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The New World

Author File Description
Crasher DGDN
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 3

The New World is a campaign about Christopher Columbus and his great contribution to history.

Since this is my first masterpiece, and my first submission to the blacksmith, and the first DGDN project in a while ;) ... I am at a loss of words right now as to what I should say about this. I guess I will just describe the elements of the game and the different things that are in "The New World".

"The New World" is a "mix" which means that it has elements of Role Playing, Fixed Force, and Build & Destroy. Here are some of the aspects of gameplay:

- Very realistic map design

- Two different AI's

- A few "items" for our hero

- A small volcano

- A short period of food consumption

- A trading system

- The ability to change your mind concerning character interaction, on a few occasions

- Quite a few very rewarding and helpful "Side Quests"

- A soundtrack
Thank you, and we hope you enjoy playing it!

crasher -DGDN-
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The Quacker I'm too lazy to find the link for this at DGDN...but i'm downloading it and i'll post here when i get done playing it
Map Design5.0
This was a 3 part campaign.I played them all on hard.The first 2 parts were easy,but to my surprise,the third part was intense.I didn't encounter any bugs or lag.

This was a role playing campaign with limited build and destroy.The first part was role playing and straight forward.The second part was basically destroy and was way off balance in your favor,which took away from the campaign.The third part was limited build and destroy,with a good balance and great game play.

This was a very creative campaign,with plenty of good triggers.The maps were equally creative in their design and layout.

Map Design:
There were three beautiful maps.All had a good use of elevation,terrain and was loaded with eye candy.

The campaign had a good story,with plenty of easy to follow instructions and hints.

In closing i would recommend downloading this campaign.I loved the final part.
crasher Wow, a thousand downloads in a little over a month. Let that speak for itself. If you enjoyed this, please let others know, that's what keeps the game going...

Mickey Sommers I mostly enjoyed this scenario. There was a bit too much build and destroy in it, but I mostly like RPG's so I'll shut up. The maps were great looking. The first scenario was the best definitely. I think you could have made the storyline a bit more interesting.

I recommend this scenario.
MAGER well... there's a bug in... the third scenerio "Reconquista" when i went into teals base (mayan refuge) they asked me to train thier soldiers then it crashed.
crasher Hmm, I haven't encountered this problem. In testing, all three officers activate the trigger smoothly. (the two conquistadors and the cavalier, not the archer "sharpshooters") It might be a computer speed problem, but I doubt it. If it happened TWICE, or if other people have this problem, please let me know right away!

Oh, and Mickey Sommers.

I really enjoyed making the first rpg part of the scenario. Watch for my next project which is full RPS, and a more intricate story, too. Watch for:

" i m m o r t a l p r e y "

ElfTheHunter This campaign has been nominated for an Orion Award for Best Balanced Scenario. Congratulations!

***2nd Orion Awards***
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
The New World consists of three scenarios; it is a mix, a RPG, a FF and a B&D. Isabella of Spain agreed to finance Christopher Columbus’ journey to find a way to Asia going west. It is Friday 3rd of August 1492 and you are about to leave, exploring Palos for weapons, armours and food supplies.

PLAYABILITY: I really had a good time playing this campaign. I like all game styles and the variety of the scenarios add to the pleasure and great experience this campaign will give you. Manifest Destiny is an enjoyable RPG, a puzzle, with humour, some thinking and hidden dangers. Reconquista is a fantastic B&D, well balanced, great fun and very creative. Unfortunately Imperialism dragged the whole campaign down. I attacked the defenceless natives with a large amount of war ships, which was repetitive and got quite boring after some islands and there were many. After the buildings and units in reach were either destroyed or killed, the army landed to finish the job in the jungle, which raised the standard, a bit late though. To my surprise none of the three tribes gave in. It was probably an annoying coincidence that a lot of walking and searching was involved, as the first tribe was defeated by killing an Eagle Warrior all the way up north, the second by bombarding a monkey on an island in the centre and the third by shooting another furious monkey in the south. I did not encounter any bugs, all triggers work fine. 4

BALANCE: The scenarios were played on hard and the experience was mixed. Imperialism a FF was unbalanced; the only serious attack against my canon gallons was one good combination of siege weapons and monks. With the third scenario the author made you forget the above, the scenario is perfectly balanced. The enemy does not spare you and it is challenging without intermission. In Manifest Destiny, a RPG style puzzle, you do not expect warfare and even though there were no enemies in Palos, I managed to die twice and exploring the New World added some challenge. 4

CREATIVITY: If you know Spain and Central America you will agree that the choice of the music file was excellent and fitted the campaign perfectly. The map design was very creative, not only for its beauty but also for the game play and the aspects it added to the balance in the third scenario. You have the choice to attack using secret paths or by the main bridge. Many good triggers, the bridge repair was fantastic and I am sure to see that trick more often in the future. 5-

MAP DESIGN: The maps are absolutely top and have everything to score high, terrain mix, elevations and a lot of Gaia, which suits jungle maps very well, without loosing its realism. Not only the landscape, but also the town of Palos and in Santo Domingo show great design. A lot of effort went into the detailed maps, they are great to look at and it is a pleasure to play them. 5+

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: Clear objectives and many hints, which you should use when you are stuck. Every scenario’s introduction screen starts with an appealing picture of the game. The campaign has a good, in game developing, historical story. From the departure of Christopher Columbus, the conquering of the Caribbean Islands to Francisco de Bobadillo, who was sent by the Spanish crown to restore order in the colony of Santo Domingo and imprisoned Christopher Columbus in 1499, as well as his brother and son. Christopher Columbus was sent back to Spain in chains, where Isabella freed him in 1503. 5

OVERALL: A strong campaign with a weaker middle part.

OBSERVATIONS: The first two scenarios use the same map and I can see nothing wrong with that. It is part of the story, as you explore the New World in the first and use this information to conquer in the second. The blacksmith is full of single scenario campaigns with just one map and the highest rating.

SUGGESTIONS: The end of the first scenario could use a final objective like establishing a small base on one of the islands. The second should have canon galleons disabled for player 1 and set a trigger where victory is achieved when the tribes have less than maybe five units left.

IN CLOSING: I recommend this entertaining and challenging campaign to download and thanks go to Crasher for uploading “The New World” at the blacksmith.
Raptor the Good Hmm, I there were no .ai files in the download,(except for imobile) just .per files. I'm just wondering why nobody else seems to have had this problem.
laz123 Excellent game. But why have to kill everything?
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Map Design5.0
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