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Downloads Home » Random Maps » Fertile Crescent, Revision 1.

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Fertile Crescent, Revision 1.

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
It's been about time for another revision!

Now this is one map I've always wanted to fix. Now that I've finally snapped from my procrastination I've actually got in the work, so here it is!

The changelog is located in the zip folder, as a description. (WinRAR should be able to load it. I don't know about other compression programs, though.)

The main objective of this map was to recreate a land once lush, bountiful, ripe with valuable resources, and because of that it was such a reason for various empires to fight for it. At least that was my idealised vision back then. This RM isn't supposed to be realistic anyway.
This is an Arabia-type map, so if you're fond of them you should know what to expect.

Only minimal obstruction. Scouting should be fairly easy.

If there was a reason to fight for this land in the past, it was for the sheer abundance of resources here. Food is the greatest asset - More berries than you'll ever need, as well as a large amount of sheep and good game out there.

This being an Arabia-style map, wood is a bit more scarce than in most maps. It shouldn't still be an issue, though, given the large amount of straggler trees in this script.

Yet another reason for ancient empires to fight for this land... well, not really. It's just there to spice up the match. Relics are also heavily randomised, hence the plus sign.

Average at worst. I've never been fond of putting lots of stone in my scripts.

Base building/walling:****
There shouldn't be issues with this, aside from the relative lack of terrain features when walling.

There are some hills here and there which you could use to obtain some higher ground, as well as some ponds. This map is also ideal for rush and flush strategies, given the terrain openness and the large amount of resources here.

Since it's predefined as an Arabia-type map, AIs should have no issues handling this map. At all.

Baddies: *
A few wolves. That's all.

I leave this for all of you to enjoy.

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Visual Appeal3.0
"Fertile Crescent, Revision 1" by OtmShankIiI is a RMS script that attempts to recreate the lush areas in Mesopotamia and Egypt that formed the cradle of civilization.

Theme: 3.5 -> 4
This Script has a very defined theme that the author sticks to throughout. The massive amounts of food, limited stone, etc. all link back to the idea of the Mesopotamian Fertile Crescent. I think one element of the theme that was missing is the rivers. The historical Fertile Crescent was fertile because of the major rivers flowing through the area, the Tigris and Euphrates in Mesopotamia and the NIle in Egypt. These rivers are an essential part of the Fertile Crescent and I think without the inclusion of ricers, the theme is somewhat lacking. All of the other elements are there, however.

Visual Appeal: 3
Unfortunately, while the elements may be there, I did not really like the way they were put together. One example of this is the palm desert. A middle-eastern map should have desert and palms, yes, but the massive amounts of grass clashed with the desert. The author has almost made it too fertile, with so much grass that the desert looks out of place. The random tiny patches of road seem out of place as well.

Playability: 4
This map is completely playable with no bugs or anything of that nature, but I felt like it was a little too open, even compared to the standard Arabia maps. There were large expanses of grass that although they did have straggler trees, felt far too open. To me, militarily it didn't feel much different from playing on a featureless map. There was some elevation and some larger patches of trees or water, but overall, they didn't affect my strategy much. Economically, it was average but not any better than a standard script in terms of strategy. Also, the AI had no problems with the map.

Additional Comments: Overall, this is a decent RMS, but the lack of rivers (such a key part of the Fertile Crescent) made me have hard time linking this script to the concept of the Fertile Crescent, and the overabundance of grass (which clashes with the desert patches) made the map less visually appealing than it could have been. It's still very playable and if you're a fan of Arabia maps, I'd recommend for download, even if you're just looking for something a little different.

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Visual Appeal3.0
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