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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » The War Between British and Zulus On Year 1879

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The War Between British and Zulus On Year 1879

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
On year 1879, the British army was conquering lands of the Southern Africa. The only problem were the Zulus, a mighty African warrior tribe. The British were beaten up by them sometimes, even Zulus weaponry was crap. :) In this scenario, I give a chnage to live a single battle which is partly based on truth. Enjoy!

P.S I want to you to notice that scenario MUST be played on Hard/Hardest. In other cases the scenario won't work as it should.
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Map Design3.0
Good. I just played the map out, and i wanted to give you some hints to make the map even better. Just read this to understand. And it wasn't a bad map or anything, but it had some things what could be better created.

Playability: 3
About the Playability, it was fun and sometimes scary. You start in a small base surrounded with some (wooden) walls. You need to defence you'rself against the zulu's a sort of afranic tribe. You play as the Britons to defend you'r camp. The first thing I really felt that I was outnumbered and it is really smart of the creator to put you'rself with almost no rescources. You need to get you'r rescources out of you'r base where alot of zulu's are, but after I defended my base for a while i decided to scout the map out and I founded the enemy base, after that I placed some of my soldiers and villagers at the rescources it was easy, just for trying because you have actually enough rescources in you'r base. Thats why I wanna tell you, remove the most rescources from you'r base to make it harder, alot harder because after I went to attack the enemy base I thought I've won. Wrong, well I waited a while and suddenly everywhere troops where attacking the small base, this is one of the scary moments because you'r really outnumbered. However you have the strong units (costly, with the almost no rescources.) and the enemy just weak, base infrantry with some scorpions. I think this deserve a 3.

Balance: 3
I played the scenario on the hardest level and the game itself was pretty balanced. First you defend with a small force you'r base while you'r villagers gather rescources to make some more troops. After that you need to attack the enemy base, what is fairly easy because the enemy then has used the most of his troops, but after that you have to beat the hardest part. With almost no rescources you need to defend you'r base against alot of waves of enemy's. This scenario is pretty balanced with attacking/defending and getting rescources. This deserves also a 3.

Creativity: 4
The creativity is for me a 4. Why? I never, never heard of Zulu's so I think it was pretty creative to make something about african tribes to attack you'r base in south africa. I have searched the war up and i have readed about the bloody wars and it was pretty good resctructed, however the war could be alot bloodier if you had placed more units for the enemy (maybey 1 or 2 for you.) but i think the map would be laggy. This is clearly a 4 for me.

Map Design: 3
The baddest point of the map, the design itself. For me it felt like a random map with a base and some cliffs. It could be alot better, example with a small jungle or with a river and some roads the player would feel it was at south africa. You coulda also maked a sort of African fort for the Zulu's what you need to attack, just some hints what would make the map better.

Story/Instructions: 3
The instructions are clear. First defend and later attack, however the creator warns you for reinforcements. And that warning you need. The story is ofcourse historical based. This is just a piece of the complete war I believe so you can continue on this setting on you'r later scenarios, for the complete story you should just search Zulu 1879. However, the story was only in the description, therefore this is also a 3 for me.

Decide: A fun map about what just could be a little bit better.

Additional Comments:
Excuse me if I made mistakes in the writing, i'm from Belgium so my english isn't that great. If you have comments on my review just email me at

~ Silver.

[Edited on 11/23/07 @ 09:35 AM]

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Map Design3.0
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