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Goose 0.1 ai and other Tools

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Goose 0.1 ai and other Tools for Age of Empires II The Conquerors
by Tea315(Leo) from Hong Kong

This zip file included 5 things, you can just install the singleplay ai to play, others are optional, you can decide to install/read/use or not:

1. Goose 0.1 Singleplay ai Singleplay Goose ai file
To install, put the Goose_0.1.per , and to C:\Program Files\mircosoft games\Age of Empires II\AI\
To play, in game, choose Goose_0.1 ai to play

2. Goose_0.1 for Multiplay ai Multiplay ai file, once all players installed, can use the ai in Multiplay mode
include 4files:
File Function:
restore.bat Restore to original ai
gamedata_x1.drs.restore.backup original ai file
Goose_0.1.bat Change to Goose_0.1 ai in Multiplay
gamedata_x1.drs.Goose_0.1.backup Goose_0.1 ai file

Multiplay only work for AOC 1.0C, and MUST all player installed the same ai (ie, for 4players, all 4 players must installed the same Multiplay Goose_0.1 ai to play)
To install, put the 4 files to C:\Program Files\mircosoft games\Age of Empires II\Data\
Run the Goose_0.1.bat to change the gamedata_x1.drs file to Goose_0.1 or run restore.bat to restore the gamedata_x1.drs file to original ai

3. UnitID_List_eng_071030.html Updated unit id list for anyone who may need

4. Readme.txt

5. How to make an ai Multiplayable in Age of Empires II The Conquerors?

************************************ Introduction on the Goose ai *******************************************
; Goose_0.1 (2007Aug27)
; for 1v1 Arabia Ai Tournament Version hold by
; Designed by Tea315(Leo), a Hong Kong guy
; Email:

; Thanks to :
; Berry66 for his ai website and good programme scripted 2.14
; BeartheGreat for his training ai, I recommed every newbie should have a look on it if you don't know how to start
; scripting your ai.
; Goths92602
; Cat's id list.
; Samson for his advise and tests
; and many other scripters their great ais let me learn a lot.

; Introduction:
; This ai propose is for the Ai Tournament, only for 1v1 arabia, goths­ô¼w, pop200 ramdom map, resource normal,
; start age normal, conquest.

; After 2 year inactive in ai scripting. I am back at 2007Jun22. I start working on my ai Swan. Everything goes fine
; until one day I find it face too many rules problem, about 2000-3000rules, I got headaches on how to zip or delete
; some rules. It seems I am not able to finish that before the Tournament start. So I edit base on "Goths92602"
; and change or add 80%+ rules to make another ai. The result works quite ok, but I don't have much time to test and
; debug. However, I hope this ai will bring you some surprise.
; Enjoy!!!!!!!!

; This ai contain no cc-add command, no any cc- command on any parameters except "0" gaia. If there is any, they are
; disabled by putting a ";" at the front of line.

; *************************** Difference from Tournament Version ***************************************
; Goose_0.1 rules are the same as Tournament Version Goose 0.1 , only change the following:
; Better logo
; Edit "Goose 0.1" to "Goose_0.1" to suit the aochack programme for mutiplayer ai, as the programme not allow "space"
; load a self resign file in the Goose0.1a folder rather than use the Tournament's as there is "load" problem on aochack when
; use more than one time, the D:\Age of Empires II\Age of Empires II\Data\Load\resign.per will disappear.

Goose 0.1 is a new style build forward feudal rush ai for 1v1 arabia . It is effective on counter many "Turtle Strategy" ai or "early weak defend" ai. It is bad to counter "early well defend"(feudal defend) ai. It has risk to build forward so its stability is not very good. Sometimes its strategy may not work if it cannot find the enemy early.(Found enemy means enemy building is scouted, within the LOS of a unit/scout. Game setting all visible doesn't help for computer ai, an ai still need to scout that enemy building to active "enemy found" even all visible.) If it found enemy too late, it will build backward instead of forward and advance to forward later if it think the situation is good enough. As it mainly train man-at-arms , so use goths is the best(sometimes I find use japanese is also good), other civ(such as viking or celt)got not enough civ bonus to risk for this kind of rush.

Please give complaint or suggestion so I can improve the ai. Or bug or what you hope in next version.

Note: The "Unit id list" and "Make ai mutiplayable" you should thank their original Author. I just bring them here for more people to know.

Also something I want to complaint aokh is I cannot recover my past account's password so open this new account to submit file. I want to ask who can I contact or what can I do to get back my old account?
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Aeric I like how you included who the program was made by and giving detained instructions on where to put it but the AI is very weak.

[Edited on 03/25/08 @ 08:34 PM]

dano I like this AI, and its strategy. It's funny to me that Aeric thinks its a weak AI, considering this AI or atleast the latest version competes in AI tournaments against the best and has a winning record.
File Author
If you feel it is weak, please mention the reason in detail so I can improve. Such as rush too late, soldier too few, resource support not enough...etc.

And I am pleased as appreciated by dano.
zvrzvarog This AI is one of the best AI I have ever seen.

If it find enemy late things become a little bit difficult for it. Because it tries a powerful feudal age rush with militia mans and towers. One thing I should point out that when the enemy soldiers in its base and killing units it trains villagers instead of soldiers with its remaining few resources. I have used it hundreds of times to find out weak parts of my AI. It is the most funny AI to use while testing my AI.

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