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Rhetoric of a Hero's Order v1.5

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Version: The Conquerors
Style: Mix
This senerio is a fictional demo,lots of fighting, some build and distroy. There should be few to non bugs, please play it through and let me know what you think.
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Map Design3.0
I played this scenario on hard.With vague instructions and no hints you had to figure out what to do the best you could.After winning the first two battles,you could go no further.There was trees blocking any passage to the next part of the game or the triggers to continue the game failed.I tried it several times and explored any aspect possible,with no results.

This was a fixed force scenario,although you were out-classed pretty bad at times,strategy could get you through.

Overall,it looked to be a little weak on creativity.

Map Design:
This was a one part map,and from what i could tell the map looked O.K..The terrain and fortress was laid out pretty good and there was some eye candy used.

There was a weak story in the beginning under objectives,but after that there wasn't much to it.Vague instructions and no hints left you on your own.

In closing,i would not recommend downloading this scenario.
File Author
Thank you, for my review Scortcher I appreciate your taking time to play my campaign. As it is unfinished and uploaded before it’s completion I understand that there are points of “\weakness” as put. Yet from your remarks it sounds as though you/v played only about a third of the campaign, and the easier of it. This is of course my fault. I’ve played the first five or so hours of this repeatedly testing and have enjoyed the game very much, so I know it has more to offer than apparently you’ve seen.

Problem one, there is only one difficulty setting, this doe’s seem unfair

Two, story was left as after thought to be tied in after game play was established

Three, second notification objective is erased ( Scortcher, this is what isn’t clearly plotted.) As you receive your second batch of troops the objective would be to: destroy, all enemy siege ongar, (and there is one hidden).

Also when your second hero takes a job and gets into trouble, this would be a great time to revert back to check on your first hero’s situation.

In closing I had dent expected a shinning review or any for that matter so thank you. The piece was meant only to inspire the types of projects that have meant so much to me. There was an immense amount of effort put in to it’s assembly though unperfected it should run. I wish you had gotten to see more of it; this doe’s makes me sad.

Map Design4.0
First of ,, this is an extremely hard game (expert only),and has some instruction problems . I did manage to play the campaign through ,but it took three of days of heavy playing and lots of saving. You are actually playing 4 different hero's at different places on the map. At the final battle all the hero's join together for the final and hardest battle . Not only are you outnumbered but an earthquake levels most of your civ. Stone and gold are rare at the beginning of the campaign ,and makes the game feel unfair and imposible to win.
PLAYABILITY: I gave this a 3 because of the challange involved and the satisfaction of overcoming seemingly impossible odds. Theres are a few frustrating events due to the poor instruction that killed the fun aspect.
BALANCE: An extremely hard game and lack of instruction reduces the balance to the point where someone may not want to try and finish the game.When you do get a large army ,they are low in attack and hit capability.
CREATIVITY: Aside from any problems the game may have , the author is one of the most creative designers i have come across. It's quite obvious from the gameplay that there are an enormous amount of triggers in the campaign, and most of them seem to fire off when their suppose to . The quests are different from the ordinary ones we so often come across in other campaigns.
MAP DESIGN: The map has a smooth flow and playability ,with lots of eyecandy. It's pretty much filled with civs , and a decent blend of trees terrain and water. There is a spot that had floating fishtraps on land that takes away from the reality aspect, as well as land docs.
STORY/INSTRUCTION: This is the campaigns greatest weakness. Their is lots of story and instruction ,but it not enough to keep you headed in the right direction or follow the story. ie:When "Valaquent" finally makes it to the yellow castle and you receive new objectives you may become confused. A combination of bad spelling and grammar rendered it almost impossible to understand . It does improve a bit latter in the game.
Note: The Author is suppose to be making the needed corrections ,and when he does ,this is going to be an awsome campaign, and hopefully he will include a lower "difficulty level", so everyone can enjoy it.
If you think your a good gamer ,and have the patience , give this one a try.(save often )

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Map Design3.5
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