I manually moved everything back. So imagine my surprise after all that work and annoyance to find that so far I'd been enjoying the best parts of the game.
Nothing but chopping and chopping from then on. Mind you, this is after we figured out that we had to cheat in order to get to the part where chopping and chopping was necessary.
I actually left the computer to have dinner with my family and came back to find that I had managed to chop my way out finally, and my friend's villager was there helping. Apparently while I was gone, she had broken the scenario by building all kinds of different units that clearly she was not supposed to be able to build, as they were all gaining stats like any other RPG scenario. But if we're not supposed to build a base, what are we supposed to do? Having enough resources to create buildings is the only way to get out.
Anyway, at this point I was at least able to explore the world around me, and found myself interested to see that I could capture certain buildings by walking next to them. But they revert back to computer control when I leave them, so they don't really hold any value. All I really found was a blacksmith, a university, and a lumber camp. I wandered a bit further and was immediately killed by one of player two's units and lost the scenario instantly. We didn't even know we were supposed to be enemies! I wash my hands of this scenario and hope to Batman to never play it again.

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Map Design1.0
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